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Missing Teen Found 2 Miles From Home After Nine Weeks Lost In The Wilderness

He was found with gangrene on both his feet and legs.

In late November, Matthew Allen left his home near Sydney, Australia, and headed into the bush just a few miles from him family’s home. No one saw him again until Saturday afternoon.

The 18-year-old, found covered in mosquito bites and leeches, was found Saturday afternoon in the wilderness not even two miles from his family’s home. He had been missing for nine weeks.

The teen was suffering from gangrene in his feet and lower legs, and had lost over 60 pounds during his time spent in the bush. Allen allegedly left his home in late November with a small amount of cash and some basic food items and camping equipment, according to the Herald Sun.

Matthew Allen, 18, went missing from his family’s Westleigh home in late November, with just a small amount of cash and basic camping equipment. Since the bush in that area is frequented by hikers and walkers, officials believe that Allen was on a “wilderness survival treck,” and deliberately hid himself from hikers during his nine weeks ordeal.

Eventually, however, the conditions — including a massive heat wave that nearly dried up all water sources — were too much for Allen, and the teen was found disoriented and unable to walk, lying near a hiking trail. He was lifted by helicopter to a nearby hospital, where he is currently recovering.

While none of his injuries are reportedly life-threatening, the teen is now partially blind as a result of his ordeal.

The teen reportedly told his rescuers that he’d survived by drinking water from an near-dry creek. Authorities do not believe the teen, who suffers from a mental illness, could have survived much longer.

Police also noted that Allen headed into the bush intentionally. He did not get lost there. The teen was discovere on Saturday by hikers.

“We don’t have any comment, other than that our priority is getting Matthew well,” Matthew’s mother, Deborah Allen, said.

Neighbors of the family were stunned that the teen could have survived as long as he did. “It’s amazing,” one neighbor admitted. “The bush is very dense, and unless he was very au fait with how to survive in the bush I don’t know how he did it.”

Another resident, whose home backs on to the deep valley where Allen was found, said: “I couldn’t last a day down there, I’d be back again.”

Ben Wrigley of Hornsby police said it was “considered unlikely that anyone who was missing in the bush for nine weeks with little sustenance could have survived.”

“I was amazed and very happy that everything turned out the way that it happened – I couldn’t believe it,” he added.

While Matthew Allen was wandering, unprepared, in the Australian bush, another unprepared hiker was reportedly fined $25,000 for hiking without proper equipment and food supplies.

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2 Responses to “Missing Teen Found 2 Miles From Home After Nine Weeks Lost In The Wilderness”

  1. Raimo Kangasniemi

    If you want to read about a non- self-inflicted story of heroic suffering for months, then look for Palestinian hunger strike Samer Issawi.

    Unlike the case of this boy, "Western" media is not reporting about his and 5 others long hunger strikes, because they are imprisoned (without charges) by Israel.

    Unlike this kid – assuming that the gangrene doesn't kill the poor youth – Samer Issawi is unlikely to be.
    long with us and his story apparently is allowed to be told in media after only his death. His heart and kidneys are failing as he is entering 189th day of his hunger strike.

    If he would be a dissident in a Chinese or a Cuban prison , the "Western" media would have picked up his case and made him familiar to us. If he would.
    be a foolish Australian man-child, he would have gotten his 15 minutes of fame.

    But he is instead a Palestinian political prisoner in an Israeli prison and as a result "Western" media is silent about his and his fellow prisoners' struggle. They are silencing him to death.

    Remember the names of Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawna (who has been over 200 days on hunger strike since 1st of July on three different occasions, Israel promising and then failing to release him).

    Their deaths, which will be on the conscience of the "Western" media & politicians as much as their Israeli tormentors, could well begin the Third Intifada.

    189 days on hunger strike and the world still looks away. Think of that.

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