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Las Vegas Woman Allegedly Had Affair With Adopted Son And Tried To Kill Husband

robert bassey murder plot

Las Vegas, NV – Amy Pearson was arrested for allegedly trying to killer her husband, Robert Bessey. The couple’s, Michael Bessey, 21, was also charged in connection to the murder plot. Pearson and her adopted son were allegedly having an affair.

Pearson, 42, also allegedly roped her brother into the supposed plot to murder her husband. Robert Bessey, 49, and his wife were nearing the final stages of divorce, according to the New York Daily News. Las Vegas police reports indicate that once Pearson and Besssey were divorced, she would no longer have a legal claim to a $250,000 insurance policy.

Robert Bessey was driving his vehicle along Interstate 15 on November 14 when a gold SUV pulled up alongside and one of the passengers shot him in the neck. The injured Nevada man called 911 from his cellphone to get help after being shot.

Gas station surveillance video was used to place Richard Pearson, 39, and Michael Bessey in the SUV shortly before the elder Bessey was shot in the neck. Robert had this to say about the alleged murder plot during an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal:

“Michael and Amy were very close.”

The relationship between Amy Pearson and her adopted son was allegedly a factor in the Las Vegas couple’s divorce proceedings. The wife was not initially arrested on attempted murder charges related to the case. Law enforcement investigators reportedly monitored communications between the mother and adopted son to gather enough evidence against her to build a case.

Pearson had this to say after her arrest, according to statement’s a relative made in a Las Vegas police report excerpts:

“That’s what happens when you send a boy to do a woman’s work.”

Michael Bessey reportedly sent a letter to his adopted mother stating that he missed touching her, not long after his arrest. A jailhouse confession uttered to the young man’s cellmate also helped police officers link Amy Pearson to the attempted murder of her husband.

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9 Responses to “Las Vegas Woman Allegedly Had Affair With Adopted Son And Tried To Kill Husband”

  1. Brian V. Sitterley

    One would certainly want to sympathize with Robert Bessey in any case, but this is exceptionally revolting if true. And it is amazing how fast $250,000 gained in such a way, if successful, gets used up.

  2. Aimee Boswell

    Does anyone edit these pieces? "Amy Pearson was arrested for allegedly trying to killer her husband, Robert Bessey". Then someone got a little rambunctious with the 's' s. I count three in the second paragraph. Now I'm not a grammer or spelling Nazi, but when someone is paid to to a job, you expect some level of competence, pride in one's work and a bit more proofreading. This is something that others will read and scrutinize a bit more than a Facebook post littered with 'Textese."

  3. Anonymous

    These types crimes always involve white female teachers.

  4. Thomas Boling

    Hey, watch your comments there buddy. These types of crimes do not always involve white females okay? You better watch what you are saying. There is a law against racial profiling on here. Second of all, some involve BLACK females too. Quit being a racist you dumb kracker. Go fuck some inbred trailer trash and grow a set of BALLS and GROW UP

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