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Mariah Carey Increases Security After Feuding With Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Singer Mariah Carey has allegedly increased the size of her security force after feuding with pop star and fellow American Idol judge Nicki Minaj.

Carey’s on-set confrontations with Minaj were well documented in a video that was leaked online last year. The singer said she feels the workplace has become an unfriendly environment, particularly when Minaj is around.

According to Reuters, Carey has reportedly beefed up her security team just in case tensions escalate to the point of violence.

She explained to Barbara Walters on Nightline:

“I just felt it was the appropriate thing to do. Sitting there on the road with two babies, I’m not going to take any chances. Anytime anybody’s reeling threats at somebody, you know, it’s not appropriate. I’m a professional. I’m not used to that type of environment.”

Access Hollywood reports that Carey began worried about her safety after hearing that Minaj had threaten her with violence off-camera.

“If I had a gun, I would shoot that b****,” Nicki allegedly remarked.

The “Vision of Love” singer said she was trying not to dwell on the negatives during her time on American Idol. According to Carey, being on the show is all about helping someone else achieve their dreams of becoming a star.

“I’ve been blessed to live my dream more than half my life, so I want help give that back to someone else,” the singer said.

Unless something goes wrong between now and then, FOX is set to air the season premiere of American Idol on January 16. In addition to Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and show veteran Randy Jackson will serve as judges. Ryan Seacrest will once again host the program.

Although the threats Nicki Minaj allegedly made towards Mariah Carey are no laughing matter, it’s likely viewers will tune in to see just how much tension really exists between the two pop stars.

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9 Responses to “Mariah Carey Increases Security After Feuding With Nicki Minaj”

  1. Gloria Holmes

    Nicki go set your fake ass down some where,, you just got into this game so why are you showing everyone how violent you are..You are no ones role model and I don't see what the hype is about you anyways..You cant sing you don't rap you just mix shit up and make stupid sounds out your mouth..Miriah don't let this trash phase you..put her where she belongs TRASH..Parents teach your girl that if you want a real role model follow Mariah not nicki this bitch will have yall girls doing tricks…Who she than kshe is threating to shoot somebody and she still a judge…I'll never watch that show untill that bitch is DELETED-Nick you belong with the garbage…

  2. Sandy Hammon Rose

    I love AI, but won't be watching this season because I can't stand Nicki!

  3. Karen Bettencourt

    I totally agree, this show has become all about the judges instead of the talent. Can't stand watching it!!

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