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Doctor Killed In Office, Shot To Death In Newport Beach Exam Room

Doctor Killed In Office

A doctor was killed yesterday in California, found dead of gunshot wounds in an office in Newport Beach.

As of now, the doctor killed in the Newport Beach office has not been formally identified by police, but some reports have indicated he may have been targeted by a former patient, 70.

According to Fox News, the doctor was killed in the office’s second floor exam room where his body was discovered. The outlet reports that the unnamed victim had been struck more than once and died of the resultant wounds:

“It happened around 2:45 p.m. [PST] at a medical office in the 500 block of Superior Avenue near Hoag hospital, according to the Newport Beach Police Department … Police say the doctor was found in a second floor exam room suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body … He was pronounced dead at the scene.”

After the doctor was killed in the office, it has been reported the alleged shooter and reported former patient of the man was taken into custody, but it is unclear if the arrest was made on the scene at the time of the shooting or at a second location where the man may have fled after the murder.

Kristen Cotty works in the lab of the office in which the doctor was killed, and she laments the frequency of gun violence seen lately.

Medical Records and Health

Cotty commented:

“What’s going on with the world today? … I mean, schools, now I got to worry about going to work. This has got to stop.”

Other employees who work where the doctor was killed in the office expressed similar safety concerns, but police assure the public that the shooter was likely singularly focused and targeted only the victim.

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37 Responses to “Doctor Killed In Office, Shot To Death In Newport Beach Exam Room”

  1. Janice Sonntag

    and people wanted to know why we want to ban assault guns. This is one reason, it is not safe to go to the doctor office without being afraid of being shot.

  2. Nathan Friske

    How do you suffer from multiple gunshot wounds, but dead on the scene? I don't think you suffer.

  3. Judith Toth

    Unfortunately, the murderers never get, what they're deserve. Get a lawyer, say you're insane, than life is good in a resort-like prisons.After couple of years you're out and you become part of the society again.
    I think, if someone kill someone, have to be killed right there, where he or she committed the crime. No lawyer, no food, no life anymore for those, who take someones life.

  4. Thomas Vispisiano

    Do you really think that an assault gun ban would have prevented this murder? Will you really feel safer at work after a "law" is passed? I hope for your sake, you were being sarcastic?

  5. Amanda Bedgood

    Oh please. Stop already with the over hyped gun violence. There are multiple murders daily by many means.
    I've lost more friends, family, & loved ones to drunk drivers. Are we going to try to ban cars now too?

  6. Curtis Andrew Hedrick

    It says nowhere that an "assault" weapon was used, things like this, unfortunately happen all the time, the media is now reporting every instance they can now to make it look like it's going up; when according to the FBI crime statistics violent crime is going down every year. But here is the biggest thing, California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, including a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. So weird huh that the states with the most stringent gun laws have the most gun crime.

  7. Melanie Flory

    I am wondering if the doctor did not cure the ex-patient or the ex-patient's loved one. Or the ex-patient felt the doctor failed him/her or his/her loved one in some big way. Or just maybe it's a case of a love triangle. Or maybe…

  8. Keith Swift

    Not true at all. Barely any who claim insanity are granted it in court.

  9. Tamara Smith

    Mental illness again… get off the gun hysteria and deal with this issue; I guarantee you it will have an impact on gun violence.

  10. Gail Callicott

    The article said nothing of "assault rifle" or even large caliber shots. Most likely, a handgun…..

  11. Jill Niemann-Gray

    NONE of those reason warrant a well respected doctor and surgeon to be shot in cold blood by anyone. It was a senseless killing regardless of the reasoning behind it!

  12. Melanie Flory

    All I did was comment my thoughts on the article. Why are you bashing me? I did not comment that any of these reasons had any sense or warrant the act. Did you read my comment?

  13. Patrice Porter-Flemons

    Melanie Flory I was wondering the same thing… I kept reading and looking for the reason…

  14. Patrice Porter-Flemons

    Melanie Flory I was wondering the same thing… I kept reading and looking for the reason…

  15. Melanie Flory

    Patrice Porter-Flemons, thank you for your comment. I was beginning to wonder if I was insane because I was wondering what the reasons were for the murder. There usually is a motive for murder, even if it makes no sense or the murderer is insane. Isn't one of the first things investigators look for in a murder case, motive?

  16. Anonymous

    Doctors have to be more careful. Medicine is no longer a profession, it is an industry laced with sales from drugs (which may or may not be necessary or effective) to extremely high priced testing and procedures–some of which are not even conducted by doctors but instead by employees of the pharmaceutical companies. Just watch the TV commercials where they indicate the "side effects" of certain drugs are "death"… scarey!

  17. Austin Wade Soulone

    your praising a MASS murdering god, that attacked this planet and KILLED EVERYONE but a guy on a boat and some livestock, you are a sick and twisted person, if you ever get near my children I will send you to your god EXPRESS.

  18. Austin Wade Soulone

    oh you mean the son that god killed be cause he was having thought about killing the planet AGAIN. your a mental case and just like I told Lanna, you get near my children and I will send you to your god EXPRESS

  19. Brandi Weiss

    Hey Austin wade soulone

    GOD exist and he gave his one and only son to save your unworthy and self righteous ass.

    If you haven't read the bible – let me enlighten you. God told Moses to tell the people there would be a flood that would kill everything . The people were so self righteous and didn't care about god they ignored Moses offer if life and partied on. God is a merciful god and offers forgiveness to those who search him out.

    Ill pray for you . Because you need god more then anyone I know. Do not bother to threaten me with you ignorance . You want to kill me for telling you the truth then I get a free seat in heaven and you a place amongst satan in hell.

    I do not fear man I fear god .

    One day you'll learn – because there are no atheist in a fox hole.

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