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Ann Coulter Goes Full Racist, Says America Has A ‘Demographic Problem’

ann coulter diversity problem

Ann Coulter seems to continually top her own outrageous statements, and the conservative pundit Officially Horrible Person has essentially said that the racial diversity of the US is responsible for gun violence, instead of a culture where guns are prevalent.

With each increasingly inane comment, it appears Ann Coulter tries harder and harder to offend as many people as possible and make it seem increasingly believable she is a performance artist and perhaps a liberal mocking the staunch conservatives of the US — with the racist remarks only the most recent bit of idiocy to fall from her lips of late.

Coulter tends to heavily insinuate hateful things, but this time the dog-whistle was loud and Ann was laying it on pretty thick when talking to Fox’s Sean Hannity. She spoke of a recent trip to Europe as the conversation turned to gun violence, and in contrasting the US with countries like England, said “if you compare white populations,” it sheds light on American violence.

Ann says that it’s not guns that are responsible for people getting shot right in the face in classrooms and movie theaters. Naw, that would be crazy!

According to Coulter, we’re going to go out on a limb and say she meant it’s black people, since there are fewer black people in countries that have far stricter gun laws, except why would you consider the gun laws when black people?

Coulter said:

“On the gun crimes, we keep hearing how low they are in Europe, and oh, they’re so low, and they have no guns … If you compare white populations, we have the same murder rate as Belgium.”

Ann Coulter also praises England for not having “bought into this whole diversity enthusiasm” in the offensive clip, which you can watch below.

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16 Responses to “Ann Coulter Goes Full Racist, Says America Has A ‘Demographic Problem’”

  1. Anonymous

    anne actually is correct. I went to the FBI crime stats. if you subtract the gun crimes committed by minorities and only count white crime. then YES the USA crime rate is just as low as belgum.Chicago has a law banning guns. yet in the black parts of chicago about two people per day are killed by guns. Obama has armed guards protecting his daughters. why cant chicago residents have legal guns to protect there families?

  2. Steph Bazzle

    Actually, speaking with accents reduces gun violence. Obviously. Like, all those people are so busy concentrating on speaking English with British or French or Hispanic accents, they don't get around to shooting all the people they'd like, unlike us Americans who just speak naturally.

  3. Edward Teach

    FBI releases top 25 Most Dangerous Cities in America list for 2012.
    Top 10 most dangerous cities in America 2013.
    1. Camden, New Jersey (Population 77, 344) (17.59% Caucasian, 48.07% African American, 34.34% Other Race) ($27,027).

    2. Detroit, Michigan (Population 713,777) ( 10.6% Caucasian, 82.7% African American, 6.7% Other Race) ($25,787).

    3. Atlanta, Georgia (Population 420,003) ( 38.4% Caucasian, 54% African American, 7.6% Other Race) ($35,453).

    4. St. Louis, Missouri (Population 319,294) ( 43.9% Caucasian, 49.2% African American, 6.9% Other Race) ($29,159).

    5. Gary, Indiana (Population 80,294) ( 11.92% Caucasian, 84.03% African American, 4.05% Other Race) ($27,195).

    6. Washington, DC (Population 617,996) ( 38.5% Caucasian, 50.7% African American, 10.8% Other Race) ($55,755).

    7. Hartford, Connecticut (Population 124,775) ( 18.72% Caucasian, 40.05% African American, 41.23% Other Race) ($20,820).

    8. New Orleans, Louisiana (Population 343,829) ( 33% Caucasian, 60.2% African American, 6.8% Other Race) ($24,929).

    9. Richmond, Virginia (Population 204,214) ( 41.6% Caucasian, 52.3% African American, 6.1% Other Race) ($31,121).

    10. Birmingham, Alabama (Population 212,237) ( 35.07% Caucasian, 62.46% African American, 2.47% Other Race) ($26,735).

    Dishonorable Mention: Chicago, Illinois (Population 2,695,598) (45.0% Caucasian, 32.9% African American, 22.1% Other Race) ($38,625).


    Top 10 Safest cities in the US 2013.
    1. Newton, Massachusetts (Population 85,146) (79.6% Caucasian, 2.5% African American, 17.9% Other Race) ($112,230).

    2. Brick Township, New Jersey (Population 75,072) ( 93.05% Caucasian, 2% African American, 4.95% Other Race) ($65,129).

    3. Amherst, New York (Population 122,366) ( 83.8% Caucasian, 5.7% African American, 10.5% Other Race) ($55,427).

    4. Mission Viejo, California (Population 93,305) ( 79.8% Caucasian, 1.3% African American, 18.9% Other Race) ($93,330).

    5. Clarkstown, New York (Population 84,187) ( 79.97% Caucasian, 7.87% African American, 12.16% Other Race) ($92,121).

    6. Lake Forest, California (Population 77,264) ( 70.3% Caucasian, 1.7% African American, 28% Other Race) ($86,285).

    7. Thousand Oaks, California (Population 126,683) ( 80.3% Caucasian, 1.3% African American, 18.4% Other Race) ($101,120).

    8. Colonie, New York (Population 81,591) ( 90.55% Caucasian, 3.96% African American, 5.85% Other Race) ($51,817).

    9. Cary, North Carolina (Population 135,234) ( 73.1% Caucasian, 8% African American, 18.9% Other Race) ($83,292).

    10. Toms River, New Jersey (Population 91,239) ( 89.91% Caucasian, 2.7% African American, 7.39% Other Race) ($71,934).


    World`s Most Dangerous Cities – Top 10.

    People it's a demographic problem.

    To deny the truth will make you a liar to accept the truth does not make you a racist.

  4. Magnus Buttfoorson

    So she's right but we don't like it so let's get her?
    Grow up lol. Offensive? Offensive is leftards casual relationship with reality and the truth.

  5. Jim Hutton

    Question: Why did the chicken cross the road? Answer: Because it's Bush's fault, and you're a racist.

  6. Anonymous

    I don't like to comment on people's appearance or to be cruel, but Ann encourages us to speak our minds, so here goes.

    Have you seen a full body picture of Anne, like the 3rd picture on her Wikipedia entry? Her torso is way too long for her head – she's not a WASP, she's a Lizard! And exposing your midriff to further emphasize your weird body – poor wardrobe choice.

  7. Larry Clone

    You did a shitty job in explaining what the "racist" issue is here. The crime data is there – decades of it. Blacks commit a hugely disproportionate amount of violent crime, including murder. Why is pointing that fact out "racist"? There are no answers here, merely typical liberal standard issue outbursts of anger. That says nothing. Why write an article just to say, "How dare you, sir?"

  8. Larry Clone

    Anger issues much? So she should be brutally murdered for accurately pointing out the very high black crime rates? Why? Are you always this angry and emotional? It's pretty effeminate for a dude.

  9. Larry Clone

    The liberals know that's why they're so angry and defensive when you point it out. The great taboo, the elephant in the living room: BLACK CRIME.

  10. Errol Penfield

    I am doing some research on "Diversity" and coam across this. I agree with you that the hyper-sensitive reaction, and labeling "racist" is annoying. The inability to simply assess the facts is sad, and a driver of the negatives.

  11. Errol Penfield

    I bet it would be an act you would then defend SMHK. Then the guns turn on you, and you piss on yourself, and beg the Police to protect you.

  12. Errol Penfield

    Mass school shootings…you got me there JD. Now, let's dig into the murder rate from one half of 13% percent of the population…51%.

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