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Rolando McClain Arrested For Signature: Raiders Linebacker Signed Traffic Ticket ‘F*** Y’All’

Rolando McClain Arrested For Signature: Raiders Linebacker Signed Traffic Ticket 'F*** Y'All'

Rolando McClain was arrested for a signature — or rather what he wrote instead of a signature.

The Oakland Raiders linebacker was given a traffic citation in Alabama for having tinted windows. Apparently angry at the ticket, McClain instead decided to sign his name as “F*** Y’All.” Police gave McClain a chance to provide his real name, but he responded that the expletive was his real name,Big Lead Sports noted.

McClain was then arrested for the signature and giving police a fake name. He was charged with both the fake name and the violations for having tinted windows and released on $1,000 cash bail. Decatur police said that McClain would have avoided arrest if he had just signed the ticket.

He maintains that he did nothing wrong.

“I’m falsely accused of everything,” McClain said as he left City Hall, “it’s corrupt. It’s terrible.”

This is the second time a little more than a year that McClain is in trouble with the law in Decatur. In November 2011 he was accused for assaulting a former friend, and video of the fight showed up of the incident in May. McClain was convicted in that case and sentenced to six months in jail, but a judge later dismissed the case and dropped the charges.

McClain was convicted of all charges and handed a six-month jail sentence in May, but following appeal of the case to circuit court, a judge dismissed the case in November.

Though McClain was arrested for a signature, he claims to have a good reason for the tinted windows, the Decatur Daily reported. McClain showed police a letter from his doctor saying that he had “photosensitivity and needed maximum ultraviolet radiation protection to include window tinting.”

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60 Responses to “Rolando McClain Arrested For Signature: Raiders Linebacker Signed Traffic Ticket ‘F*** Y’All’”

  1. Anonymous

    That should be his tramp stamp tattoo….for his prison days! HA HA

  2. Bobby J May Sr.

    He needs tinted windows for "photosensitivity" but he can play football on a nice sunny day, sounds funny to me.

  3. Anonymous

    They had his drivers license. His writing of "FckY'all" is protected speech. Sorry Alabama.

  4. Steven Swaggerty

    ANOTHER IGNORANT N#G%ER and more proof you don't have an IQ TEST to play in the NFL! Anyone who disagrees with me is on the same MENTAL LEVEL as Mr. McClain. Think about it (the last statement was for the people who have the MENTAL CAPACITY to do so!)

  5. Nathan Francis

    Thadeus — on the first go-through I had confused Rolando McClain with Le'Ron McClain. Unfortunately I didn't catch that reference in time, but I appreciate you bringing it to my attention so I can fix it.

  6. Anonymous

    Why is he spoiled? Because he busted his ass for ten years to get a pro contract? What did you do to achieve greatness? Eat your weight in Doritos every afternoon for six years? Get a life you fucking loser.

  7. Anonymous

    Steve's a faggot. we used to fuck. you can tell because he goes by Steven.

  8. Anonymous

    Hey there faggot! Wanna come suck my cop dick later!? Pussy ass coward. Can't want till the cops curb stomp you and rape your wife for fun. Enjoy that, bitch!

  9. Anonymous

    Yeah, we all know laws don't pertain to bra'thas. A black man can do what a black man want to do.

  10. Anonymous

    Just another bra'tha who thinks laws don't apply to him. A black man can do what a black man want to do. It's a shame a black man don't want to go his sorry useless ass back to the Savanna.

  11. Rick Bakke

    Who do these ignorant, self obsorbed wanabee big men on campus dudes think they are. Shows the mentality of some of these prima donna types. Unfortunately its the fans that make them think they are above it all.

  12. Anonymous

    NWAA (N with an attitude) Y'all can't have Attitude in Alabama, black or white. Raiders will dump him.

  13. Misty Weippert

    Of course it's corrupt, because it's against a black guy. I have a very hard time believing these athletes are college educated, just another example of an idiot pencil-whipping his way through college.

  14. Patrick Wiggins

    it corrupt because that's how he felt not because he's a black guy…if you get arrested for doing the same thing you would probably get caught saying something about the police who did it to you as well

  15. Anonymous

    Just another worthless pig trying to make a quick buck on a B.S. "charge". I applaud McClain for having the stones to write that.

  16. Anonymous

    I assume you are talking about the pig cop. They do have a lot of boot-licking fans.

  17. Anonymous

    He plays with a tinted visor on his facemask. It may sound funny but it also sounds legit.

  18. Richard Earl Griffin

    you can always tell peoples thats straddle the fence of Racism,and Reality They choose the opposite dividing force of the arguement contentious ranting that spreads into violence What would be wrong with the Officer Issueing a" Warning Ticket "Thats Serving the Public too

  19. Michael R. Rodriguez

    Next stop: the CFL, working at McDonald's or time in county jail.

  20. Clyde Sutherland

    And this is one of the wonderful, talented young athletes our kids look up to. He will keep breaking the law until the law breaks him. Judges need to quit giving breaks just because they are athletes. He really isn't doing them any favors either.

  21. Anonymous

    Milton Chaffman:
    Or it was because they are literally cousins, both NFL players, both weigh exactly 260 lbs, both played college football at Alabama, have the same last name, and have first names with very similar letters. Way to throw out the race card though….that never gets old…..

  22. Anonymous

    He also plays without a tinted visor just as often. Google him and you will see more photos without the tint than with. I also see him with his helmet off outside in the bright sun quite often and he isn't wearing special tinted glasses or anything. This is coming from someone who DOES have photosensitivity, it trust me, it is almost impossible to see in bright sunlight without special sunglasses. Sounds real legit alright…

  23. Anonymous

    Yeah, applaud the punk for breaking the law and then being such a tough guy to get arrested when he could have walked away with just a fine. Great role model there.

    These overly tinted windows are against the law for multiple reasons, not just for the police to harass you idiot. The darker the window, the less light passing through in both directions, which means a major decrease in visibility. That means a much greater chance of NOT seeing a pedestrian or a biker. It also doesn't allow anyone to see YOU, which means police can't enforce the other laws such as drinking or drugs while driving, seatbelt etc etc. Just act like a grown up, join society, and obey the laws (which are there to protect everyone), and your life will be a lot easier. (although you won't get to whine about the po-po as much)…..

  24. Anonymous

    Idiot, it's not like the cop didn't KNOW his name, he needs a SIGNATURE. The signature is a legal document that is verifying that he was informed of the charges, and intends to either pay or show up in court. I can't write F-yall on my mortgage when I am signing the documents, as that is not protected speech. In that case it would merely invalidate the document.

    With police it is a different story. If you aren't being arrested, you MUST sign a ticked acknowledging that you are aware of the charges against you and stating you will pay. Otherwise you are breaking the failure to comply law (same as if you don't pull over your vehicle). This isn't that hard people. This entitlement mentality coupled with the complete misunderstanding of the constitution is the reason society is no longer functioning….

  25. Anonymous

    What a crock, get real, of course he's not going to be happy about the ticket. Cooler heads should have prevailed to avoid a silly arrest to a person that wasn't a threat to the community.

  26. Edward J Fleury

    It's time to return the favor and LOCK these THUGS up when they DIS the LAW! That's all some people understand. The NFL should fire him and end his career. HE IS NO ROLL MODEL! Let him go find a REAL JOB, 8hours a day 5 days a week.

  27. Michelle Eakle Dorris

    wow they arrested him for that? Not that big of deal. Looking to get more money for the state of Alabama.

  28. Travis Allred

    He does! Looks like he just might be telling the truth after all. Shame he had to get pissed and provide that signature though

  29. Chris Swenk

    Black, white, Brown, yellow, I don't care what color McClain is. If he hadn't acted like an arrogant asshole to the cops, just paid his fine, and moved on, he wouldn't have gotten arrested. I would've put cuffs on him also! The cops are just doing their jobs. And to give McClain credit for speaking up is absolute foolishness. He didn't do it for any of you, he just thought he was above the law. He got what he deserved. Like I said, if he was any decent of a human being, he would've just paid the fine, (or hell, even just supply the letter from doctor, and if that doesn't help, just get good sunglasses) and moved on from it, that would've been the end of it. But of course, he's gotta make the cops out to bad guys and he's the victim. Ridiculous!

  30. Anonymous

    Is it just me or are there others out there with the same feeling, but I hate the "F" word. Is a person not educated enough or have enough of a vocabulary to adequately express their emotions? The word is vulgar, offensive and in such bad taste for a person of average intelligence. Please respect others and do not be so non-caring of others whom believe differently than you.

  31. Jack Malvo

    Actually, you sound like an idiot weippert an dyou look like one. He showed a letter form his doctor to the police why he had to give him a ticket for…

  32. Windell Allen

    Steven Swaggerty, I'm always amused at how big you and so many others talk while hiding in cyberworld. Why don't you find Mr. McClain and say those things to his face. Before you do though, I want to take out a life insurance policy on you.

  33. Jessica A. Eaton

    For his crime he should be required to be an Oakland Raider throughout his career….but then again, that might be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

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