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Danica McKellar Battles Monsters With A Flamethrower In SyFy Original Movie

Danica McKellar Battles Monsters With A Flamethrower In SyFy Original Movie

Danica McKellar has come a long way since she was Winnie Cooper.

After playing the sweetheart neighbor on The Wonder Years, Cooper is trying her hand at sci-fi movie heroin.The actress battles monsters with a flamethrower in Tasmanian Devils, a SyFy Original Film that debuts on Saturday.

The flick may seem like classic B-movie fodder, but it actually has built up some anticipation among the sci-fi community. It marks the debut film of Zach Lipovsky, the special effects master from the Steven Spielberg television show On The Lot, Slash Film notes.

And to top it off, Danica McKellar’s co-star is none other than Apolo Ohno, the Olympic gold medalist and star of Dancing With The Stars. There are also some character actors from 24 and Battlestar Galactica.

SyFy puts it succinctly on its website: “Tasmanian Devils go wild after a taste of human blood.”

A press release from the network fleshes out some more details, however:

“Olympic speed skating medalist Apolo Ohno (Dancing With the Stars) and Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) star in Tasmanian Devils, premiering Saturday, January 19th at 9PM (ET/PT). In the movie, daredevil base jumpers trespassing on a remote mountain in Tasmania lose a comrade in a bloody jumping disaster. Their presence on sacred land stirs up an ancient aboriginal curse, provoking an attack by giant Tasmanian Devils. Tasmanian Devils is a production of Vesuvius Films.”

Danica McKellar, who made headlines this summer when she filed for divorce from husband MikeVerta, has been doing a bit of acting work since The Wonder Years ended, doing voice work on shows like G.I. Joe Renegades and Young Justice.

She’s done more than just acting too. Danica McKellar has become an education advocate, publishing four popular non-fiction book encouraging middle- and high-school girls to have confidence to enter math and science fields.

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22 Responses to “Danica McKellar Battles Monsters With A Flamethrower In SyFy Original Movie”

  1. Anonymous

    "Cooper is trying her hand at sci-fi movie heroin".

    Nathan Francis – Heroin is a narcotic. A Heroine is a female hero.

  2. Brent Rankin

    Beautiful, a genius, and an actress. A real Renaissance woman.

  3. Anonymous

    Too bad the only roles available to Ms. McKellar have been horror, slasher, and now this…

  4. Paul Tupa

    The only Time shE ever got to play a character close to the brainy good looker she is they killed her off in the episode they introduced her on. That was on NCIS and there were some sparks between her and Tim. I would have brought her in as a love intrest for tim.

  5. Sherry Stewart

    Debbie Gibson and Tiffany did a ScyFy movie last year about mutant gators and snakes and it was hilarious! I think it just says they want to have fun. She's a smart girl, and she has an awesome sense of humor.

  6. Jeff Trigger

    I have a feeling he may have spelled the word correctly. This movie, much like heroin, could be bad for your health… However, she is still beautiful, and smart, and Danica, will you marry me?

  7. Anonymous

    One of the worst movies I have ever scene. She was terrible in it.

  8. Char McLeod

    Not to dispute that SyFy movies are like heroin, (bad for you) the correct usage would be 'heroine' not heroin.

  9. Monica Ayers

    I noticed that too! It's funny cause whenever they are talking about the drug, everyone seems to misspell it and call it Heroine. Now they finally spell it without an E and it doesn't make sense. I was wondering if anyone else caught that. Who edits these articles???

  10. Ray Smith

    The Wonder Years! Watched this movie the other night… it sucked ass. Terrible movie… don't waste your time. BUT – much love to WINNIE COOPER! The Wonder Years was the shit back in the day!

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