Ben Affleck Accepts His Best Director Award At The 18th Annual Critics' Choice Awards With Open Arms

Ben Affleck Jokes About Oscar Snub At Critics’ Choice Awards As ‘Argo’ Triumphs: A Look At The Rest

Ben Affleck joked about his best director Oscar snub as Argo won big at the 18th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards (CCA) last night.

In a reference to the glaring directorial omission in the Oscar nominations that were announced yesterday, Affleck accepted the CCA’s award for Best Director, saying:

“I would like to thank the Academy. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. This is the one that counts. No, I do want to thank the Broadcast Film Critics Association. It is very, very cool for me. There was a time when the Ben Affleck’s Critics’ Award was a Saturday Night Live sketch.”

He added:

“This is about Tony Mendez [the CIA agent Affleck plays in the film], who did this actual, real thing. He was in the CIA, he won the intelligence star, he’s an American hero. He’s emblematic of the men and women who serve in our clandestine service and the men and women who are in our foreign service, both of whom make tremendous sacrifice day in and day out.”

As well as winning for Best Director last night, Argo also took the ultimate prizes for Best Film.

The Iranian hostage drama — that tells the story of alternately thrilling and comic true story of how the CIA smuggled six Americans out of the US embassy in Iran in 1979 using a ruse that involved pretending the six were the film crew for a fake Canadian film — had been expected to garner Affleck his first Oscar directorial nomination.

But it was not to be.

Ben Affleck Seated Next To George Clooney At The 18th Annual Critics' Choice Awards Last Night