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Wild Dogs Kill 4 In Mexico City Park

Wild Dogs Kill 4

The bodies of four individuals brutally killed by wild dogs in Mexico City have been discovered during the last two weeks, say officials.

The mauled and mutilated bodies were found in a park located on the outskirts of the city where police also believe the killings took place.

The first two victims were identified as 26-year-old female Shunashi Mendoza, and a 1-year-old male child. Their bodies were discovered in a horrific scene by neighbors of the hilltop park Cerro de la Estrella. According to authorities, the victims had been mauled to death on December 29, 2012.

An article by The Examiner reports that the wild dogs left the victims’ bodies in a gruesome state. Mexican authorities have revealed that the child victim bled to death from injuries incurred during the attack. The female victim’s left arm showed evidence of being ripped from her body. The bodies of both victims had been partially eaten by the animals.

On January 4, the bodies of a teenage couple were found in Cerro de la Estrella with similar injuries. The second set of victims, identified as 15-year-old Alejandra Ruiz and 16-year-old Samuel Martinez, were reported to have suffered fatal bleeding.

A statement released this week by officials involved in the investigation reported:

“Experts have established that due to the gravity of the wounds, at least 10 dogs were involved in each attack.”

The female found in the second death scene telephoned her sister, Diana Ruiz, to beg for help as the wild dogs were attacking her and her boyfriend. Alejandra Ruiz was able to scream “Several dogs are attacking us, help me!” before the attack forced the end of the call.

Authorities later reported that at the time of the exchange the surviving sister believed the call was a prank. The phone call was the last time the sisters spoke before the young couple succumbed to death from the attack, writes The Associated Press.

Diana Ruiz later spoke to Milenio Television about the terrible ordeal and her doubts about the deaths being caused by an animal attack:

“What kind of dog can tear the skin from your whole arm and leave just bone and if it was an attack dog why didn’t it attack her neck? What’s most shocking is that one of her breasts was mutilated.”

Mexico City Public Safety Secretary Jesus Rodriguez stated that evidence collected indicates that the victims died at the attack sites. The bodies showed signs of bites inflicted by wild dogs while the individuals were still alive. Additional bites were found to be sustained after death.

Approximately 100 police officers investigated the park and by Monday night had trapped 25 dogs found in caves and crevices throughout Cerro de la Estrella. Experts intend to search the wild dogs for evidence of the attacks that killed four in Mexico City.

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16 Responses to “Wild Dogs Kill 4 In Mexico City Park”

  1. Jason West

    This might sound crazy but l would not be surprised that these dogs were traind to be killers to be used as terror tactics. I would guess by drug lords. Still poor people.

  2. Deborah Lewis

    Animals kill to eat…why would they kill these people and not eat what they would consider their food. This story doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Not saying dogs didn't attack them, just saying I think there are facts are not all adding up.

  3. Sybil Ward

    This is a story that has holes in it.. the facts to make any logical sense.. there is a huge portion missing to this story They are not telling the full story!

  4. Melody Wilcox-Pratt

    Domesticated dogs in a pack, will kill to kill. We see it all the time with livestock. People dump dogs, they pack up and they will rip an animal to shreds, just for the kill. If they don't fear people, they will indeed go after and kill humans.

  5. Joe Dominguez

    Sure it can happened, even here in the states, I remember when I was a kid moving with my parents to an area where our house was the last of the block and there after were just hills, someone left a sign saying to be careful at night time for wild dogs, one night getting home late I remember seeing a pack of about 8 dogs, going across someones yard and into the hills they looked pretty crazy to me.

  6. Anonymous

    If we're superior to all other beings, we MUST start acting like it. If we don't hold ourselves accountable for our own mistakes, the mistakes will continue and fester.
    First of all, humans are animals too. We kill other mammals for food all the time. And when humans are TRULY starving, they've been known to kill and eat whatever they can find, including other people….especially when out at sea in a boat and no other life can be found.

    OF COURSE I'm NOT saying what happened is okay, NOR am I saying it's nature taking it's course. The problem with "culling" or killing them all off is that it ignores the REAL problem, which is abandoned dogs who are not spayed and neutered. They need to have mandatory spay and neuter program so innocent dogs who become abandoned by irresponsible humans don't become desperate pack dogs who breed more desperate pack dogs.

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