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Emma Watson Stopped By Airport Officials, Mistaken For 12-Year-Old

Emma Watson Stopped By Airport Officials, Mistaken For 12-Year-Old

Emma Watson was stopped by airport officials during a visit to New York when they mistook her for an unaccompanied minor.

The incident happened when Watson flew into New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport over the Christmas holiday, the New York Daily News reported. There agents at passport control stopped her, thinking she was a child traveling by herself.

Just before Christmas, Emma Watson tweeted about being stopped to her 4.9 million Twitter followers: “Passport control:’unaccompanied minor?’ Me:’sorry?’ Passport control:’where is ur guardian?’ Me:’I’m 22!!!!!!!’

Most airports consider unaccompanied minors anyone 12 and under, though teens under age 18 can sometimes use unaccompanied minor service, The Huffington Post noted. It wasn’t clear how old the officials at JFK Airport thought Emma Watson was.

It appears that Emma Watson is still coping with the attention that mega-fame has brought her. The Harry Potter star talked to Glamour magazine earlier this fall about the sudden attention she’s seen, which included being caught kissing a male companion at the Coachella music festival.

“It was a huge crowd, and I thought there was no way anyone could get pictures of me, but somehow they found me,” Emma Watson said.

“It’s difficult on my dating life, because anyone I get photographed with is automatically my boyfriend. So it just makes it look as if I’ve had, like, 6,000 boyfriends!”

Emma Watson’s tweet about being stopped prompted more than 18,000 responses, with many fans consoling her for the unfortunate incident. Others pointed out that when she’s 40 she’ll enjoy being mistaken for a younger age.

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11 Responses to “Emma Watson Stopped By Airport Officials, Mistaken For 12-Year-Old”

  1. Peter Tudosio

    These are the people who suppose to protect us from terrorists, and not only they didn't recognize one of the most.
    famous young actresses in the world(I didn't see any Harry Potter movies, but I know who she is) but they confused her with a minor(i bet they thought she was a 'boy' minor )). D asssses!

  2. Ken Kimball

    When you're a babe, TSA agents might use any excuse to interview you.
    My hot blond wife was a suspected terrorist almost everywhere we traveled. Funny thing is, now she's TSA.

  3. Kevin Glynn

    I always thought they should have stopped her and Harry and Ron when travelling by train to Hogwarts too…just too young for that type of travel. ha ha ha ha!

  4. Anonymous

    Seriously, who are these idiots? Drug test those agents cause they must have been high.

  5. Hanhua Yin

    I was surprised that she traveled along. At least get a body guard.

  6. Hanhua Yin

    I was surprised that she traveled alone. At least get a body guard.

  7. Michael J. Toro

    At my age, I'd never be stopped for being an unaccompanied minor…I'd be stopped for being an unaccompanied relic.

  8. Jonida Sanço

    She does look young, let's all just admit it. Which is not a bad thing. I've enjoyed being mistaken for a 16 year old for a long time, and there's nothing wrong with that.

  9. Jonida Sanço

    you should watch the films and read the books – they're ageless

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