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Stephen King Gun Control Essay Lays Bare A Real-Life Horror Story

Author Stephen King’s gun control essay, simply titled Guns, has been released as a “Kindle single” (low-priced, short works designed for instant consumption), and the author has delved into a different sort of horror in the novel piece.

Stephen King’s gun control essay is no less arresting than some of his scariest fiction, but the words used reflect a reality many have come to protest in the wake of the Newtown school shootings last month.

King is not a stranger to examining the impetus behind school shootings, having authored a piece in the 70s about such an event. When the horrible trend began to increase, and despite high sales across the board for the author’s work, he demanded his book Rage be pulled from print and worried the fiction was a “possible accelerant” to the rising number of school massacres.

But in the essay, sold for 99 cents on Amazon, King confronts the issue head on, unafraid to use his skillful descriptions to drive home the brutal reality of gunshot deaths in America. Already, Facebook users are spreading excerpts of the piece, in which the bestselling writer laments:

“I have nothing against gun owners, sport shooters, or hunters … [but] how many have to die before we will give up these dangerous toys? Do the murders have to be in the mall where you shop? In your own neighborhood? In your own family?”

King is a handgun owner himself, but he believes that high-capacity clips and assault weapons are a large part of the issue, and strikes out at the gun rights lobby and its adherents as delusional. He says of the paranoia:

“These guys and gals actually believe that dictatorship will follow disarmament, with tanks in the streets of Topeka.”

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