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Smartfood: KFC Customer Finds ‘Brain’ In His Fried Chicken

A customer eating at a KFC in Colchester, UK, restaurant apparently discovered what appeared to be a lump of brain in his fried chicken meal.

The “good” news? KFC says it’s a chicken kidney, not a brain. And the company has offered the customer coupons for free food.

College student Ibrahim Langoo was eating what’s called a “Gladiator box meal” when he made the discovery according to The Sun of London:

” ‘I have a habit of picking the chicken off the bone with my fingers and as I pulled the second piece apart, I saw this horrible wrinkled foreign body.

” ‘I threw it down onto my tray immediately. It looked like a brain. I suddenly felt grim and really sick.

” ‘I couldn’t bring myself to pick the lump up so I went to the serving counter to complain.”

Langoo, who says he is still sick and disgusted by the incident, took a picture of the brain with his cell phone camera and then submitted an online complaint to KFC.

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