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Liz Hurley Spat With Journalist Caught On Camera [Video]

elizabeth hurley

Liz Hurley and her fiance Shane Warne got into an ugly spat with a Network Ten journalist at the Perth airport this morning.

According to Stuff Magazine, the Melbourne star was in no mood to talk to reporters after his loss to the Perth Scorchers and Hurley was making sure that no one upset him.

Hurley got into a spat with a Network Ten journalist who was trying to take photos and talk to the couple about the loss.

Journalist Caty Price explained the incident to an Australian radio station, saying:

”He (Warne) was pretty tight-lipped coming in, and did not say much, and then Liz clipped the back of my heels, and said ‘Don’t you know it is rude to stand in front of people’, which is fair enough … Then I asked her what she thought of the game last night, she spun around on her heels, and mouthed close up to my face ‘I think you should f*** off.’ ‘She did another spin, flick of the hair and strutted off with Shane.”

Price was a little taken a back at the comment and decided that it was best to leave the couple alone.

Here’s a video of the incident at the Perth airport.

Hurley looks pretty proud of herself for telling the reporter to fu*k off.

What do you think of Liz Hurley‘s spat with the reporter? Was Caty Price in the wrong for asking Warne about the loss? Did Hurley overreact?

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24 Responses to “Liz Hurley Spat With Journalist Caught On Camera [Video]”

  1. Kenna Forbes Lumos

    I think that she is a loser who has always treated people like shit. She deserves nothing more than the douche bag she is with, enjoy! Hope he loses again!

  2. Rick Huffman

    Not much of a story here. The reporter seemed very invasive and annoying. I don't blame Hurley for what she said (even though you can't, exactly, hear what she said in this clip).

  3. Jason Manning

    If the journalists are within arms reach of a person, they are inside of someones personal space. That's way too close. If the journalist gets bumped or told off, oh well. Back off.

  4. Mike Southern

    Journalists are pretty much like parasites anyway. The don't care about peoples feelings, they just want to get the "scoop" She should have asked Warne the question once then when he didn't answer, she should have backed off.

  5. Leslie Byrd

    I don't blame Hurley at all she had every right to react that way.

  6. Anonymous

    Aaah somebody got put in there place and got their feelngs hurt. Now the story is about how some journalist hurt feelings… sounds like that timeof the month, cycle, moon or what ever the rag you want to call it.

  7. Anonymous

    Pity there isn't a law exclusively for the use of assault weapons against pathetic 'journalists' of this nature.

  8. Paul Nelson

    People who bash reporters are hypocrites. They read the content the reporter provides, then call them names for providing it. And, how was this reporter invasive or annoying? All she asked Hurley was, "How do you feel about.." Hurley acted like a snot-nosed jerk, just like all elitist Hollywood snobs who cry to be in the spotlight, then bash someone who gives them attention when the attention isn't on their terms. You can bet Hurley will be BEGGING for a reporter when she tries to promote one of her incredibly insipid romantic comedies in the future.

  9. Dave Daniels

    If straight women and faggots STOPPED reading these fucking gossip magazines and watching TMZ then no one would give a fuck about what these dysfunctional , overpaid, overhyped assholes did in their personal lives, right?

  10. Chase Bowen

    This opinion coming from a person who has no idea what it's like to be in the public eye at all times. Never will either.

  11. Chase Bowen

    Also how would you feel if you couldn't even get off of a plane without 30 interviews waiting for you at the Gate? Fuck off.

  12. Dave Daniels

    Years ago, Fucking FAGGOTS like Perez Hilton would be beaten to death outside a Wyoming nightclub, these days they are reporting on actors and actresses every move and straight assholes are the ones interested in this stupid bullshit.

  13. Anonymous

    Good for her. It's called stand by your man. Tell that reporter to f*ck off that's what most of us would do. On another note beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. In my eyes she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

  14. Calrissian Foxx Steele

    So everytime I read someone's article or story on what they did I automatically have to agree with it? Last time I heard, I can still comment and read what I feel is most interesting or just whatever I can find that seems like a good laugh. Usually the reporter who has a minor scuffle with a celeb isn't the writer anyway. They usually just take pics or vids and sell them off. I'm not sending them a check, I'm here to read what happened and if I see he was being a little douchebag (who probably was being a little biased for himself to make her look worse anyway) I will call him on it. Celebs aren't perfect, and paparazzi and writers of celebs are even farther away from perfection. Making money off exploitation for personal gain. Cannot defend that in a positive manner. Her man just lost a game…she's not gonna be in a good mood. So why bother her? Cause making celebs pissed off gets cash.
    And how do I know you work in the public eye? Such a vague statement too, a cashier works in the public eye.

  15. Ryan M. Kolton

    rightfully said Hurley, what do these "jounalists" think a person would "feel" like after losing a game?

  16. Carlie Walker

    Making nasty comments about journalists…guess what folks journalists are people too and they aren't all scum. Liz Hurley should learn some manners

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