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WKMG Reporter Jessica Sanchez Shuts Down Videobomber

Jessica Sanchez owns videobomber

WKMG reporter Jessica Sanchez meted out a unique form of embarrassment to a videobombing San Francisco 49ers fan.

While reporting from New Orleans’ Bourbon Street as the city prepares for Sunday’s Super Bowl, Sanchez was interrupted by a passerby. Sanchez quickly told the woman that she was reporting about the STD rate in the area and asked if she wanted to do an interview. The woman agreed and Sanchez asked, “So how long have you had an STD?”

The videobomber responds, “I don’t have an STD,” to which Sanchez replies, “Oh, then why did you want to talk?” The woman then gets upset and says that she doesn’t have an STD before walking away.

“Anyway, so I’ve been taking care of that in my own little way,” Sanchez said before returning to her report.

The video has received over 87,000 views on YouTube since Wednesday, and comments have ranged from praise to disbelief.

“Kudos to this reporter. She has to make her s****y job better somehow,” one commenter said.

“This reporter is amazing, she should get promoted not fired,” another commenter said. “She’s not paid to deal with dumb drunk bitches in the middle of her work, she completely owned her.”

One particularly annoyed person thought Sanchez should lose her job because of the way she reacted. “This reporter should have been fired on the spot. Are you kidding me??? She gets paid by someone to insult people??”

You can watch Sanchez’s encounter with the videobomber below.

What do you think about how Jessica Sanchez handled the videobomber?

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13 Responses to “WKMG Reporter Jessica Sanchez Shuts Down Videobomber”

  1. Kim Gates

    Idiotic. As an on the street reporter, she should be a little better prepared for people out on the street, and stooping to an 8th grade level is unprofessional and unbeckoming. They should fire her and give the job to somebody with a little more training.

  2. Julie Hodges

    She reporting on FLUFF from Bourbon Street….just how hard hitting of a "reporter" is she?

  3. Shanna Bradberry Dallmeyer

    You have got to be kidding me! Be professional, don't bait someone by asking them if they want to do an interview. Show a little respect, drunk or not, that move was heartless & snotty on the reporter's part. You get paid to report on news, you do not get paid to be a bitch!

  4. Digerolamo Bralamo Kgiovanni

    why visit orlando….. have enough idiot's in NOLA, don't need this uno.

  5. TK Underwood

    The young lady appears to be having a good time. She is in no way drunk but happy to be a part of the festivities. Either way, it was rude and unprofessional of the reporter. The reporter should know that she is going to have a lot of hyped and excited passerbys. This is definitely an uncalled for and unexcused act and it shouldn't be tolerated.

  6. Sharren Harrison Burns

    EPIC FAIL! As a reporter from a tourism-based market like Orlando, Jessica should not need on-the-job training in how to handle excited revelers. And, as a New Orleans native, I'm surprised that she couldn't find anything else to talk about than whether there was garbage on the street, and how badly things smelled. Really, Orlando–ENVIOUS MUCH? Send her back to the bush leagues.

  7. Sean Culler

    I think she handle it well. And this young lady isn't drunk TK? You're kidding right?

  8. Sharren Harrison Burns

    Based on the comments online approving of her actions, it appears that you are correct, Paul. I'm sure a lawyer will see it differently, should her victim choose to retain one.

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