The email asked for a new mommy and daddy, since the kids' parents had died.

Heart-Wrenching Email Leads Missouri Family To Adopt Five Peruvian Orphans

The email could have been a scam. That’s what Lauren and Scott Sterling thought when they read an email in their inbox, claiming to be from five Peruvian orphans who “needed a mommy and daddy.”

Turns out, the email wasn’t a scam. The kids weren’t asking for money, just a home. And the Sterlings, from Missouri, wanted to make that dream possible.

The couple checked up on the email, and discovered that it had indeed been sent out by five siblings whose parents had died of tuberculosis. And although the couple aren’t rich and already have two kids of their own, they couldn’t get the email out of their minds.

“Somebody’s got to do it, and why can’t it be us?” Lauren, 30, finally asked her husband, after being unable to forget the heart-wrenching email.

The children’s parents died seven years ago, and they struggled to stay together, maintaining that they wouldn’t be adopted individually, but had to remain close. Now, the kids needed parents. They learned of an adoption ministry at the Sterlings’ church from a church-goer who’d met them on a trip to South America.

After sending an email to the church, the Sterlings decided to adopt the kids, and bring them to Blue Springs, MO.

The family read an email from the orphaned children, and couldn't get it out of their minds.