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Lego Racism? Star Wars Set Said To Be Racially Offensive

lego racism

Is Lego engaging in racism? The brightly colored bricks that have, in the past, been hammered mainly for sexism are coming in for some serious criticism based on their “Jabba’s Palace” set and what some say are offensive themes contained within.

The Lego racism claims have come under fire for reinforcing certain negative stereotypes about the Middle East, and the Turkish Cultural Community (TCC) of Austria has issued a statement explaining why the set can appear to be racist viewed through the lens of another culture.

The “Jabba’s Palace” set (part of the Lego Star Wars franchise) that sparked the Lego racism claims has been described as rife with negative and one-dimensional stereotypes, and the TCC outlined the reasons in a statement on their website.

UK’s Telegraph quotes the group as explaining the Lego racism thusly:

“The terrorist Jabba the Hutt likes to smoke a hookah and have his victims killed… It is clear that the ugly figure of Jabba and the whole scene smacks of racial prejudice and vulgar insinuations against Asians and Orientals* as people with deceitful and criminal personalities.”

[Editor's note: The term "Oriental" has generally fallen out of favor in the West when describing people and not objects due to cultural sensitivities and was only left in the quote for accuracy.]

The group goes on to say of the Lego racism that parents should “not to buy toys of war or toys of discrimination” and that the set erodes the “peaceful coexistence of different cultures in Europe.”


Lego has addressed the allegations of racism, saying in a statement:

“The Lego Star Wars product Jabba’s Palace does not reflect any actually existing buildings, people, or the mentioned mosque.”

Ultimately, the upset over Lego racism is unfortunately tied to a larger issue — the massive franchise was created 30 years ago, a product of a culture less aware of how influential such media would become as well as one that was far less perceptive regarding negative stereotypes permeating Hollywood.

Do you find the Lego set racist? Should the toymaker focus on other aspects of the popular Star Wars brand?

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159 Responses to “Lego Racism? Star Wars Set Said To Be Racially Offensive”

  1. Jason Doubleday

    Close to the stupidest thing I've read in a while. Who exactly decided jobba was a terrorist? where? when? how? who? now we have to sensitive of how blobs act in a galaxy far far away?

  2. Anonymous

    This has got to be the dumbest damn thing I think I've ever read. Are there people out there who actually think this? Really? No…I mean really? Wow.

  3. Anonymous


  4. Tim Jones

    Here's an idea.. Tell them to fuck off. Businesses need to grow some balls FFS. I am so sick of this shit. It's a toy. fucking get over yourselves.

  5. Jason Sullivan

    first off their going after the wrong people, lego is just copying the architecture from the movie. If they want to sue someone they should go after Lucas Films. Plus Jabba's palace is on Tatooine, not middle east Earth and as far as I've seen Jabba bears no resemblance to ant middle easterner that I've ever seen. And so what if he smokes something similar to a hooka, if a bad guy in a movie eats a rib eye steak does that mean I should think everyone from Texas is a villain?

  6. Pete Huth

    As a member of the Bigfoot Anti-Defamation League, I decry Chewbacca as a racial stereotype of Sasquatches everywhere around the globe.

  7. Don G. Heick

    Wow. I really can not beleive the world we live in, maybe Lucas can go back to "Jedi" and didgitaly remove all that stuff. Pretty soon we will pay $10 bucks to sit in front of a blank white screen– OH WAIT, THAT'S RACIST TOO.

  8. Jeff Hawse

    well they went after the bugs bunny road runner cartoons,(being too violent) now the legos, get a grip people, there are more things to worry about than fictional characters in this world, so that being said, if you don't like legos, bugs bunny or whatever, don't buy it or watch it, get a life stop moaning bout such trivial things.

  9. Buce McLaughlin

    If someone deems this as "Racist"…then FUCK 'EM! Mold everything WHITE and they can paint the shit themselves.
    If it "LOOKS LIKE" a Muslim temple, shithole, WHATEVER, sell an extra wall and give it a square/rectangle design.

    How stupid has society gotten, by nit picking at everything!

  10. Buce McLaughlin

    If someone deems this as "Racist"…then FUCK 'EM! Mold everything WHITE and they can paint the shit themselves.
    If it "LOOKS LIKE" a Muslim temple, shithole, WHATEVER, sell an extra wall and give it a square/rectangle design.

    How stupid has society gotten, by nit picking at everything!

  11. Joshua Craig

    Can people please grow their testicles back and quit being a bunch of over-sensitive mamby-bambies?

  12. Anonymous

    what? jabba has been around for years and years..did I say 'years'? so why is it that it just now has some type of racial motivation behind it? sounds to me like someone was searching for something to complain about and this was all they could find. a play set for children goes political when the adults need to grow up.

  13. Bill Johnson

    How the hell is Jabba the hurt Asian or Oriental?
    seriously folks…….get a life.

  14. Michael Varusheff

    I approve LEGO 100%. Any reasonable Muslim or Turk, knows that their people are the problem, the enemy in today's world. Their propaganda is to try to say that it is not. That's stupidity. Racist is not prejudice. Racism is fact here.

  15. Anonymous

    jabba has been around for years and years..did I say 'years'? so why is it just now that it has become a racial issue? sounds very much to me like someone was searching for a reason to be angry. all the things going wrong in this world we live in and THIS is what you are mad about? this is the thing that angered you to the point that you HAD to speak out? a play set for children goes political when the adults are the ones who need to grow up!

  16. Amanda Erika Espinosa

    Yesterday I read something even more stupid. This woman was suing and blaming them for one of her dates attacking her because the site did not warn her on the dangers of online dating. -_- really people? No one wants to take blame for their own actions.. and everyone wants to sue someone, or claim that some company is being racist. ugh.

  17. Tony D'Orazio

    Must I remind people that one of the heroes of Return of the Jedi was Lando?

    Frankly the allegation of racism – against ORIENTALS – is more offensive than Jabba's Palace.

  18. Darrin Cothran

    So now galaxies far, far away are getting accused of "racism"?

    No one is safe are they?

  19. Anonymous

    Some people are unbelievably stupid. It's based on the most popular CLASSIC MOVIE FRANCHISE of all time. Stfu.

  20. Jeff Culliton

    1) It's based on a science-fiction movie that was released in 1983.
    2) Said movie takes place on a different planet than Earth. A fictional planet.
    3) Jabba the Hutt is not a terrorist, he is a gangster. The fact that the Turkish Cultural Community sees Jabba smoking out of a hooka (a device many non-Middle Eastern people use) and immediately thinks he's a terrorist says more about their own prejudices than those of a 30-year old film.
    4) When I look at Jabba the Hutt, I don't think he is a sterotypical representation of Middle Easterners, I think he's a Hutt.

    I wonder what the LGBT community will do if that purple Hutt voiced by Master Shake gets his own Lego…

  21. Anonymous

    who gives a damn? a bunch of murdering, raping, womanizing, muslims are upset because they are being accurately depicted. the same muslims who kill and dismember people for not agreeing with them? oh ok I almost shed a tear them I farted instead. I always did like lego, now I like them even more.

  22. Tony D'Orazio


    One time not too long ago, a friend of mine – who happens to be Japanese – came to watch me curl at my curling club. There were some people at the club who could not stop using that word to describe everything – people and food – because there was an Asian in the room. It was a little disgusting.

  23. Anonymous

    they wont post what I really want to say so I will just say , CHEERS LEGO I LOVE YOU!

  24. Patrick S. Miller

    flawless logic sir. smoking has always been associated with bad guys. mostly cigars. check out django unchained. leonardo dicaprio smokes mini cigars the whole film. and then you have the mafia type like jabba the hutt but in every godfather film someone smoked a cigar.

  25. Gregory Helton

    LEGOS promote creativity, honing social skills(share your Legos, Gregory) and artistic expression. Im offended by the person or persons that would suggest otherwise.

  26. Noelle Rooks

    This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. This is news? wow.

  27. Ronald Ross

    first of all Where did they get the IDEA for these figures YEP your right from real HISTORY Second ITS A DAMN GAME get over it. What are we going to do BURN THE BOOKS AGAIN because they are RACIEST. This world is getting sicker and sicker and we just sit here and let it happen. I don't like it so its raciest, or you don't agree with me so your a bigot Have to put a label on everything. People get a life other people just might disagree with you. I'm white but they still have CRACKERS on the shelves in stores. If I don't want CRACKERS I just walk buy them I don't make the store take them off the shelves. If you don't like the product DON'T BUY IT.

  28. Erik Larkin

    Now I haven't made anything out of Legos in quite a while, but something as rediculous as this makes me want to purposely go out and overpay for these kits of plastic just so I could rage at someone who is so wrapped up in their cries for "Decency and morality" as to find flaws in a toy that is based on a design in a science fiction story that's 30 years old! GO BUY LEGOS AND BUILD INSTEAD OF DESTROY!

  29. Dyana Gma-nc Prospect Postelle

    1. Why would they (the TCC) assume that they are the only ones who smoke from a hookah do they realize how many pretentious hipsters smoke one at Hookah Bars? 2. With this action they are doing more to promote and solidify a stereotype…

  30. Steph Poli

    For crying out freaking loud! It’s a toy people based on a movie from decades ago, why is it an issue now? Have you nothing better to do with your time? It seems to me that society today is moving backwards instead of moving forwards because people want to make issues out of EVERYTHING. The date is 2013 not 1813 move on and stop making everything about race!

  31. Anonymous

    Anybody offended by this just needs to grow a backbone and thicker skin… ITS A FLIPPIN' MOVIE, YOU MORONS!

  32. Anonymous

    I am going to sue:
    1). My current employer because they didn't tell me during the job interview that I had to work so hard.
    2). My parents because if I was born rich than I didn't have to work so hard.
    3). My wife because if she didn't stay home taking care of my kids and had a job than I wouldn't be working so hard.
    4). My kids when they turn 18 years old. Because of them, now I have to really work hard.
    When in doubt, I just sue….

  33. Erich H. Wiegand

    This is silly. I think you hit the nail on the head, Jason. It's Star Wars. Everything about it is fictitious. What race are we going to relate the Ewoks to? Next, Jawas are going to be ostacized because they wear robes! How many "Asians or Orientals" have YOU seen in the Star Wars movies? If Jabba the Hutt is from Asia, where is Luke Skywalker from? Canada? I'm confused by the logic behind this article…

  34. Christopher Corrado

    you go out of your to claim something is racist when it clearly is not… so who really is the true racist one Ms. Kim LaCapria?

  35. Erich H. Wiegand

    This is silly. I think you hit the nail on the head, Jason. It's Star Wars. Everything about it is fictitious. What race are we going to relate the Ewoks to? Next, Jawas are going to be ostracized because they wear robes! How many "Asians or Orientals" have YOU seen in the Star Wars movies? If Jabba the Hutt is from Asia, where is Luke Skywalker from? Canada? I'm confused by the logic behind this article…

  36. Douglas Photos

    All this time I thought Jabba was based on American gangsters! :D Wasn't Lando – the only black dude in the original trilogy a sellout (he set up Han Solo)? Then there's Jar Jar Binks….

  37. Douglas Photos

    I kid of course. I'd rather deal with the actual racism that's happening here in the 'post-racial (HA!)' U.S. Of A (show your papers style immigration laws, stop & frisk of people of color here in NYC, etc), than have to deal with this…

  38. Scott Goodpasture

    Austria wants to play the race card? This really is bizarro world now.

  39. Heather Johnson

    I thought Star Wars took place in a galaxy far, far away…

  40. Bonnie Oxton

    Dumbest thing I have ever read! With all the horrific things going on in this world- and they're finding a child's toy racist? Unbelievable. Racism is in your head- I. Believe they need to look with in and find the real root of the problem.

  41. Kim LaCapria

    If you read the post, Mr. Corrado, you will discover I quoted a Turkish culture center, where the claim originated.

    Racism is not a clear cut, is or isn't thing. It's no skin off our noses to at least acknowledge that for those who have been affected by negative stereotypes, this can come off as insensitive.

    This video does a great job of explaining why people outside the minority group may not see the reason why something offends those WITHIN the group:

  42. Todd Taylor

    I think that the Lego playset has indeed shed some much needed light on the blatant racism and stereotypes found within the Star Wars franchise….in Return of the Jedi alone we are to believe that somehow Ortolans are better at playing the keyboards due to their blue skin color, Twi'lets such as Bib Fortuna are easily manipulated through Jedi mind control, and wookies have been reduced to incoherent instinctive animals who somehow gather the intelligence to co-pilot a YT-1300 light freighter….Do these people not have feelings? George Lucas how DARE you sir!

  43. Anonymous

    Wasnt it just a few months ago Legos was being accused of sexism? Its time we get together as American consumers and boycott these racialy and sexually insensitve companies. There turning innocent young white boys into Right wing Tea bagging Nazis.And excluding all other children of color and gender of the joys of playing with Legos.I say boycott the company and require all employees and their kin to attend reeducation classes to get their minds right.

  44. Dan Squeak Hebbel

    When you bring stupid things like racism and sexism into chidren's toys, all you are doing is ruining kids childhoods , and fucking up thier mental health. A kid doesn't know what sexism or racism even is until some bitch feminazi or some ass hole white supremacist fucks everything up. People like Erich H. Wiegand are right. It's a fantasy, stop destroying kids innocence with stupid media bull shit.

  45. Bill Vallante

    No problem – all "Lego" has to do is stick a sign on the "Palace" that says "Religion of Peace". That will make it all better. (snicker snicker snicker) PS- memo to the Turks – if your big-ass temple looks like the Lego building you need to get a new architect.

  46. Julius Johnson

    just another jab at amricans, but thay love our forien aid money mr. obama is so happy to give away. Lego take a stand and give them the bird! let our children play,

  47. Anonymous

    Without question, this has got to be the looniest, most asinine story I've heard yet! A friggin' make-believe city, constructed out of toys, and patterned after a fantasy movie series is somehow 'racist' because it supposedly resembles (I guess if you poke your fingers in your eyes first) a supposedly 'holy' city in some wacked-out death-cult passing itself off as a legitimate religion? My god, you can't make up this stuff! I mean, putting aside the idiocy of claiming that a toy-city could somehow be 'racist', I thought Islam was supposed to be a religion, not a race, so the idiots making the complaint aren't even consistent or even logical! (But then, who said Moslems were logical? Not me..) These crybaby moslems really need to get over themselves and their crazy-cult 'religion,' grow a thick skin and–while we're at it–why not stop killing 'infidels' left & right? If they could do that, maybe it'd improve people's perceptions & opinions of them, dontcha think?

  48. Bobby Boyer

    As a gay male, I am insulted by R2D2.A flamboyant android always running from fear? he HAS TO BE tall with a golden tan and skinny? lol

  49. Wind Walker

    What the hell is the matter with people these days? Stop whining about such petty crap like omg Lego is being racial, there are so many more real issues to deal with out there in the world. Grow up America we are starting to sound like petty children in a school yard.

  50. Anonymous

    I guess George Lucas and Disney are going to have to digitally erase Jabba's Palace from the movie and replace it with a less offensive domicile… LOL! Maybe Eskimos should start complaining about Luke's house on Tatooine since it looks like an igloo.

  51. David Zee

    I blame president Obama and his muslim agenda for Chewbacca's image. Obamacare dictates to Lego and all businesses that all structures must resemble mosques or he will cut their yarbles off.

  52. David Cunningham

    Nabisco makes "crackers" I find that racist I'm going to sue Nabisco.

  53. Michael Harty

    You call this Racism? then I guess id be blamed for being one of the intelligent… after all, These posts about what people do become stupider and stupider. All of this because of a color of a couple of bricks and the supposed story. Then again anybody will do anything stupid for a couple of bucks. To bad Common Sense isn't an worlwide law.

  54. Jacqui Snyder

    The only group who may have a legitimate complaint are the folks at Carbonite, because it couldn't hold Han, how can I trust it to hold my recovery data? There are plenty of places where Star Wars might be legitimately offensive, but the only thing wrong with this toy is that they charge too much for the Rancor pit and it doesn't open right when you put both sets together.

  55. David Leon

    I think all of us should dish out the dough and buy the shit out of this Lego piece. This should be Lego's best seller to combat this type of bullshit created by an inferior mindset and ideology hell bent on destroying anything remotely different to their way of life.

  56. Heather Ryan

    Its really funny how they attack a fictitious character and fantasy toys, instead of yelling at their Muslim brethren that have decided to become terrorists. It's really funny that they are offended b/c I am sure if you ask an 8 year old who Jabba is, the response wont have anything to do with "Orientals" or Muslims. This is a red herring and nothing more.

  57. Ron Dunn

    Jabba The Hut has been around for 30 years and now all of the sudden a group is offended by a plastic toy set?

  58. Evony Demon

    Wow, really on the ball with this one! Let's pretend to get all up in arms about the disgusting racism in this movie! From 30 years ago….

  59. Andrew Philip Gillon

    Eh? So why didn't they complain to Lucasfilm when Return of the Jedi came out in 1983? If these people had researched the Star Wars universe properly they would have uncovered some very interesting facts…Jabba and his gangster mob moved into the palace centuries later after the B'omarr monks had built it. The B'omarr monks were a peaceful and enlightened religious order. Kind of puts a whole new spin on it don't ya think?

  60. Anonymous

    It's a Rorschach test in Lego form. A couple of Turks saw what they wanted to see, then pointed the similarities out to others, who now feel the same way. If they had this much of a problem with it, maybe they should have complained THIRTY GOD DAMNED YEARS AGO when the movie came out.

  61. Michael Soos

    this is stupid I find alot of the stuff they do to be racist but you don't hear me bitching get over it people and grow the fuck up retards.

  62. Mark Burt

    people are fucking retarded its a toy based off a damn movie they need to get over it. it could just as well be a homage to the architechtural designs of that region so what if jabba is evil so was george w. bush but that don't make the white house evil.

  63. Mark Burt

    just because jabba was evil that doesn't make the mosque an evil house george w. bush was evil but that dosesnt make the white house evil priest did evil when they molested the alter boys but that doesn't make churches evil.

  64. Ck Weaver

    Anyone who thinks the Lego thing is racist or discriminatory needs to get a life and stop looking for some schister way to get rich.

  65. Linda Nadwodny Moore

    That is the most ignorant thing I have read on here yet. President Obama has nothing to do with Legos and is most certainly NOT a damn Muslim…Get over yourself. He is a damn good President and has done the best he could for this country considering he has had to fight the stupid repukes all the way. You are obviously a racist and hate the President because he is a Black man who by the way is just as WHITE as he is BLACK. He was raised by his WHITE grandparents and was born and raised right here in the USA. He visited Kenya when he was a small child and for a very short time, just a visit. You must hate women also since it is obvious that you would have voted for the sexist Romnuts and lying Ryan. Get a life and leave the President out of the Lego business. Lego's have been around a lot longer than Obama has been President so maybe your beloved BUSH is responsible, since he is responsible for the economy and getting this country in the worse shape it has EVER been in and of course the big hero REGAN did the same. Both did big damage to this country and Clinton got us back in great shape. It didn't take BUSH long at all to get us in the worse shape ever. Do you know how to read. If so look it up and while you're at it look up what the Mormon's beliefs are too. Jerk!!!

  66. Michael Dean

    You're damned right Linda. Obama is the greatest president this country ever had. And this Lego Jaba the Hut set is an obvious attempt to disparage Obama and other Muslims all around the world. Something must be done about this ! Obama should mention this Lego crisis in his next teleprompter reading. By the way did you notice the round object on top of Jaba's Lego castle ? It's obviously supposed to be a watermellon !
    An obvious attempt to disparage black people. I'll bet that the Jaba the Hut Lego toy even comes with Lego toy welfare checks. Hey Linda … I'm pretty sure you might need a good psychiatrist.

  67. Sean McIntosh

    It is a conspiracy by the bigfoot, little green men, and lochness monster.

  68. P Shane Johnson

    Linda Nadwodny Moore No Linda your a racist because you support Mr. O cause he is black.How does that feel to you,I am soo fucking sick of everyone who doesn't support the president is a racist well that's total bullshit.I would've voted for Allen West or Herman Cain if they were running against Obama,and guess what those to guys are black.Legos is a damn kids toy,Muslims will throw a hissy fit over anything under the sun and they get their way because we have a president who has his head up their asses.

  69. Zuck You

    Chewbacca is racist, or at least they should have gotten a release from Michelle before introducing her likeness into the Star Wars movie.

  70. Courtney Hoffman Stewart

    We just built it the other day and its decorating our bar counter in the kitchen! Man…you're so right Darrin…even galaxies far far away aren't safe anymore! Ouch! Crazy people out there TRYING to find something to take offense to!

  71. Sean Rubin

    These people need to just shut up and go away. There is no pleasing a Muslim unless you convert to there way of thinking only. Hell you can piss one off just by farting into the wind the wrong way…jackwagons.

  72. Tomii Tron

    Perhaps if the classifications they receive pisses them off they might stop acting like a race of rampant chimpanzees weaving themselves into tantric mobs of raping murderers from medieval times.

  73. Anonymous

    Just some a** hole trying to make a buck off a large corporation. It's like the arabic comunity in Dearborn Mi. suing Mc Donalds for not carrying food that that Muslim people can eat. If you wish to find good muslim food. Go back to your country. We would love to see you all go back. less B.S. here to deal with.

  74. Frank K Alfar

    Michael Dean ,youve been punked and so was I. Who ever started this fake controversy got all these news sources to rely on each other with out fact checking. Google the cultural blah blah of Austria. you will only find this complaint w associated media,nothing else. Oh and LEGO co. got punked too.

  75. Frank K Alfar

    Erich H. Wiegand there is a article in forbes that pretty much says this whole thing is a hoax,a sort of punked to the media,lol.

  76. Melodie Reid

    Really People! OMG! Since when does an fictional space movies or characters have anything to do with prejudice? Each individual buys it for a different reason. WOW is there nothing more important in this world than taking swings at equipment that is intended to build math and science skills in children? And if this character offends you then what piece of your inner being symbolizes with the character?

  77. Melodie Reid

    Really People! OMG! Since when does fictional space movies or characters have anything to do with prejudice. Okay so he did freeze Han Solo but Han should have paid his bills. If the Muslim can define something in his character that resembles Jabba the hut then maybe he needs to re-examine what is most important in his/her life. Since when does attacking a child's play equipment that promotes math, science and higher order thinking become the target of discrimination. All children learn the same skills should we give them round rocks to stack or problem solve how to build a house?

  78. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? Sexist legos? RACIST legos? Is the whole darn world THAT sensitive that nearly everything offends somebody? How about finding web page space for how the fiscal cliff issues are coming…Maybe even find some space for some more information on how much these undeclared wars are costing us, or the gun-grabbing issues before us today. This is stupid and people just need to not be so sensitive about everything—it was a MOVIE for Pete's sake….

  79. Heather Postell

    seems like somehow racism always finds a way into every part of our lives. the people who come up with making racism out of childrens lego toys and a popular movie are the ones with the problem…..otherwise how would anyone link this lego set to a form of racism?

  80. Justin Staller

    You know what's funny? In the Star Wars universe, Jabba's Palace and the related compound are actually buildings belonging to deserted monastery, which the fictional crime lord took over. So if there is a connection between the architecture and a religious community, maybe it's because Jabba is a BAD GUY who has taken over a GOOD PLACE.

    I'm disappointed to read that stores actually took this complaint seriously, instead of telling the complainers to go watch the movies.

  81. LaToya Shepard

    I think it is hilarious how it is always white people saying that something that another ethnicity perceives as racist 'isn't racist,' or that they are 'making a big deal of nothing.' As if most white people would know discrimination if it hit them in the face? It's easy to say 'it's not offesnive' when it does not involve you. It doesn't matter what you White folks think anyway, it matters what the targeted ethnicity of the allegedly racist item/advertisement/whatever think. If THEY and only THEY don't think it is racist, then it isn't. That's all I've got to say.

  82. Anonymous

    in the words of the great HUTT, UKCHAYOOFAY. Miserable sand monkeys should go back and live with the sand people,

  83. David Mecozzi

    Linda Nadwodny Moore – I do believe that David Zee was being facetious……

  84. Anonymous

    Linda Nadwodny Moore: Relax, this is a story about lego's. Save your rants for serious political discussions.

  85. Jamie Mattox

    took the words right out of my mouth. if they should go after anyone it should be george lucas lol

  86. LaToya Shepard

    I think it is hilarious how it is always white people saying that something that another ethnicity perceives as racist 'isn't racist,' or that they are 'making a big deal of nothing.' As if most white people would know discrimination if it hit them in the face? It's easy to say 'it's not offensive' when it does not involve you. It doesn't matter what you White folks think anyway, it matters what the targeted ethnicity of the allegedly racist item/advertisement/whatever think. If THEY and only THEY don't think it is racist, then it isn't. That's all I've got to say.

  87. Roel Hinojosa

    Lest we Forget as was written in the Book of Lucas. Star Wars takes place "A long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…So In Fact the Hagia Sophia was built to resemble Jabba's Palace. Opening up its ancient architect up to a whole plethora of lawsuits and copyright infringements not to mention loss of valuable merchandising rights. Mr. Lucas' Attorneys as well as those of the Disney Corp. will soon be getting in touch with the Country of Istanbul. I suspect a deal could be arranged and we may soon be seeing Disney Istanbul resorts. ALL HAIL KING LUCAS!

  88. Anonymous

    another prime example of how ridiculously pathetic this world is becoming. someone should loan these folks a dictionary and point out two words….stereotyping and harrassment. if these middle eastern folks make a TOY plane out of legos while wearing robes should we assume they are terrorist's. The answer is NO. It is just a toy made by one of Americas patriarch companies that has allowed the majority of children to use thier imagination as well as cognative thinking. perhaps George Lucas played with lego's. Jabba the Hut came from a great imagination and was not real but happens to be one of our most epic classics, the only thing that does seem to be real is accusations of being racist. I am racist over folks who start drama over nothing. If you feel offended don't buy the toy. Its simple…. If you find this message offensive or racial I don't care. find something in your own neighborhood to dramatize and kiss our American lego's/star wars defending A$$es.

  89. Anonymous

    Linda Nadwodny Moore, while your busy asking Michael Dean if he can read and calling people names while referencing mormon beliefs, you may want to make sure the man you are praising (Obama) knows how to read. your right to have mormon beliefs as well as freedom of speech to call people names is in our constitution. no matter color,race,party,religion he should not violate our constitution. I am for neither party but believe man cant govern himself. I'd rather be in debt than allowing someone in that position to blatantly disregard our consitution. thats pretty serious considering…just sayin

  90. Anonymous

    Linda Nadwodny Moore, you seriously need to get laid. I believe David was being sarcastic.

  91. Kristine A Schilling

    its not lego… they are just mimicing a building from the star wars movies. people have an issue with the building go after the star wars franchise for the original set. get over it. I think the building is beautifully made and would use it for other MOC. (My own creations in lego terms folks).

  92. Kristine A Schilling

    oh… forgot to mention. this sort of racial accusation is just going to increase interest in the product.

  93. Michele Carlson Engel

    I'm going to buy it for my daughter, she loves Legos

  94. Holly Bowen-Willer

    Wow so fricken stupid. Freedom of speech is still a right here, at least for a while. Honestly, don't think any kids will see the stereotypes he has suggested.

  95. James Paschal

    This is insane, a few years ago we bought a fisher price kitchen, it was almost the similar colors, I guess I am out of touch with things, should we have bought a different color, Jaden wanted too play with one, so we bought what we thought were colors that a boy or girl could both play with, maybe we should have checked too be sure we were shopping racially correct, what will be next? Sally

  96. Crystal Wagner

    Linda Nadwodny Moore: Someone doesn't understand sarcasm…

  97. Dan Gizoni

    Tired of the racism card all the time,if they want to b racist,so b it,dnt buy it if u dnt like it,bt shut up about it

  98. Erik Weisz

    Um, Star Wars is a movie and Legos are building blocks. Neither is "real HISTORY" nor is any game mentioned in the article. And it's "racist" not "RACIEST", even if you use all caps. Cracker-ass motherfucker.