Timbaland Sues Over $1.8 Million Watch

Timbaland is suing over a $1.8 million watch.

According to TMZ, the singer filed a claim with his insurance company after his expensive watch went missing two years ago. His insurance company never honored the claim and now Timbaland is suing the American Home Assurance Company.

Timbaland reportedly paid more than $50,000 to take out on insurance policy to cover some of his expensive belongings. The singer claims that his 18k white gold watch, which was covered in 30 carats of diamonds, was one of the items covered under the policy.

Timbaland says that the watch was lost when his two-year-old daughter started using the $1.8 million watch as a toy. Timbaland says that the little girl “picked [the watch] up and played with it until she became bored and discarded it somewhere.”

Hot New Hip Hop reports that Timbaland filed a police report in August 2010 after the watch went missing. At the time, the singer said that he knew someone had stolen the watch. The singer doesn’t believe that the watch was stolen anymore but he does believe that the insurance company should fork over $1.8 million, plus the cost of attorney’s fees.

Do you think the insurance company should pay Timbaland for the lost watch? Or maybe the singer should just hire a cleaning company to scour his home for the $1.8 million watch.

[Image Via Featureflash / Shutterstock.com]