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Ann Romney Says No To ‘DWTS’

ann romney

Ann Romney was almost on Dancing With The Stars. The producers of DWTS offered the almost-first-lady a spot on the reality dancing show, but Ann turned them down.

According to TMZ, a few honchos at ABC approached Ann shortly after Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election. Ann was reportedly very interested in the offer and ended up having several meetings with the producers of the show. Unfortunately, Ann ultimately decided that she wouldn’t appear on DWTS.

A rep for Ann told the gossip site:

“Ann Romney was approached, but she declined. She will not be appearing on Dancing with the Stars.”

NY Mag reports that Ann is a big fan of the ABC show. During the campaign, she appeared on Good Morning America and interviewed some of the cast members from the show. Ann also managed to get backstage to last year’s season finale.

Ann said at the time:

“A huge fan! And it was a surprise. We had my granddaughter come with us. And my daughter-in-law, it was her 40th birthday present.”

Unfortunately, Ann Romney prefers to watch her DWTS and won’t be appearing on the actual show.

Would you want to see Ann Romney on Dancing With The Stars?

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41 Responses to “Ann Romney Says No To ‘DWTS’”

  1. Janelle Cook Lester

    why on earth would she want to set herself up for more contempt, despicable attacks from the left wing idiots. Enough for a liftime already.

  2. Anonymous

    so, you must be a right winged jerk? what kind of comment is that? get over yourself already.

  3. Anonymous

    No, I hope to never see her on anything ever again. Besides, she'd stomp her foot and cry when she lost. And the magic underwear would show under some of those outfits!

  4. Diane Bolton Wilson

    That's exactly why she wont do from your rude comments. She would have made a great First Lady. She is beautiful inside and out!

  5. Anonymous

    When are you so called "right wingers" going to going the race, The Human Race!. Stop taking yourselves so seriously. This country is not about "bottom line" and the rolex value, TICK TOCK! it's about people and respect for one another. This is one very small village we live in, one very small family.

  6. Rosemary Banks

    Speak for yourself Joseph Harris, Mrs. Obama can out speak Ann in such a professional and articulate manner, it makes Raggeday Ann look elementary.

  7. Paul G. DeCroix

    That would be to weird seeing her on" DWTS". I love her and she would have been an amazing first lady without a doubt but what a joke to ask her to do "DWTS". Why would she do that or any reality show? She doesn't crave exposure and definitely doesn't need the money.

  8. Raymond Primrose

    Janelle you sound just like a fool. ''She set herself up for contempt when she jumped on the political stage with her husband and both of them tried to play the American people as suckers with all their out spoken lies and hidden ones too !'' And as far as seeing her on DWTS… ''NO THANKS !'' There is a difference between ballroom dancing and working the pole ! ''Oh you didn't know that Ann use to be a stripper? ''She wasn't born a mormon you jerkbrain.

  9. Bob Lieder Sr.

    Ann said "no thank you, one loser in the family is enough'.

  10. Steve Fisher

    Is this the wife of a husband that didn't want to be President?

  11. Jack Duplex

    Thank God she has the integrity to say NO to that garbage.
    I'm sure she was offered the big $$ to be ridiculed.. Satan isn't short on cash or phony glamor to tempt people.

  12. Michael Donovan

    Joseph, are you refering to the classless phony, who needed counseling after she couldn't become the first lady. She couldn't accept the fact that no one, even the gop, wanted her husband to be president. Maybe you need to rethink your definition of class.

  13. Linda Luna

    sonnycorbi calling somone "right wngers" is really a good start toward "about people and respect for one another.

  14. Torrence R. Phillips

    How said that the comments devolve into politics. As a person who loves someone with multiple sclerosis I think this would have been a great opportunity to move the disease into the daily dialog a la cancer awareness, sadly though, the disease itself makes the prospect of doing the show unlikely. Balance is one of the first things that goes along with spatial orientation and spacisity. The stress of the competition (physical demands) also could have lead her to a flareup/relapse or exacersbation. Kudos to Anne for considering it, shame on all of you for making this a left or right thing.

    Lets get behind multiple sclerosis research! Find a cure!

  15. Debbie Alloway

    She probably has two left feet and she probably didn't want to embarass herself like her husband embarassed himself……LOL

  16. Betsy Bischoff

    I was wanting them to have a debate – wouldn't that be a hoot? Michelle Obama would have chewed Ann Romey up and spit her out LOL

  17. Diane Bolton Wilson

    The person who said the rude remark about Ann Romedy -SHAME ON YOU!

  18. Tommy Spikerman

    I'm not an Ann Romney fan but Torrance your comment has shown me another side of this that I did not consider THANK YOU you are right MS needs to be out in the open — brought to peoples attention we need a cure

  19. Wayne Cayford

    It's too bad that her husband probably nixed the deal for her thinking that she would be made fun of. I don't have a problem with the wife of a bizarre candidate stepping out with DWTS.

  20. Wayne Cayford

    I don't see it as weird. Even the very rich need a little steppin out now and again. If she wants to slum it so to speak with a rocking reality show that's fine by me and I'm a Democrat. She may want the attention BTW and yes she doesn't need the money. If she is healthy enough to do so, she should do it. Life is too short anyway to bicker about it.

  21. Kevin Brase

    Ann's only question was….how much does it cost? I'll buy it!

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