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Timbaland Sues Over $1.8 Million Watch


Timbaland is suing over a $1.8 million watch.

According to TMZ, the singer filed a claim with his insurance company after his expensive watch went missing two years ago. His insurance company never honored the claim and now Timbaland is suing the American Home Assurance Company.

Timbaland reportedly paid more than $50,000 to take out on insurance policy to cover some of his expensive belongings. The singer claims that his 18k white gold watch, which was covered in 30 carats of diamonds, was one of the items covered under the policy.

Timbaland says that the watch was lost when his two-year-old daughter started using the $1.8 million watch as a toy. Timbaland says that the little girl “picked [the watch] up and played with it until she became bored and discarded it somewhere.”

Hot New Hip Hop reports that Timbaland filed a police report in August 2010 after the watch went missing. At the time, the singer said that he knew someone had stolen the watch. The singer doesn’t believe that the watch was stolen anymore but he does believe that the insurance company should fork over $1.8 million, plus the cost of attorney’s fees.

Do you think the insurance company should pay Timbaland for the lost watch? Or maybe the singer should just hire a cleaning company to scour his home for the $1.8 million watch.

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31 Responses to “Timbaland Sues Over $1.8 Million Watch”

  1. Anonymous

    who would let their kid run around with a 1.8 mjil watch? Who buys stuff like that anyways? What's wrong with a nice ld Rolex for about $25,000?

  2. Anonymous

    If he claims it was stolen it cannot turn up somewhere later and they could try to prove fraud. If, on the other hand the watch turns up later he can always say it was misplaced and subsequently found.
    I am sure the bulk of the value is in the diamonds which could easily be contracted and sold in bits and pieces.

  3. Nicole Marcellus Green

    No, stupid, they won't give you the money for it because that's negligence. It's something stupid that could have been avoided. It's a 1.8 million-dollar watch. Why would you let a child play with something that expensive? I don't even let my son play with my 50-dollar watch because it is not a TOY! If Timbaland had the sense that God gave a billygoat, he wouldn't have bought something so gaudy. It's obvious he has no concept of worth.

  4. Dick Chu

    Who let's a 2 year old play with an 1.8 million dollar watch? That dumbass baboon does, he deserves nothing.

  5. Zackery Williams

    Negligence or not, this lawsuit will be dependent upon the original terms of the insurance agreement. It may or may not have a clause regarding accidental loss.

  6. John Shepherd

    Even if it had a clause regarding accidental loss, the price of his insurance on a $1.8 million watch would be far more than $50,000. Let's also remember that the $50,000 insurance policy covers more than just his watch, he got it to "cover some of his expensive belongings". Hence, he's going to lose this fight.

  7. Anonymous

    It's his money, he can do whatever he wants with it. You all can't relate because you're most likely BROKE, like that security guard name Dick a few comments down! lol A mill on a watch means nothing to him. He's Timbaland, major producer. Don't say what you won't do until you've crossed that bridge. IE, get money.

  8. Anonymous

    and before you broke people reply, I do believe its negligence but still, it's his money. You wouldn't want anyone to tell you how to spend your money and what to do with it once bought! Wanna relate, make millions! Good Day Sirs!

  9. Sambath Pech

    "Dear State Farm. We decided to build a bonfire in our house and as a result, the house burned down. Please reimburse me $1.5M ($250K for the house and $1.25M for the watch that got lost in the fire). Thank you."

  10. Liz Rucker

    He's going to hafta charge this to the game. If youre such a baller that your child can play with something that expensive then apparently you can afford to lose it.

  11. Jeff Stockdale

    First, you have a major complex problem if you need a million dollar watch, second, you don't deserve to breathe air if you let a child play with it.

  12. Anonymous

    Should also add stupidity insurance, but he probably couldn't afford the deductable. Perhaps he has insurance to cover his career when that disappears!

  13. Anonymous

    gold all in my chain. gold all in my watch. don't belee' me just watch(watch).

  14. Anonymous

    gold all in my chain. gold all in my watch. don't believe me just watch(watch).

  15. Victor Steele

    "Here you go baby…play with the Ferarri until daddy gets off the phone".

  16. Anonymous

    Dick Chu everybody has an opinion….but why do you feel he needs to be called a BABOON? really? How would you feel if someone called you a yellow dumbass white rice eaten bastard!

  17. Lloyd Alpert

    if insurance companies paid out claims on every "mysterious" disappearance, every one and their baby momma would be "loosing" personal property, with inflated evaluations. Claim would be paid out on robbery, or house break in. With police report. That is IT! and you are still not guaranteed that ins. will settle the claim.

  18. Mary King

    this guy sounds like he is hungry for money if this watch cost so much money why would you let a two year old play with it if she wanted a watch to play with go and buy her a cheap one I would tell him to get lost.

  19. Carlton Ross

    Damn fooool, a fooool and his money shall soon part. No don't pay him.

  20. Ramera Since

    nah, people with a little money like to spend it if they can. i've seen psps, iphones, and a bunch of other electronics with diamonds and gold on them and stuff haha. wayne had to spend a bit of money on that stuff in his mouth

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