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Pastor To Stand Trial For Killing Both His First And Second Wives

Pastor To Stand Trial For Killing Both His First And Second Wives

A retired pastor is set to stand trial for killing his second wife, then staging a car accident to cover up the murder.

Arthur “A.B.” Schirmer is a retired Pennsylvania pastor, will also face a trial for killing his first wife in 1999. In the first trial, Schirmer faces charges that he killed second wife Betty Jean Schirmer in 2008, then faked a car crash to make her death appear to be an accident, The Associated Press reported.

In both of the deaths, the pastor is accused of bludgeoning his wives with a blunt object.

The retired clergyman led churches in two towns in rural Pennsylvania, and denies involvement in both killings. He maintains that his 56-year-old wife died in the car crash in the Pocono Mountains.

Schirmer claims that he was driving Betty Schirmer to the hospital at 2 am on July 15, 2008, for jaw pain she was experiencing. He claims that a deer jumped in front of the car, causing him to lose control. Her death was initially ruled an accident after the crash, which was described as “minor.”

The story of the pastor accused of killing his wives took a turn later that fall, however. Police took a look into a suicide at Reeders United Methodist, finding that Schirmer had been having an affair with his secretary, the wife of the suicidal man.

Schirmer was charged in 2010, and police then decided to take another look into the death of his first wife.
He had claimed that he returned home from a run on April 23, 1999, to find his wife’s body in a pool of blood at the bottom of the basement steps. She suffered numerous injuries including a fractured skull, and the coroner made no determination whether her death was homicide or accident.

Jewel Schirmer’s brother noted to police that she complained about her husband’s affairs, saying the marriage was strained but because of her upbringing divorce was not an option, Penn Live reported.

The pastor is set to stand trial for killing his first wife sometime in the future, with no date for the trial yet determined.

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14 Responses to “Pastor To Stand Trial For Killing Both His First And Second Wives”

  1. Anonymous

    Good thing he's christian pastor, otherwise he'd be in real trouble.

  2. Ed Seimon

    I hope God still has his attorney's license and the time to go to bat for him, it might be his only hope.

  3. Milton Poole

    Well the media took the worst picture of the man they could find to make him look evil/ guilty to the public…. ad last I heard of our justice system was that every one is innocent till proven guilty by trial. Sad that you hold him guilty before the trial.
    Now how will he ever get a fare trial and yes he could be innocent….

  4. Ern Magallanes

    if he confess that he sinned and admit if he really murdered his wives God will forgive him that's the promise from God. He might go behind bars but at least not hell. Matthew 7.21 says not all shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but only those who does the will of God.

  5. Virginia Minjo

    So it didn't start with the Embu pastor! At least his wife and kids forgave him!

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