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‘Tea Party Community': ‘Facebook’ Alternative For Conservatives Launching

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The Tea Party Community website officially launches on Saturday, and will offer conservatives a Facebook alternative. A group of conservative-minded folks were reportedly tired of “censorship” threats by the social network and opted to start their own online community.

The conservative social networking website garnered nearly 70,000 members early Friday afternoon. The website also had 1486 blogs and 822 pages created. Nearly 1,000 polls and numbers petitions and quizzes were also created before the official website launch.

Tea Party member Ken Crow had this to say about the website during an interview with Fox News:

“It will be the new home for conservatives and the tea party movement in America. Most of us are subjected to censorship on Facebook. I’ve been suspended there as have many of my friends. You also absorb a lot of abuse from liberals.”

Crow also maintained that many conservatives feel Facebook intentionally targets those who are not of the liberal persuasion. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a “Chicks on the Right” Facebook page was temporarily suspended about a negative post about Jay Carney.

Sherman Troxel, a Tea Party Community member, had this to when asked about the new social platform by The Inquisitr:

“It’s about time there was an alternative to Facebook, where most of what I’ve seen on there is supportive of socialism, sad.

After the Conservative Chicks story made national headlines, approximately 100 other Facebook users shared similar complaints of censorship, The Blaze notes.

The Tea Party Community social networking website appears to have a similar look and user functions as Facebook. Users can create pages, make friend requests, and “like” posts. The conservative website creators wanted to make the platform as user friendly and in-line with what members were familiar with as possible.

Conservative social network member Meredith Walker had this to say to The Inquisitr about the new website:

“I’m really pleased with the idea. Up until now it seemed like each local tea party group was all on its own, without any connection to each other in social networking. This is a great step forward for, going to use a horrible term here – community organizing.”

The new social network is anticipated to be used for not just casual chit-chat but as a source for political networking as well.

Will you be joining the Tea Party Community?

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13 Responses to “‘Tea Party Community': ‘Facebook’ Alternative For Conservatives Launching”

  1. Connie Kirchner Whited

    This site is going to be like Face Book…………It is going to take the place of FB for a lot of people I heard. This group is tired of the way FB is treating people……….in many ways………The feel like FB is too liberal with how they handle the site.

  2. Tara Dodrill

    The website worked fine yesterday, since today is the official launch, perhaps there is a transition period or a momentary glitch.

  3. Janice Faircloth

    Keep trying folks – sounds like a good thing if so many people are trying to sign up. Please find your local Tea Party group and get involved.

  4. Debra ImpeachObama Carnrike Heathman

    I think it will be a voting bloc because the people are tired of counting on the LIBERAL MEDIA to report news and fair issues ect .

  5. Anonymous

    Facebook does allow Liberal/Progressive useful idiots (for the NWO Socialist elites and the global jihad) to censor anyone who refutes their empty rhetoric (lies). They "report" as spam anything that is pro-life, pro-Constitution, anti-Obama, anti-Socialism/Communism, etc. They have no real argument against their empty rhetoric, so they resort to personal attacks, childish name-calling, lying, and shrieking, "Nah-ah! Nah-ah!'

  6. Robbie Brady

    TeaPartyCommunity is a JOKE! They're FAR worse that Facebook! They BANNED my wife for commenting about what she was eating for dinner. One of the "moderators" (LOL) commented on my wife's page and asked if she had mistaken TPC for Facebook. Talk about sensorship! Then to make matters worse, they banned me to! and I NEVER commented on any of it. What a bunch of quacks! And they think that's being "conservative". Hahahahaha! Idiots!

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