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Ashley Judd Might Run For Senate Against Mitch McConnell

Ashley Judd Senate

Speculation continues to grow as actress Ashley Judd decides whether or not she wants to run for US Senate.

If she decides to take the plunge into politics, then Judd might square off against Minority US Senate leader Mitch McConnell. According to KTVI, Congressman John Yarmuth said they are presently looking for candidate to take on McConnell. Judd is one of individuals currently up for consideration.

Yarmuth said that he recently spoke to Ashley Judd about the possibility of running for Senate. Although she has yet to make an official decision on the matter, the congressman seems to think she would be an ideal candidate for the job.

He recently told WDRB:

“I think she’s very interested in becoming a candidate for some office whether it’s next year against Mitch McConnell or it’s against Rand Paul whether it’s for some other office I don’t know, but she’s a very serious potential candidate.”

Yarmuth added that he currently doesn’t have any personal interest in running for Senate himself. He said he is more interested in finding someone that can give McConnell a run for his money.

Rumors about Judd’s political future were given an extra dose of fuel when Naomi Judd said her daughter was interested in “changing the world” during a recent interview with Larry King.

According to the Christian Post, Naomi said her daughter may hold off until 2016 so she can run against Senator Rand Paul. However, even Ashley Judd’s mom isn’t sure whether or not her daughter will run for political office.

She told Larry King:

“As of right now, she doesn’t know. I can tell you she’s very interested in changing the world and she know that politics unfortunately right now is one of the ways she could do that.”

What do you think about the possibility of Ashley Judd running for senate?

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96 Responses to “Ashley Judd Might Run For Senate Against Mitch McConnell”

  1. Art Cox

    She isn't that well thought of in KY. Don't think she'll get many votes if she runs against Mitch McConnell or Rand Paul.

  2. Fred Camacho

    Just what we need another amateur running the country look at the mess this last one has gotten us into….

  3. Anonymous

    Why not. We could possibly have yet another celebrity who thinks who IQ went 30 points because she is famous. She could join the likes of Al Frankin.

  4. Maurice Rhoden

    If not mistaken, she is currently a resident of Tennessee. Though her mother and sister were born in Kentucky, she was not. They all three (Naomi, Wynonna and Ashley), now reside in Tennessee. If she moves to Kentucky in the near future, she's running. Like Ronald Reagan, her film career is going nowhere and she needs a job.

  5. Chris Kushion McElroy

    And Art Cox speaks for the entire state of KY??? Ha. Ashley would be awesome. McConnell is a puppet of the lobbyists and lacking the backbone to do the right thing.

  6. Darren Speckhart

    I agree with Jeff Potts. I don't want "professionals" running our goverment anymore. They need to institute term limits for congressmen and women just like they do for presidents. However, I personally wouldn't vote for Ashley because I don't agree with her politics and this is coming from a huge Ashley fan. I love her as an actress and think she is H.O.T. , but I don't care for what she believes in and would not vote for her.

  7. Vivian Madrigal

    I think she should. She has done so much for so many that people don't even know about. She is so beautiful on the inside and the out. She is so passionate and committed to what she does. You go girl!

  8. Anonymous

    I'd vote for anyone other than McConnell. He's done "nothing" for the State of Kentucky, and he will continue to do nothing if he can get away with it.

  9. Anonymous

    You know she doesn't speak to anyone…she tells her assistant to inform flight attendants that she doesn't speak to them….she is vane, rude and self important…she should fit in well with the current Senators in Washington.

  10. Harry Crowcroft

    John Yarmuth is probably at least as interested in a candidate who can give money for her run (and the other Demoncrap campaigns)! It is sad that such a beautiful woman is also so foolish.

  11. Al King

    American Hispanics are for Miss Judd….. I hope she runs and I hope the people of KY. knows she will Work for the people in KY. and not some Big Corp….. McConnell does Nothing for the State of KY.

  12. Patricia Willis

    If I lived in Kentucky I would vote for Ashley. That racist, Jim Crow loving, KKK card holding, bigoted, self serving imbicle McConnell needs to leave the senate and retire to the back woods of Kentucky!

  13. Harry Crowcroft

    Congressman John Yarmuth is probably more interested in who can give money for her run (as well as other Demoncrap candidates). It's sad that such a beautiful woman is such a foolish liberal (not to be redundant, but for those who would not get my full point if I just said "foolish").

  14. George Yount

    No doubt that Ashley Judd is intelligent, but are there no requirements other than age and citizenship to being a U.S. Senator. We do not need any more people in the Senate who are going through on-the-job training.

  15. Patricia Willis

    If I were a constituent of Kentucky, I would vote for Ashley. Kentucky needs to vote out the racist, Jim Crow loving, KKK card carrying, gender biased imbicle McConnell!

  16. Rick Bell

    YOU HAVE MY VOTE anyone that will replace him.He is self centered ass. It is time to DITCH MITCH…PLEASE RUN…

  17. Art Cox

    The country doesn't need her.. Kentucky needs someone to help KENTUCKY, not the nation

  18. Anonymous

    don't do it Ash. You're beautiful, a compelling actor and even though I generally don't side with liberal viewpoints or Kentucky fans, I still respect you a great deal. You, and your career, would fade into obscurity with such a move. You are too good for political office, too interesting and individualistic to become one of them. I would hate to see what it makes you become.

  19. Mark Christie

    I'd like to know what she stands for, I already know she's cute.

  20. Anonymous

    Nice Actress, pretty women, but what the hell are we sending to Washington! Now every famous actor or actress thinks they should be setting policy in Washington! We have enough clueless people in Washington already! We need serious QUALIFIED people. Stay in the movies sweetie, we love you there.

  21. Linda Sills

    It all depends on her politics. I like the idea of "fresh" politician. I don't know McConnells age but we all need to stop at some point. I wish we could throw out most of those in congress as they don't seem to be following the people's edicts. Perhaps she would care to run for president. There is someone I'd like out of there. He and his executive orders all in an effort to bypass the law of the land that he supposedly swore to uphold. He must have crossed his fingers.

  22. Ann Vickery

    One small point, Ashley may be FROM KY but she does not live there and to be able to serve you must live in the state you represent. She has homes in Nashville, TN and Scotland. I'm sure she owns land in KY but that is not enough.

  23. Vivian Madrigal

    She has physically and financially gotten involved with rape of women and children and of aids victims in countries where they have no one to fight for them. She has helped in setting up safe homes and schools where they can learn to take care of them selves. She helped raise money not to mention her own to fund these things. She has befriended them and stayed among them as this is going on. And she does not do this for any recognition she does it because she cares.

  24. Diana Clark


  25. Ivan Smith

    Just what we need. Another liberal to take us down the road to destruction! Tax and spend! When will we wake up? In your personal life, did you ever become better off financially by living beyond your means? No!

  26. Marilyn Kirchhoff Siry

    Wouldn't she have to move back to Kentucky rather than living in Tennessee. I would say that would be the first qualification; however, I would not vote for her as she has no political experience.

  27. Jennifer Joyce Franklin

    I will be the first to agree that McConnell has let us down; HOWEVER, Ashley Judd would be a travesty to the state of Kentucky. She wants to do away with coal. Typical Hollywood liberal. I would say that she doesn't have a prayer but who would have thought that Obama would have made two terms.

  28. Teresa Gibson

    I think many people are misinformed on what Ashley has been doing lately with her life and the changes she has gone through and the different path she may be on now. She wrote a bio a few years back, it explained a lot of the humanitarian work she has been doing along with so many other things that have nothing to do with acting. I don't know her politics but I do know she is extremely intelligent. I think it is funny that no one told Arnold he shouldn't run for office because he was such a hottie, same for Regan. Sorry Ashley, male opinion seems to be that you are just too damn good looking and need to stay in the movies where a pretty gal belongs!

  29. Maurice Rhoden

    Ashley Judd is a pie-in-the-sky liberal, who must be constantly in the public eye to satisfy her need for attention. To selfish to have kids, she shares the spot light with no one. Betcha, her marriage doesn't last either.

  30. Deborah Schmoll Bowen

    Ashley has been a humanitarian for many,many years.She is selfless and gracious in every way. I feel even if she wasn't an actress that she would still be this way. But, the star status helps to get things done. I would vote for her in a heart beat.

  31. Anonymous

    Rand Paul is no self server and she'll have no chance if she runs against him, he's VERY popular.

  32. Anonymous

    Rand Paul is one of the most sensible politicians in congress. Do you even have aclue who he is and what he's been doing in congress?

  33. Anonymous

    Why is she smart, because she played a smart lady on in a movie?

  34. Don Elliott

    Yeah a French major that graduated with her bachelors degree when she was 40 is just what this country needs. Why do idiots on the right bring out so many idiots on the left? Can't we just have a bunch of really smart moderates that know how to get things done?

  35. Gena Louise Todd

    Go for it Ashley, we need new blood and people who will actually get something done for a change!

  36. Annie Miller

    She was born in California and spent most of her adult life in California. She supports Obama. Voted for him TWICE! I like how people just pick a state to represent and run for office, with NO qualifications…A California idealist representing Kentucky.. God help us..

  37. Tom Halladay

    How's that different then the republicans choosing a woman with the same degree that I have to run as Vice Presindent. At least my Mass Comm degree was from University of Utah, not some University in Idaho.

  38. Barbara Eagleston

    When they get washed up and no longer sell at the box office. They still need to be in the spotlight so they go into politics. They don't relize nobody cares they are still wash up ,

  39. Anonymous

    Patricia Willis, how do you know that Mitch McConnell is a "card carrying KKK member.I am a minority and I am so sick of you smartest kid in the room flinging that fertilizer around to make a point, types. Using the accusation of racism to make a point against someone else just to get points, debases the struggle against the real problems we do face with race in this country. Don't stand there and accuse to defeat. Guilty by accusation was a tactic used by fascists, communists and even Joe McCarthy. If Ashley Judd wants to run so be it, but her celebrity should not make her qualified. What are actors but people who play pretend better then the rest of us and get paid obscene amounts of money to do it. Someone who plays "pretend" for a living would make me nervous about the decisions they make that my kids would have to live with.

  40. Anonymous

    Just another Hollywood liberal! Although I am thoroughly convinced the majority of Congress needs to he replaced I am not sure Ashley Judd would be an ideal person to represent the total nation. Her ideas are far out from the median. If you have an axe on your shoulder prior to your election then you do not represent the nation…only your cause! I have some questions to ask those who want more liberals in DC.
    What kind of leadership plunges our nation into more than 16 trillion dollars in debt….with far worse to come?
    What kind of leadership allows our nation to lag behind the rest of the world in education…reading, math, & science?
    What kind of leadership permits our nation to become a debtor nation to China?
    What kind of leadership allows our nation to outsource jobs and manufacturing capability to nations that are hostile to America?
    What kind of leadership allows our nation to take a backseat to Russia, China, and other countries in space & energy exploration?
    What kind of leadership permits the US to remain dependent upon other countries for energy resources?
    What is wrong with requiring our government to write and live by a budget?
    What is wrong with requiring our government to stop spending more than it takes in?
    Realizing the current administration did not start all these problems….what is wrong with requiring this POTUS to reign in the national debt?
    You don't help the poor by tearing down the rich! What is wrong with requiring individuals (poor)to educate themselves to receive some type of certification whereby they can become a productive citizen instead of a dead-beat?
    There are many more questions politicians need to address…but is Ashley Judd going to help solve some of these problems or would she go to DC to implement her own agenda?

  41. Steve Jenkins

    I live in Kentucky you are wasting your time and money if you do tramps like you shut down coal so go lick Owebummas ass job killing trash plus you have not lived here like Clooney in years.

  42. Steve Jenkins

    I think you have the wrong party the KKK was started by democrats after they lost the civil war against the union republicans yes democrats was slave owning southern plantation owners and confederates. Go see Lincoln that is on the movies now might teach you some real history and get through that liberal skull full of mush you been learned in our liberal institutionalized school system.

  43. Steve Jenkins

    I live in Kentucky not much love for Marxist job killing democrats here they got their ass handed to them last election you don't mess with coal man an expect to win anything job killing freaks. we are turning more conservative now maybe they will vote the demorat ass clown beashear we have as gov down in libville Frankfort out now and keep the SOBS out..

  44. Anonymous

    Here we go again; why do people think that actors and actresses should be involved with politics? There are enough over paid, out of touch people in there already! This country needs to be run by common people who go to work every day, live paycheck to paycheck and actually are affected by the laws that are created!

  45. Jason Jones

    Anything is better than we have right now. Everyone looks back at Ronald Regan and how well he did when he was in office. Maybe we need a few more good actors. I can tell you right now that Ashley is alot better looking than Mitch any day!! Go For It Ashley Judd!!!!!

  46. Lyle Lafee

    I do know if she is qualified to be an senator but in the past we had actor one an Governor and another an President both caused more damage than good also both B actor's at best Ashley Judd is much better actress maybe she would do the job the right way.

  47. Pat Baldridge

    And what has she done that has made her 'smart'? We have a community organizer in the White House that has ran up our debt, put more people in poverty, more on food stamps, has the longest running highest unemployment numbers in history and he was elected because he 'talks pretty'. When will voters start looking at qualifications and not personalities?

  48. Jessica Brooks Hatcher

    Just what we need- another unqualified person in congress tugging at our purse strings- espousing the same inaccurate garbage Patricia Willis believes. Judd should just go ahead and run for President 2016- clearly an office in which no experience or patriotsm is required.

  49. Jessica Brooks Hatcher

    A few yrs ago, my roomate was invited to an event in Richmond, Va. at which Judd was a guest. My friend introduced herself to Ashley- told her it was nice to meet her because she "had always been told she looked like her" (my friend is very beautiful- as is Ashley, and does resemble her). My friend described the look on Judd's face as "disgust", shortly before she- without response, turned her back on my friend and walked away. Sure, this hurt my friends feelings, but this type of behavior is indeed character defining. I imagine there will be alot more accounts of Judd's disregard for "the little people". Judd will do brilliantly in Washington…

  50. Bonnie Klimaszewski

    GO FOR IT ASHLEY! Mitch McConnell was on 2 sunday am shows and wouldn't or couldn't answer the questions he was asked. Just kept repeating same thing no matter what they asked!

  51. Maurice Rhoden

    s00buckru12, I think you mean that Ashley Judd has a "chip" on her shoulder, not an "axe". I do agree that she does have a "chip on her shoulder, and an "axe" to grind. She, definitely, has an attitude and it's not a good one.

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