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Jerky Treat Recall: FDA Claims 500 Dogs Have Died

Treat Recall

Jerky pet treats manufactured in China may be linked to the deaths of approximately 500 dogs, according to officials with the Food and Drug Administration.

A new estimation of complaints filed with the agency point to over 2,600 reported cases of illness possibly associated with the treats. The complaints received involved 3,243 canines, 501 of which resulted in death. In addition, one death was among the nine illnesses reported involving feline victims.

NBC News reports that the Food and Drug Administration has not yet solidified a direct link between the animals’ illnesses and consumption of the treats in question. However, testing by New York state agriculture officials prompted two major retailers to issue a voluntary recall of the jerky treats.

Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch treats made by Nestle Purina PetCare Co. have been voluntarily removed from shelves, as have Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers home-style dog treats from Del Monte Corp.

Also joining the recall is Publix, which removed its Chicken Tenders Dog Chew Treats, and IMS Pet Industries Inc., which added its Cadet Brand Chicken Jerky Treats to the recall list.

According to KY3-TV News, the recall comes on the heels of test findings issued by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. Results showed that trace amounts of antibiotic residue in the jerky products, made in China, were not significant enough to cause harm.

The Food and Drug Administration plans to continue investigation into the jerky treats and what part they may have played in the 500 canine deaths. The agency also issued warnings in 2007 and 2008 regarding animal illnesses related to the jerky products. Following a lull in cases over the following two years, the agency has seen the numbers rise again since 2011.

Will your pet be affected by the jerky treat recall?

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22 Responses to “Jerky Treat Recall: FDA Claims 500 Dogs Have Died”

  1. Norman Shinsako

    These people are feeding their dogs nothing but these treats because they cannot afford to buy dog food. The treat containers give you a warning that animals cannot survive on treats alone that they do not have the nutrients to stay healthy.

  2. Libby Evans

    I think it would be very expensive to feed pets with just treats. So if you can afford treats you can afford plain dog biscuits. Any way I'd be suspicious of any thing from China with their record on animal welfare.

  3. Candice Leigh S Gary

    Youre seriously gonna blame this on the owners? Get real man! You must not be a true dog lover.

  4. Norman Shinsako

    It's not more expensive because they feed them 1-2 a day it's a proven fact. I do love dogs they are like my kids. Whats in the treats is an antibiotic which is legal in other countries such as china Europe and Canada but the FDA did not approve it here yet but has been in chicken there for years.

  5. Michael A. Corbo

    Not surprised. China has low standards when it comes to many things, especially dog and cat food. Why do you think there are bags of rawhide treats piled to the ceiling in the dollar stores.

  6. Sherry Lewis Zilinsky

    Norman, I respectfully disagree. I purchased some of the Waggin' Train chicken jerky for my dog late last year. The reason? He is an old dog, and I thought that the chicken jerky treats might be better for him than the treats that I had been feeding him. Judging from the cost (which was something like $13 for a SMALL bag), I assumed (I know, I know…NEVER assume) that it was better quality and healthier. Luckily, I found out about the deaths after feeding him only one! At the time, they were refusing to do a recall, so needless to say, I threw that $13 away really fast! My point is, I took the HIGH cost of the treats to mean that they would be better for him. So, it definitely IS NOT because the treats are "cheaper", since I paid as much for the treats as I do for a small bag of food for him. These companies need to be held accountable!

  7. Norman Shinsako

    I agree some treats are expensive but like I said I know for a fact that people feed their animals 1-2 treats a day and that purina does recall these because anything that hit the shelves were taken off immediately and sent back because I have about a hundred pallets of chicken treats sitting in my warehouse. They do everything they can to make sure all their food and treats are safe. They comply with all FDA rules and are inspected regularly. I apologize on behalf of purina for any issues you may have .

  8. Sherry Lewis Zilinsky

    Sure, they are recalling them NOW, but this has been an ongoing problem for several years. During that time frame, many dogs have gotten sick and/or died. And, because the FDA could not give a direct reason as to why it was happening, no recalls could be made. They would have had to be voluntary, and no one was willing to do that at the time. I applaud them for taking that step now; however, that does not help the pet owners who are already grieving the loss of their pet. If there are that many that are known about, how many died without the connection ever being made? To many people, myself included, pets are family. I do everything that I can to make sure that my pets live a healthy and happy life. I believe that is important to Purina, as well, but it may be time for them to realize that China may not be where they should have their product made. China's standards are much more lax than those of the US, and high-standards have become what people expect from Purina. That is not to say that mistakes can never be made or errors cannot occur…they are only human, after all. However, when an error IS made, people look to them to do the right thing. Purina has made it's name by providing quality food and treats to our animals. We have learned to trust them. It is up to them to maintain that trust, and these kinds of recurring incidences are not doing that. If they want to continue their operations in China, then the solution is simple…to hold those operations to the very same strict regulatory guidelines that they would have to pass in the US. I am really not trying to be argumentative, and I appreciate your polite discussion. I am just trying to point out that, because our pets are so very loved, their deaths cannot be swept under the rug…rather, things have to change. Thank you for engaging me in such a polite discussion! :)

  9. Mark Donners

    Don't buy ANYTHING made in the Asian nations. They are greedy, immoral and depraved, destroying our world and poaching its wildlife, and they perpetrate unspeakable acts of cruelty on dogs and pets. That includes Japan, China, South Korea, and Vietnam, the worst offenders.

  10. Bobbie Regina Beck

    my dog died yesterday & she ate the treats almost everyday! I am sorry that I did not believe this before it was too late, I noticed that food lion removed all of the jerky treats a week or so ago! I wonder how many other pets suffered before these products were taken off shelves, my puppy will be missed by me & my family forever. like other pet owners that if they were that expensive they must be of good quality! buyer & pet owners beware.

  11. Sherry Lewis Zilinsky

    I am so sorry that you lost your puppy. There was probably no way that you could have known about the treats. Until they actually agreed to the voluntary recall, and because the FDA could not pinpoint the exact cause of the problems, it was not widely known about. The only way that I knew it was a friend of mine who had read a small article citing complaints, and noting that a recall could not be mandatory- issued at the time due to the exact cause being unknown. Had it not been for her, I, too, may have lost my dog, because I had JUST PURCHASED the waggin' train chicken jerky, thinking it would be better for my boy. Please don't blame yourself. You were doing what you thought was right…and it is because these companies WEREN'T (by voluntarily cooperating and recalling those products IMMEDIATELY)…that you are suffering a tragic loss, and your dog was robbed of the happy life you provided for her. Take comfort in knowing that you did give her the best life possible. My sincerest condolences.

  12. Sherry Nadeau

    I'm so sorry. The shop where I buy Bella's food won't even stock anything made in China. You even have to watch the things made here because some companies ship the ingredients in from China even though they are "made" in the U.S.

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