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Paralyzed Cat Learns To Run Thanks To High School Robotics Club [Video]

Paralyzed Cat

A paralyzed cat with a twisted spin has learned to run with a little help from a high school robotics club.

Flipper the cat’s damaged spine causes a bit of a problem for the feline. According to CNN, one half of the cat moves in one direction while the other tries to move in another. In addition to simple movement, standing up can be difficult for Flipper.

Dr. Harry Gurney of the Aspen Park Vet Clinic said that the paralyzed cat was days away from being put to sleep. In order to save her life, Gurney enlisted the help of some students from Conifer High School. The robotics club soon set to work making a temporary set of legs for the feline.

KTLA reports that the cat’s twisted spinal cord proved to be a unique challenge for those who were trying to save the little guy’s life.

Gurney explained:

“Our problem was the spinal cord was twisted much like a telephone cable is twisted, so that while half the body was going forward the other half of the body was going sideways.”

The robotics club set out to design a so-called “Cat Cart” that would allow Flipper to move around more freely. After putting together several prototypes, the students found a design best suited to the feline’s medical condition.

The walker, which is equipped with wheels, allows the cat to build strength in its legs while attempting to straight out its spine. Vets hope that they can ultimately restore communication to the 9-month-old feline’s spine as it grows older.

For now, Flipper seems content with his new set of legs. According to KERO-TV, the cat immediately began running around the clinic once it had been strapped into the cart.

Video of the cat’s new set of wheels has been embedded below.

What do you think about the high school robotics club that built a “Cat Cart” for a paralyzed feline named Flipper?

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7 Responses to “Paralyzed Cat Learns To Run Thanks To High School Robotics Club [Video]”

  1. Cloudchaser Sakonige

    I've been hearing about that cat, but none of the articles I've seen have said how his spine got twisted. Was it an accident (and if so what happened) or was he born that way?

  2. Stormy Bryant

    I think the editor for this website needs to check the use of pronouns in this article. He/she? Which is it?

  3. AuRyn Denoura

    I'm willing to wager a large sum Maxx had something to do with this…

  4. Alisa Carter

    I wonder if kitty is just trying to outrun the thing that's attacking her butt. When my little guy had a cone of shame after surgery, he could not see it but of course he felt it. For two days, the poor darling scraped along the walls of the house trying to get rid of the thing that took over his neck.
    OK, sweet story, here's hoping little kitty has a happy life at top speeds, kudos to the humans who are taking such loving care of her, and max kudos to the wonderful members of the robotics club for the design.

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