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Bullet Ricochets Off Boar, Kills Man A Mile Away

wild boar

Boar hunting can be a seriously dangerous sport. Not only are boars large, fierce animals, but apparently they’re also bullet repellent A hunter’s bullet ricocheted off of a boar in France and killed a man more than a mile away.

According to the French site The Local, a hunter shot a wild boar early Sunday morning. But instead of killing the boar, the bullet ricocheted off the animal, flew more than a mile away, shot through the window of a passing car, and struck the driver in the head.

Guy Harlé d’Ophove, president of the local hunters’ federation, said:

“It’s unheard-of … The bullet rebounded [off the boar] at almost a right angle. In terms of probability, it’s very unlikely.”

The police in France haven’t called the hunting party a group of liars yet but the local prosecution said that “everything remains to be clarified.” Police did say that the alleged shooter, a 68-year-old hunter, was an “experienced and level-headed” hunter.

An autopsy is currently being carried out on the victim. Police are also searching the field where the boar was shot to look for more clues about this strange incident.

Do you believe the hunters? Do you believe that a bullet could ricochet off of a wild boar, fly over a mile, and then kill a man?

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44 Responses to “Bullet Ricochets Off Boar, Kills Man A Mile Away”

  1. Moe Markabi

    Its more plausible to say the Boar stole the mans rifle, ran a mile, and shot the driver in the head during the car jacking.

  2. Anonymous

    Not bloody likely…..

    It takes a pretty powerful rifle to fire a bullet for over a mile, and to go that far, you'd have to elevate the muzzle a fair amount. That means that the boar's hide would have to resist that high-powered impact, yet not reduce the kinetic energy of the projectile, all while being at just the right angle to deflect the bullet up so that it would carry that far.

    Unless that boar was up a tree, and the hunter missed when shooting at it, I think he was really shooting up into the air, and doesn't want to admit it.

  3. Anonymous

    Never happened Captain. Velocity after a mile, AFTER being slowed hitting the boar, was reduced so bad, then striking a window of a auto which upon impact at close ranges would drop the round after penetrating the auto glass? Unless the hunter was using a Browning Automatic in.50 cal with modern ammuniton… this is a farce. The.50 would have blown the pig into mush..even with a richotte. The story is an absolute outright anti gun control media lie.

  4. Walt Willis

    No. I do not believe a round would have enough energy to bounce of anything, and then travel 5,000 ft away, pass threw a window, and still have enough power to kill a person. Doubt it.

  5. Andrew Michael Storm

    Nothing is impossible! Depends upon the elevation where the hunters were and how solidly the shot struck the boar, and the angle at which the projectile left the boar once it hit. If it were a glancing strike it actually could have caused the speed of the projectile to increase when it left the boar; and if the elevation was much higher where the hunters were than where the driver was and the bullet did not strike anything else on its path, the descent could have caused it to gain more speed. I actually shot an arrow once which glanced off the target, flew an extra fifty feet and went through a tree, none of which should have happened!

  6. Anonymous

    NO, This just seems to me some kind of anti-gun story. Could not have happened in the way this story is told.

  7. Colin Hauke

    Isaac Newtown would likely disagree with you, sir. A projectile contacting an object with large stationary momentum would transfer some its energy (velocity) to that object, even if the amount was miniscule. Conservation of momentum suggests that the only way for the bullet to actually gain energy is if the boar was moving in the same direction as the bullet at a higher velocity, transferring its energy to the bullet. I've never met a French boar, but I don't think they can out run bullets.

  8. Dale Snitterman

    But there saying it ricochetted off the boar, not clipped it, not went through it, ricochetted off of it, meaning it bounced off and went in another direction. Theres nothing on a boar hard enough to ricochet a bullet, not the teeth the tusks nothing.

  9. Omar W. Rosales

    Not Possible. If you believe that… I have a Tower in Paris to sell you. And a castle on the Thames in London.

  10. Dale Snitterman

    How is it an anti gun story? Besides the writer is quoting the story the hunters who were responsible gave to officials, and remarking on how unlikely and ridiculous it is. You need to comprehend what you read before you make yourself look like a jackass.

  11. Dale Snitterman

    How is it an anti gun story? The writer is quoting the story the hunters who were responsible gave to officials, and remarking on how unlikely and ridiculous there story is. You need to comprehend what you read before you make yourself look like a jackass.

  12. Levi Hill

    Boars have a thick gristle plate that forms over their shoulders and gets thicker with age. Depending on the caliber it is possible for that plate to deflect a bullet, but for it to deflect at a 90-degree angle and the bullet to travel a mile is highly unlikely. The bullet bouncing off the plate would reduce its momentum and a mile is a long way. Seems a bit hokey.

  13. Bubba Ghanoush

    Not possible. 1) There is no way a bullet will increase in speed after impact, no matter the angle of the impact. Impact WILL slow the bullet down significantly. Also, fired bullets are constantly slowing due to friction of the atmosphere. 2) The falling bullet gaining speed is wrong too. Just as a human jumping from an airplane has a terminal velocity, bullets have one as well.

    Bullets, arrows, pop guns …. they all follow the same rules of physics.

  14. Anonymous

    If this was`n`t so sad I would be laughing at the idiocy of the suggestion that this could happen.Arrest the man for involuntary manslaughter or accidental homicide , unless he knew the man then investigate a murder. Either way the police should do their job.

  15. Jesus Sandoval

    and they want to regulate the caliber of ammunition! if this Hunter had the right capcity ammo maybe the unfortunate soul would not had been shot!

  16. Dan Krier

    Its more likely the hunter completely missed the boar and shot the driver. But at over a mile away idc what you're shooting unless it is.50 cal its going to lose trajectory and velocity not to mention it most likely would have struck something along the way stopping its projection all together. The round making it that far, not hitting anything or bouncing off a boar then penetrating glass and killing a man. I call shenanagens.

  17. Randall Kaufman

    I have serious doubts about this. What kind of round was it? It's certainly possible for a bullet to travel a mile. Becomes far less likely off a ricochet and even less likely after striking an animal. I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit.

  18. Anonymous

    this is about as believable as the stuff they been feeding us about JFK and Oswald (need to look to Hover and Ladybird).

  19. Anonymous

    if you believe this than you believe that Oswald was really the killer of JFK more like Hoover and Ladybird.

  20. Kevin Hernandez

    Not sure if it is possible to ricochet a mile away, but I know that boar's skulls are extremely thick and strong so it sounds possible. I wonder what caliber he was shooting. a smaller bullet can travel very far.

  21. Anonymous

    Ignorant gun freaks aren't always in control., or fully aware of their ignorant actions. Ever seen one firing his weapon into the air like a damn retard., with no concern of where the bullet's going to land? I had a stray bullet come through the wall of my bedroom in a mobile home I was living in., in East Texas while my wife and I were lying in bed talking. Could it have killed one of us? I don't know., was it a damn irresponsible thing for whatever gun freak to do., unaware of where his bullet was going to land? Damn right it was. I'm sick of these freaks and their guns. Ever been around one? They talk and talk and talk about their guns., and that's all they talk about. Get a Life People., and stick those guns where the sun don't shine.

  22. Aaron Hodgins Davis

    zero chance. The guy probably shot up into the air and then made up the story after he found out what happened.

  23. John Camara

    ya I been around gun most of my life an I seen some crazy shit but this take's the cake as soon as the bullet hit that pig that bullet slowed down too half it's volicity an maybe went 100 yards and it was tumbleing the hole way there lol.

  24. Anonymous

    A bullet shot downward doesn't gain speed either, it slows from the friction of the air, until it reach terminal falling velocity. The bullet leaves the gun at far over terminal velocity, hence it slows, even if going straight down shot from a balloon at 100,000 feet.

  25. Andrew Michael Storm

    Have any of you geniuses ever fired a gun? I have seen bullets do all sorts of odd things and arrows. NEVER say anything is impossible until you have seen it NOT happen! I am NOT saying this happened the way they said it did, I am simply saying I have SEEN stranger things happen when you are handling weapons and you miss your target. There are all sorts of things that SHOULD NOT happen in theory that do happen at times, usually just when you least need them to happen!

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