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Tiger Woods To Remarry Elin Nordegren?


Tiger Woods wants to get back together with ex-wife Elin Nordegren and is offering big bucks to woo her, at least according to the National Enquirer tabloid.

Woods supposedly proposed to Elin around Christmas time. And she is even considering accepting.

The Enquirer story is not yet posted online, but, according to various news outlets reporting on the Enquirer scoop, Nordegren is demanding a $350 million anti-cheating clause in a prenuptial agreement from the former No. 1 professional golfer if they were to remarry.

Woods is apparently willing to agree to that condition, Fox Sports reports:

” ‘Tiger didn’t even balk at the demand. Even though his accountants think he’s crazy, he’s ready to sign the pre-nup and set a wedding date,’ a source told the magazine.

“The guy has never recovered from being dumped by Elin. He’s dated lots of models and bimbos, but none of them were more than a one-night stand.”

According to London’s Daily Mail, “Tiger swore that he’d never cheat on her again, but Elin told him that she didn’t believe him.” This is apparently why she wants the $350 million penalty included in any marriage contract.

The former couple who have two children together allegedly have started having romantic relations again too.

Although you might want to take National Enquirer stories with a healthy level of skepticism, the publication did have the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter scandal cold.

Assuming this report has any validity, do you think it makes any sense for Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, who divorced in 2010, to get married again? Do you think Elin Nordegren should trust Tiger Woods?

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12 Responses to “Tiger Woods To Remarry Elin Nordegren?”

  1. Wesley Witherspoon

    To you out there whom are making comments about Tiger's married, can you really look at your own past and say that you don't have the same guilt that Tiger are experiencing at the time, even if it was just one affair, do you think you have rights to voice your opinions when the same evil looks you in the mirror each day…let it go, 'Tiger and Elin best wishes to you and your family….

  2. Krysti Fazi Farrell

    Love is love. It's not about money, it's about trust. She's making sure he stays smart and faithful this time is all. Love Tiger, but can't blame her. It's all about the children. Who are we to even say anything? We've all had our moments in one way or another.

  3. Corinne Oshiro

    True, if Elin is willing to take him back, then who are we to judge? Besides, they have children together. Everyone seems to want celebrities to fall and be unhappy.

  4. Trish Hendon

    Theirs was a true love match in the beginning. She was a true equal for him. They did everything together from golfing to free diving. He didn't start messing around until she got pregnant, and they were troubled pregnancies and she couldn't travel with him and he did what young, good looking, wealthy guys do. They Cheat! She never went after him in the press, never bad mouthed him, never ran around on him, never dogged him. She obviously retreated with class and dignity because she loved him and their family. If they do get back together, I hope it works out and that he is honestly ready to recommitt to their lives and their children. Elin had said in an interview that she would like to have more children and I think that Tiger has grown up, his best golf is behind him, with lots of new chapters ahead, so good luck, and God Bless!

  5. Francine McCall

    I'm happy for them if this is true, I know they love each other.

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