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Democrats ‘Secret’ Gun Control List Revealed

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A New York lawmaker released a “secret list” of Democratic gun control plans. The Republican reportedly feels the proposals would undermine the Second Amendment. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, New York recently approved some of the most restrictive gun laws in America.

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin used Facebook to inform his constituents on the matter. McLaughlin maintains his Democratic peers begged him not to release the gun control secret list. The New York assemblyman stated the Democrats did not want the public to view the list of proposed gun control laws.

McLaughlin maintains the secret gun control agenda would have passed if he and others had not fought back. Some gun rights activists believe the list is evidence that progressives intend to go much further to ban guns and accessories, according to Examiner.

The New York Republican had this to say about the gun control proposals:

“First the new gun control bill made criminals out of law-abiding New Yorkers. And the radical, anti-Second Amendment proposals outlined in this wish list suggest the second phase of the plan – confiscation. When downstate politicians criminalize responsible gun ownership, they only empower criminals.”

The list of Democratic gun control proposals included:

Confiscation of assault weapons

Confiscation of 10 round magazine clips

A statewide database of all guns

Continue the process of publishing gun owners names and addresses

Labeling of all semi-automatic shotguns with pistol grips or more than five round capacity as assault weapons

Limit magazine round to five and confiscate banned magazines

Prevent citizens from owning more than two magazines

Prevent citizens from buying more than one gun per month

Re-license all current pistol permit holders

Require renewal of all pistol permits every five years

Pistol permits would be issued by the state and not local law enforcement

Licensing of ammunition dealers

All New York guns would be micro-stamped

All guns would have to be kept locked inside the home

Add a fee for registering and licensing guns

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13 Responses to “Democrats ‘Secret’ Gun Control List Revealed”

  1. Joe Potosky

    The background check for ammunition sellers passed! As the owner of the LostTarget website, the question is who in the state of New York will sell you one box of ammunition if the seller has to run a background check for each sale?

    Can you imagine the 1000's of background checks required throughout the state in any one day, not taking into consideration the increase during hunting season?

    Does anyone really think that Walmart or other sellers of ammunition is going to run a check for every box sold? No, they will get out of the business! That was most likely the intent of those who passed the law!

    How is a background check run on a Canadian visitor who visit the ranges in NY and needs to purchase ammunition?

    What of the volunteer gun clubs throughout the state that sell ammunition for use on the range or during tournaments. Not the intent of the law? Wait until the first club is brought to court for such sales by someone who wishes to close down the local range. Who will the judge side with?

  2. Russ Fortin

    I hope our politicians in Vermont really think about what they might even consider . I would hate to see something like this introduced to our state . This would essentially run alot of sportsmans clubs into the ground and businesses too .

  3. Aron Monta

    Confiscation of so-called "Assault Weapons" and magzine with 10 rounds or over?? What are you guys smoking! Do you really think millions law abiding gun owners in america would just hand it to you without any fight!? Think again

  4. Deborah Beattie

    OMG this is such BS! The Dems list does not now and has never included the word "confiscation"! Stop the lying manipulatiing BS. Anyone buying this crap needs to do their research. These A holes are outright lying to you!

  5. Ted Snow

    I'm not supprised. Their ultimate goal is to totally disarm America, which would make us sheep among wolves.

  6. David Chiusano

    Let's see the kid in California had a back ground check and a 10 round mag, how's that working for ya.bad people do bad things and they will always find a way. The only thing violent people understand is excessive violence. That where our right to carry comes in,

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