Christina Ricci Engaged To Boyfriend James Heerdegen

Congratulations are in order for Christina Ricci and her boyfriend James Heerdegen.

According to US Weekly, Ricci, who first became a household name as a child star in The Addams Family films, and Heerdegengot a film technician, got engaged in late 2012 after dating for nearly a year.

Though Ricci has been spotted sporting an engagement style ring since October, she did not confirm the engagement until Friday.

US reports that Ricci and Heerdegen met on the set of the now cancelled ABC television series Pan Am. Heerdegen has also worked on a number of other TV shows and movies, including Elementary, Nurse Jackie and Sex and the City 2.

Despite the big news, the Black Snake Moan actress made no mention of a wedding date, and said the couple doesn’t even have Valentine’s Day plans.

“Honestly, I was trying to think of that before, I can’t remember a single Valentine’s Day!” Ricci said, adding, “I personally just don’t think I’ve ever made a big deal about Valentine’s Day. I mean. I like to get like flowers.”

This will be the first trip down the aisle for Ricci, 32. She was briefly engaged to Sullivan & Son star Owen Benjamin in 2009.

At the time, Christina said:

“My ideal man was somebody smart and funny that I love being with. I’ve always said to people you should never let anyone change who you are because the only commodity you really have is your individuality.”

Besides planning a wedding, Ricci is preparing for the release of Smurfs 2, which hits theaters this summer, and the film Mother’s Day with Sharon Stone, Susan Sarandon, Laura Dern and Andie MacDowell later this year.