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Monkeys Attack Indonesian Village, Injure Seven

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A group of monkeys attacked a village in Indonesia this week, injuring seven people.

According to NPR, at least one person injured in the attack is now in critical condition.

The attack occurred in the Toddang Pulu village in eastern Indonesia. Ambo Ella, a spokesman for the Sidendeng Rappang District, said that about 10 monkeys entered the village on Monday night. Ambo believes that the monkeys came from the Toddang Lowa forest, which is nearly 5 miles from the village.

Ambo said that the monkeys crept into homes and started attacking the people in the village. A 16-year-old boy was badly bitten during the attack. The boy is now in critical condition at the hospital.

The Jakarta Post reports that the villagers still use the surrounding forest for rituals. Ambo does not believe, however, that the monkeys were forced out of the forest due to damage caused by the local villagers.

So to sum up: A group of monkeys crept out of the forest under the cover of night, traveled five miles to a village in Indonesia, broke into several homes, then launched an unprovoked attack on a group of humans.

Ambo did not say what species of monkey attacked the village and did not comment on whether or not the monkeys were becoming super intelligent.

As for a giant monkey revolution? Someone better call James Franco.

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16 Responses to “Monkeys Attack Indonesian Village, Injure Seven”

  1. Anonymous

    Monkeys vs. muslims….. yes.. I love it. God must have sent them to teach the muslims a lesson…

  2. Wayne Douthitt

    Was Sandy, Katrina yesterday building sunk into ground, children killed in school all real.2 Tim 3:1

    3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

  3. Anonymous

    A coordinated Monkey attack? Commando monkeys? I've heard everything now… Seal Team Simian?

  4. Anonymous

    It's info-tainment. We have not seen news in the country in nearly 40 years.

  5. Anonymous

    Sounds more like a mob of looters after a natural disaster : Riots after a winning or losing a basketball championship we'''llll any excuse will do for some uncivilized groups of people. Then they yell I'm a Christian Jesus help me I was on drugs and alcohol or I merely over reacted.

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