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‘Django Unchained’ Inspires Man To Create ‘The Sims 3’ Plantation [Photo]

The Sims 3

After being inspired during a view of Quentin Tarantino’s controversial western Django Unchained, a gamer used The Sims 3 to create a functional southern plantation.

Reddit user BourgeoisBanana set to to create a colonial-era plantation that was as accurate in design and execution as the game would allow. According to PC Gamer, the individual used a handful of mods to set parameters and tweak the game’s AI.

For example, limitations were set as to where the slaves could go and how they reacted to life around the plantation. BourgeoisBanana explained that he wanted his scenario to be as historically and architecturally accurate as possible.

He explained to the website:

“The general layout of the plantation was of my own design, and several people pointed out that it wasn’t entirely historically accurate, but given the tools I think I did the best I could. The house was more or less of my own design too, loosely based off several colonial plantation houses of the era. My main inspiration for the exterior was the plantation house from a level in ‘Hitman: Blood Money.’ Django Unchained certainly was a great reference too.”

Kotaku explains that BourgeoisBanana has defended his Sims 3 plantation by saying that Americans shouldn’t deny the fact that slavery took place in the country. In addition to insisting that he isn’t a racist for his Django Unchained-inspired creation, the Reddit users said he hoped everyone would “get over this politically correct phase we seem to be going to.”

The website also points out that this isn’t the first time someone has used The Sims to create a working plantation. Someone over at the 4chan boards started a thread about a Sims 3 plantation later last year.

The Sims 3 Plantation

What do you think about BourgeoisBanana’s Django Unchained-inspired Sims 3 plantation? Do you think this sort of thing is offensive?

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2 Responses to “‘Django Unchained’ Inspires Man To Create ‘The Sims 3’ Plantation [Photo]”

  1. Meagan Jo

    No I do not deem it offensive as it is a historical yet dirty fact. I myself have made older builds and yes some with servants quarters whether the butler ends up black or white has no relevance, fake nurse mades quarters also. America needs to stop trying to hide their dirty past and stop changing the history books. Kotaku did a great job and I commend him for being truthful of our past and not being politically correct to save face. Our children should know the truth and be raised raised to love one and all.

  2. Meagan Jo

    Another thing to add is that America were not the only country that had slaves and were not the first however it still does not make it right!

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