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Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad: Bar Refaeli Kiss With Nerd Took 45 Takes [Video]

Bar Refaeli shares a hot kiss with actor Jesse Heiman in her new Go Daddy Super Bowl ad. The ad only shows one kiss but the two actors reportedly needed 44 other kisses to get it right.

Refaeli, who plays a super hot woman named Bar Refaeli, and Heiman, who plays a nerdy programmer named Walter, are a “perfect match” for the new Go Daddy Super Bowl ad.

The commercial is part of Go Daddy’s “smart meets sexy” campaign. Refaeli represents the sexy part of the company and Walter represents the smart side. When they kiss… ok. You get the idea. It’s a perfect match.

But the interesting part of the ad is that it reportedly took 45 takes to get right.

The company said in an email to Ad Week:

“(Heiman) was a Go Daddy hosting customer long before he was cast to play Walter. He had never been in a Super Bowl commercial … and never kissed a supermodel before.”

It’s unclear why the commercial took 45 takes. Was Bar Refaeli not giving Heiman (she did after all date Leonardo DiCaprio) enough passion during the kiss? Was Heiman purposefully screwing up? (The company said that Heiman bragged about winning the “championship of men” after the shoot). Or did it just take 45 takes for these two very professional actors to get the scene perfect?

Here’s the Go Daddy Super Bowl ad.