230 die in nightclub

230 Die In Nightclub, Arrests Made After Brazil Fire Deaths

As we reported earlier, more than 230 people have died in a terrifying Brazil nightclub fire, and arrests have been made in Santa Maria after the deadly blaze.

The Brazil nightclub fire was described as like something “out of a horror movie,” claiming hundreds of lives in a resulting stampede as patrons rushed the exits.

The fire that killed more than 230 people began when a band performing at the venue lit flares and raised them up, igniting the ceiling, which quickly caught and spread.

Reports after the fire was put out indicated that, of the 230 dead, 90 percent died of asphyxiation due to the inferno within the nightclub, and the other 10 percent were trampled in a desperate bid to escape.

Now CNN is reporting that a few arrests have been made in connection with the deadly Brazil nightclub fire, and the news outlet explains:

“The owner of the nightclub Elissandro Sphor, known as ‘Kiko,’ was arrested at a hospital in Cruz Alta, Brazil, according to Band News … The media outlet also reported a vocalist from the band and a person in charge of stage safety for the band were arrested in Mata, Brazil.”

One survivor of the nightclub fire in Brazil, Mattheus Bortolotto, told a local news station:

“It was sheer horror. The emergency exits did not work, and then I lost my friend in the confusion. Then a girl died in my arms. I felt her heart stop beating.”

Reportedly, a fourth person and co-owner of the Kiss nightclub is being sought after the deadly fire in Brazil.