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‘Gunbrella’ Owners Warned By Canadian Police

Gun Umbrella

Richmond, British Columbia – Owners of novelty umbrellas designed to look like guns have been asked by Canadian police to leave the items at home.

One of these so-called gunbrellas recently upset a group of commuters who thought a man was carrying a real rifle. According to UPI, authorities explained the situation could have taken a very tragic turn had the man made any sudden movements.

The young man was reportedly waiting at the bus stop with the gunbrella on his shoulder. When officers approached the man, they ordered him to place the item on the ground before taking several steps back.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Sherrdean Turley told the CBC:

“If, for example, he had [the novelty umbrella] on his shoulder and was simply trying to tell our officers, ‘No, no, no, it’s just an umbrella, let me show you.’ If it appeared that he was actually shouldering the rifle — if our officers believed he was about to fire — I mean, our officers would have no choice.”

The store which sold the gunbrella to the young man has not commented on the situation. However, it’s being reported that the store will immediately discontinue the item. The manager also apologized to the man’s mother.

A spokesperson for a store which sells samurai sword umbrellas said they refused to stock the gunbrellas since they looked so much like real weapons.

The representative told the CBC:

“We won’t carry the umbrella gun because we found it looks too much like a real gun. We don’t want to be responsible with somebody walking down the street with a real-looking gun, and what will the police do with you.”

It’s easy to understand why authorities would mistake the gun umbrella for the real thing. At first glance, the images of the Rifle Umbrella posted at Brando are incredibly realistic.

Do you think gunbrellas should be banned?

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7 Responses to “‘Gunbrella’ Owners Warned By Canadian Police”

  1. Dan Gates

    Looks too much like a real gun? Maybe if the person carrying it looks like a real pirate and it's 1768! Ban scary umbrellas. I'm surprsed they didn't call it an AK 47.

  2. Tyler Gerard

    I like how the position of the police is they'd have no choice but to shoot if he made any sudden movements in an altercation initiated and escalated to violence by the police themselves.

    On the other hand, when a Canadian shoots someone invading their home and threatening them with a real weapon they end up getting charged by the police. Don't you all feel safe?

  3. Tyler Gerard

    And also, openly carrying a non-restricted rifle is legal in Canada.

  4. Shayne Cooper

    This part gets me "they looked so much like real weapons" but the samurai sword is OK and does not look like a weapon.. Social engineering and fear mongering at its best..

  5. Derrell Clark

    Was he pointing the umbrella at police? Or anyone for that matter? Maybe he was being aggressive about keeping the rain off the guy next to him lol

  6. Blaine Tetz

    So the police would be justified in shooting a youth with an umbrella? Are they afraid of their own dhadows too? They apparently need more training! Wow!

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