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Tatler Magazine’s Dog Killed In Revolving Door Accident


Tatler Magazine’s office dog Alan was killed in a revolving door accident at the Vogue House in London.

According to News.Au, Allan got stuck in a revolving door at the Vogue House, the headquarters of magazine publisher Conde Nast, on Monday.

The Independent reports that Alan was out walking with a Tatler Magazine staff member when he saw a man walking into the building through the revolving door. Alan sprinted for the entrance and got his neck stuck in the door.

Firefighters rushed to the scene to save the dog. Unfortunately, the magazine’s dog did not survive.

The London Fire Brigade said that it “worked to rescue Alan but he died at the scene.” One of the men involved in the accident was treated for shock.

Alan, a long-haired miniature dachshund, was well known in the industry and even had his own Twitter account where he has more than 2500 followers.

Jennifer George, an assistant at the magazine and Alan’s owner, wrote on Twitter:

“Yesterday my tiny much loved man Alan passed away in a tragic accident. Thank you to all that were there to help, all the kind wishes and. all who followed @TatlerAlen. He was so awesome & so very loved.”

George also posted one final photo of the magazine’s office dog.

George writes: “This is the last photo I took – handsome as ever. X”

magazine's dog

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57 Responses to “Tatler Magazine’s Dog Killed In Revolving Door Accident”

  1. Anonymous

    Some creatures simply add to our existence while taking very little. Obviously you were one of those beings Allan and the world will miss you. Rest in Peace little guy.

  2. Anonymous

    Some beings add a lot to our lives while asking and taking very little in return. Allan, you were obviously one of those beings. Rest in Peace little fellow. You just ran into the building because you were eager to go 'home'; we all understand that. You died with a heart full of love in that moment. Peace.

  3. Anonymous

    OMG, Lorae Carter. What a cruel thing to say. I guess you are so PERFECT that you have never ever taken your dog out without a lead. I guess you are one of those whose children never fell when playing or climbing trees and I guess you grew up in a bubble. Tragic things happen. You can't tip toe through life like you are walking on a tight rope or raised in a bubble. But again, really cruel of you – MS PERFECTION!

  4. Anonymous

    Where is the "dislike" button or thumbs down button for cruel comments and people like LORAE CARTER? (next time you accidentally bump your head – blame yourself for not having on a helmet)!

  5. Lorae Carter

    woooo get off your high horse!!!! it wasnt said in the context your takin it…….u dont know me….accidents do happen of course…… take a happy pill and quit attackhin…..

  6. Rick Mallett

    Children are killed everyday by the tens of thousands the world over in what is called Abortion.I never want to hear of any kind of animal death or abuse as long as this is going on.God would back this 100%.His word was for humans and his care and concern was for them first and foremost.Anything else is not of God.

  7. Hien O'Grady

    A death of a pet to its owner is the same as a death of a child to a parent. You can't compare a death of a pet as same as an abortion. An abortion is by choice..a conscious choice made by a human with conscience. This poor little creature died and a great loss to all of us who loves animals.

  8. Hien O'Grady

    A death of a pet to its owner is the same as a death of a child to a parent. You can't compare a death of a pet as same as an abortion. An abortion is by choice..a conscious choice made by a human with conscience. This poor little creature died and a great loss to all of us who loves animals.

  9. Raytha Hand- Poland

    RIP Alan. You should have been on a leash! And read the article. It says he sprinted for the entrance. That implies he was not on a lead or he wouldn't have gotten loose.

  10. Raytha Hand- Poland

    I really think you are taking Lorae's comment totally out of context. Fact of the matter is Alan was loose (read he sprinted for the entrance) and as he was in an office building he should have been on a lead. That is common sense safety for any animal in a high traffic environment. Everyone who hears this and is an animal lover is going to be really sad especially since his death was preventable. Maybe his death will serve as a reminder that we are responsible for our companions and their safety at all times.

  11. Raynesha Mcghee-Reed

    awww!, It's very Sad :,(, Alan is an adorable pup & it's very, very sad that he didn't Survive after the accident :,(.I want to Say RIP 2 Alan & I am A Puppy Lover So My Big <3 goes out 2 u Alan :,(.

  12. Terry Lee Mace

    You stupid so called christian hipicrite if you dont want to hear it why the hell do you read it if people wants to mourn the loss of a beloved pet they have that choice just like you have the choice to be against abortion only problem is your on the wrong blog if you want to make a justifiable statement against abortion go the hell to an abortion site where your stupid comments will be more welcomed….

  13. Lynn Boudreau

    So very sorry little Alan died this way. He looked like such a character. So very sorry for your loss. RIP, sweet little Alan. Mom to Three Bassets.

  14. Carol Besch

    Raytha Hand- Poland Think of how the poor employee feels that probably ran him out quickly to go potty or something. An office dog? I could see where he would run free. Accidents do happen… And this was a tragic accident!

  15. Lesa Sheridan Buckley

    WOW Junky way to go off! I didn't take her comment as an insult but purely a heads up.(a reminder if you will) BY the way my NONE of my dogs have ever been on a walk with me without a LEAD EVER..The things you have listed are accidents you may not have control over however, a DOG on a lead has a chance Yes, perhaps he was on a lead, AND simply dashed out of the walkers hands, it's possible However, the story LACKS that info, and they were simply writing to the story as written……

  16. Lesa Sheridan Buckley

    @Junky your analogy of the bumping of your head does not apply…..Number one you're not a dog and hopefully can think for yourself! Where's the Junky has no common sense button?

  17. Kathee Alexander McCarl

    This is why dogs do NOT belong in the workplace, in grocery stores, in any kind of business. They belong at home or on a leash and free to run in parks and dog runs. This never would have happened if the dog was left at home. It is a tragic accident that didn't have to happen.

  18. Kristi Hall

    awwww….to the owner of Alan I am so sorry for your loss rest in piece with the angels Alan

  19. Kristi Pressler

    no shit!!! dont forget about Noah and the Ark…that was all about 2 animals of each kind…or do u not remember that part in the bible??? i agree with Terry…this is about a poor dog that was tragically killed in an accident…ur abortion trolling is inappropriate here. and animals ARE like children to people. i feel sorry for the post office employees having such a judgemental supervisor

  20. Kristi Pressler

    why do people have to say something so negative during a time of loss? can't u just say your sorry to hear of the loss instead of making statements that will be read by the owner of how he should have been this or that? god people, have some sympathy. if your kid dies do u want someone to say well he or she shouldn't have done that so it could have been avoided? I think not. pets ARE like children to their owners and they love them just as much. accidents happen everyday that could be avoided but u don't say it to the grieving persons face!

  21. Alfred J Bev III

    the dog would be alive of the person walking the dog didn't have there head up there ass!

  22. Lisanne Harner Donohue

    Rick Mallett Yeah but, animals never commit the horrific, barbaric acts of cruelty that humans do. So, yes, I equate animals over humans any day. I don't see a whole t.v. network (ID, for instance) dedicated to murders committed by animals. And, why are prisons bursting at the seams if humans are so superior? If we are so perfect, why are there so many criminals????????????

  23. Lisanne Harner Donohue

    Terry Lee Mace I agree with you!! Plus, if we as supposedly higher intelligence humans were so smart, we would use that thing called BIRTH CONTROL. What's so hard about that? At least animals have their seasons, Rick Mallett. Anyway, Rick Mallett, are you going to be there to support all those babies that are born that were mistakes???

  24. Amanda Crippes

    Poor baby! I am a dog lover and a Doxie lover in particular. If my long dog had something like this happen to her, I would be devastated. My heart goes out to all those who were close to this little angel.

  25. Debbie House

    OMG, that poor sweet baby:(. I have two mini doxies that look just like him and it breaks my heart for him and his owners and that poor man who went through the revolving door.

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