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J.J. Abrams On ‘Star Trek Into Darkness': Benedict Cumberbatch Is ‘Unbelievable’

Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Chris Pine In Star Trek Into Darkness

Director J.J. Abrams recently shared a little more about not only Star Trek Into Darkness, but also the villain of his eagerly anticipated Star Trek sequel — Benedict Cumberbatch.

Collider got the scoop when they posed a selection of questions to the multi-tasking helmer during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour.

Ostensibly there to talk about NBC’s drama series Revolution, inevitably talk turned to the second chapter of Paramount’s forthcoming blockbuster.

Asked about his granting of a terminally ill Star Trek fan’s — Daniel Craft — last request to see an advance screening of the sequel, the director respectfully said:

“I’d rather not comment on that, if that’s okay. But, it was an honor to be asked. I’d rather not talk about it because it feels insensitive, but for that to have been a request was unbelievably touching.”

Zachary Quinto In Star Trek Into Darkness

On the recent clarification about Cumberbatch’s identity — he is playing a character called John Harrison rather than an early version of Khan Noonien Singh — Abrams comments:

“I just can’t wait for people to see the movie. Benedict is unbelievable. It’s a tall order, coming into that movie, because the crew of the Enterprise – that cast – is so damn good and they’re wonderful to work with and they’re all good hearts. So, to come into that group, as he did, as Alice Eve did and as Peter Weller did, and be one of the family was something that I was doubtful could happen. And he completely did it. I not only love him in the movie, but I love him, as a human being. He’s an amazing guy. I can’t wait for people to see the movie and experience what he’s done.”

On what the 3D format will bring to the cinematic enjoyment of Star Trek Into Darkness and it’s overall flavor, Abrams teased:

“It’s a far bigger movie. What I’m still grappling with and learning how to do is to be looking and thinking cinematically, having come from television. A lot of that is about keeping all that stuff in frame and understanding composition. There were things I wish I had done on the first movie, that I got a chance to do this time. There were shots I wished I’d gotten, that I never got a chance to get, so it was fun to get that chance this time. But, there are no gimmicky things that I’m aware of, that I’m imposing or forcing down an audience’s throat.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Abrams has already said that the upcoming return to the Starfleet universe will not be wholly a dark experience, so although the synopsis and trailers have whetted appetites for more thrills and spills, everyone who matters will live to trek again.

Starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, Simon Pegg, Benedict Cumerbatch, and Alice Eve, Star Trek Into Darkness touches down on May 17. For a look at 13 recently released stills click here.

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  1. Anonymous

    Every article I read about J.J. Abrams just increases my respect for him as a person and a director. I am really glad that he was the one to take on the Star Trek reboots, and I can’t wait to see what he’s done with Into Darkness. A coworker at DISH and I are huge Trekkies, so we have been going crazy trying to figure out more information on Benedict Cumberbatch’s character. I am glad that he will not be an early version of Khan, but that also leaves the mystery of who he could be playing. To cope with the wait to learn more, my coworker and I have been re-watching all of the Star Trek movies using Blockbuster @Home from DISH. It really helps that with our busy schedules; we can put the movies on our cue and get them in the mail quickly. But it really is amazing that we have the option of unlimited exchanges at a Blockbuster store, if we can’t stand the wait. Watching the movies again is helping prepare us for the new movie, but it is also giving us plenty of ideas on who the potential villain could be this time around.

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