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Harry Reid Denies Role In Scheme To End A Federal Money Laundering Investigation

Harry Reid Denies Role In Scheme To End A Federal Money Laundering Investigation

Harry Reid denies role in scheme to end a federal investigation into a Utah businessman.

St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson, who’s accused of running a $350 million software scheme, allegedly sent software to consumers for a supposedly risk-free trial but billed them anyway. Jeremy Johnson was arrested at a Phoenix airport in 2011, carrying more than $26,000 in cash and a one-way plane ticket to Costa Rica.

Johnson told The Salt Lake Tribune over the weekend that he believed Reid would intervene in the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) investigation into his business. In addition, Johnson claims that a John Swallow, who was recently sworn in as Utah attorney general, orchestrated an agreement in 2010 to pay $600,000 to someone connected to Harry Reid. Johnson has since tried to get his money back and he’s not certain that Harry Reid, or anyone in his office, actually received the money.

Johnson had planned to plead guilty Friday to bank fraud and money-laundering charges regarding his business practices if prosecutors would not go after other friends and family, including John Swallow. According to the Associated Press, John Swallow has denied any involvement in this scheme related to Harry Reid and that he only tried to connect Johnson to lobbyists who would attempt to influence the FTC:

“Any suggestion by Mr. Johnson that I have been involved in illegal or inappropriate activity regarding his FTC case or any other matter is false and defamatory.”

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, a spokeswoman for Harry Reid’s office, Kristen Orthman, denied any role in the scheme to bury the federal case:

“Senator Reid has no knowledge or involvement regarding Mr. Johnson’s case. These unsubstantiated allegations implying Senator Reid’s involvement are nothing more than innuendo and simply not true.”

Jeremy Johnson apparently has a habit of donating generously to political campaigns, which includes former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and Harry Reid’s re-election campaign in July 2010. What do you think of this case as Harry Reid denies any role in the scheme to end the Federal investigation into the $350 million crime?

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37 Responses to “Harry Reid Denies Role In Scheme To End A Federal Money Laundering Investigation”

  1. Screwy Bruce

    Dang but aren't the demo's running around have to deny or justify their lies lately Here take a photo of us add those late bitc later, it's cold out here. Now another deniel from Reid. How can Utah keep him elected? He own the rights to the Mormons? All Pelosi has done in office is lie and bankrupt California, and the voters were so so dumb. But tanned! Or the reason it took 3 years to get an official long form birth certificate, say the one that should be required to get a SS number, while I got mine from Alaska when needed in UNDER a week. What the new photochop has a tech manual like the first Word Star? Oh and the fiscal cliff is the BEST thing we need to get over all the over spending, as then we can have an outside source audit the Govenment once and for all.

  2. Jim Burns

    May he spend the rest of his life in prison where he and all his crooked friends in the Senate should reside.

  3. Ron Peterson

    who do you believe the crooked bussiness man or the crooked politician?

  4. Keith Longey

    An assoociate of mone told me that Harry Reid not only received that $600,000 from Johnson, but neglected to report it as a political contribution, and therefore that money is taxable income for services expected to be rendered. But thqt same associate also told me that Reid paid no taxes on that money.
    Now how does that feel Harry?

  5. David Goldberg

    Harry Reid guilty? Are you kidding? Geitner and Rangle always pay their Taxes? And " I never had sex with that intern".
    Why would I not believe Harry Reid>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dah!

  6. John Stafford Ryals

    Yeah, I believe Reid (and I believe the Pope is Jewish).

  7. Anonymous

    Assuming he's guilty (presumption of innocence until the verdict), he will first have to be impeached, then brought up on charges, assuming what he did constitutes a crime under the then applicable campaign financing rules and he can't find a fall guy (can you say Scooter Libby) on his staff. Then there will be at least 2 rounds in court, until SCOTUS finally weighs in. Assuming he hasn't died of old age by the end of all that, I'm sure Obama will just pardon him or commute the sentence to time-served, in the Senate.

  8. Anonymous

    The accused, especially in politics, will always have a "cut-out" that does the "black bag" jobs, thus.
    insulating the "main man." This episode is just another happening.

  9. Anonymous

    We can all assume that Sen. Reid had a cut-out to handle his "black bag" jobs, thus shielding Reid from the actual scene. This is Mafia-type of goings-on; has been for years and years.

  10. Anonymous

    Anyone paying attention should go after achieve technologies, which has loose association with mr. johnson, and is another online scheme to sell supposed coaching with cookie cutter websites, which is really just selling a dream and stealing cc numbers. 440 n bluff st, st. george, ut 84770, or 491 N Bluff St Ste 302, St George, UT 84770-7392 :-) law officials that aren't already paid off should really look into this.

  11. Anonymous

    it is common knowledge in st. george ut, that jeremy, along with others like Achieve Technologies LLC have been paying off officials for a long time, and these businesses just change name and move to another address over night. The world is corrupt, and the corrupt achieve. sad shiet!

  12. Chuck Templeman

    Of course he's innocent, just like Geitner always paid his taxes, Holder didn't know about the gun-running, and Obama didn't have anything to do with Benghazi…oh, and Nancy Pelosi is completely sane. lol Have you ever seen a woman with crazier eyes?

  13. Allen Gottsch

    I'm in Vevada and everyone here knows he's a crook in the biggest way! Him and all his cronies need to be put away for a llllooooonnnnnggggg time. If not taken out and hung for treason!

  14. Anonymous

    Harry Reid is as corrupt a politian as there is. He continues to blame everyone……just like Osama Obama…..but himself for the nations problems. He IS the problem. Continues to bury legislation that should be put up for a vote. Then he continues to break the law by not submitting and passing a budget each year. I heard that he used to box when he was young. He must have gone by the name 'Kid Wimp'. He is without a doubt the wimpiest man I have ever seen.

  15. Cody Smith

    fuck hairy dick reid! oh yea and all liberal tard slaves, obama, pelosi geitner ect….want my guns? cum and take em! you are the reason I baught em.

  16. Paul Birks

    Dave, if he EVER goes to trial for this he will use the tried and tested over time Democratic defense. (steps to be followed in order)
    a) I am innocent of all charges.
    b) I look forward to my day in court to confront the charges and prove my innocence.
    c) (gets convicted )
    d) I apologize to the american people for my transgressions
    e) leaves office with no jail time.

  17. Robert Donaldson Sr.

    "Dirty" Harry at it again. Where theer's smoke, there's fire.

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