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Noah Pozner’s Mom Describes Newtown Victim’s Body, And Why We Should All Listen

eulogy for 6-year-old noah ponzer

Noah Pozner, the youngest victim of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, was just six years old when he was killed last month in a hail of bullets at Sandy Hook Elementary School — an occurrence so incomprehensible that even the passage of the better part of a month makes it difficult to type those words.

Few details about the mechanics of the horror have been disclosed for obvious reasons, but the mother of Noah Pozner has commented on the singularly nightmarish experience of viewing and identifying her little boy’s body — and while it is likely one of the more difficult things you will read for some time, it also feels like Americans owe it to Veronique Pozner to listen and bear witness to her account of Noah’s death and the wounds he sustained in the course of the attack.

In the wake of the Newtown school shooting, Americans have been locked in a fierce debate about the ethics and constitutionality of guns in the US, and many have been accused of “politicizing” the tragedy in order to further their own agendas.

But when the dust settles and the controversy merchants move on, we are left with the utterly senseless deaths of 20 six and seven-year-old children, first graders, and six of their teachers. And there’s something to be said about viewing the incident without the veneer of teddy bear memorials and celebrity-studded versions of “Hallelujah,” seeing it for what it is — a violent act that was both brutal and preventible, a violent act that the parents of Noah Pozner as well as the 19 other children murdered must face every day until the day they themselves die.

When the shock of the Newtown shooting was still fresh, CNN commentator Roland Martin suggested that a parent of one of the children gunned down perhaps mirror the actions of Mamie Till, mother of slain black teenager Emmett Till.

Sandy Hook: Photo Shows Moment President Obama Learned About School Shooting

Emmett’s mother changed history when she released a photo of her son’s body, shocking America and galvanizing the civil rights movement, despite an outcry from those who insisted no more middle ground could be had. She later explained:

“There was just no way I could describe what was in that box… No way. And I just wanted the world to see.”

Martin admits the idea is shocking to the point of being nearly unspeakable, but he counters that the alternative — pretending the worst parts of the trauma did not occur — is perhaps more obscene, more morally lax and more inexcusable:

“Our senses have been dulled to the real world carnage. We demand that news organizations not show American troops, or even the enemy, lying dead in war zones. Even when our troops returned home in flag-draped coffins, the Bush administration forbade it from being covered by the media. The Los Angeles Times was ripped by readers for showing the bloody, lifeless body of Ambassador Christopher Stevens being dragged out of a building in Benghazi, Libya.”

Jewish Daily Forward posted a column by journalist Naomi Zeveloff, who spoke with Veronique Pozner about Noah’s death and the days that followed. Zeveloff details her struggle with publishing the information she was given by Mrs. Pozner — but ultimately concludes the grieving parent hoped to illustrate in facts and difficult truths what the “angels in heaven” narrative so thoroughly conceals.

At the start of the piece, Zeveloff quotes Pozner as she describes asking Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy to view Noah’s open casket — Veronique Pozner explains, heartbreakingly, how she hoped that if the time ever came to pass legislation on the factors that led to her son’s death, Gov. Malloy would be able to place a face and a person with the decision:

“I needed it to have a face for him… If there is ever a piece of legislation that comes across his desk, I needed it to be real for him.”

Later in the discussion, Zeveloff explains that Noah’s mom described, without prompting, the state of his remains when she viewed them, saying:

“We all saw how beautiful he was. He had thick, shiny hair, beautiful long eyelashes that rested on his cheeks. He looked like he was sleeping. But the reality of it was under the cloth he had covering his mouth there was no mouth left. His jaw was blown away. I just want people to know the ugliness of it so we don’t talk about it abstractly, like these little angels just went to heaven. No. They were butchered. They were brutalized. And that is what haunts me at night.”

Zeveloff asks Pozner how she came to make the decision to view Noah’s body, and what tears at your soul about it is the essence of her statement — because who among us would not feel the exact same way?

Veronique Pozner replied:

“I owed it to him as his mother, the good, the bad, the ugly… It is not up to me to say I am only going to look at you and deal with you when you are alive, that I am going to block out the reality of what you look like when you are dead. And as a little boy, you have to go in the ground. If I am going to shut my eyes to that I am not his mother. I had to bear it. I had to do it.”

Indeed, in those two exchanges, it seems the crux of the issue is clear — Veronique Pozner made the difficult choice to view Noah’s body after he had been shot multiple times at close range because she owed it to him, as his mother, to know.

Noah Pozner's body

And it seems that regardless of where you stand on any of the issues stirred up by the tragic violence in Newtown, we all owe it to the surviving families to hear not just the uplifting stories of togetherness and bravery after the Sandy Hook shootings, but the unvarnished facts of the situation as well. The six-year-old boy who was shot not only in the face in his first-grade classroom, but an additional ten times as well.

It seems a small thing for the parents who lost a child in Newtown to have our attention so we can hear what it is that they want to say, and we should all at the very least give them that, regardless of how incredibly difficult it may be to hear, read or see. Perhaps Roland Martin was half right — because after reading Veronique Pozner’s statements, maybe we don’t need to see a picture. Perhaps if all Americans read those words and listened, imagery would be unnecessary.

But we the adults that failed in protecting those children at Sandy Hook should not be spared from knowing what happened, and making an informed decision as to how to prevent it the best we can from ever happening again.

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303 Responses to “Noah Pozner’s Mom Describes Newtown Victim’s Body, And Why We Should All Listen”

  1. Tammy Pelletier-Pierce

    I could not ever imagine what these families have gone through. That awful last time you ever see your child burned into ur brain. I'm so sorry. Those poor children.

  2. Anita L Nedley

    I believe every mother has a God given inner strength from which she draws upon… at times when she would otherwise have no reason for going on… By drawing upon her inner strength, Veronique Pozner viewed every mother's unimaginable nightmare and shared it with the world… to validate Noah's experience… his pain… his innocence. She did this for Noah, for herself…. for a greater cause…. for every child.. for every mother. She did this to ensure that Noah and 19 other 6 and 7 year olds did not die in vain. She did this not only with hope, but conviction, that no other mother should ever have to endure such a horrific and heartbreaking loss. Look.. really look… when we see Gov. Malloy now, we see Noah. We see him in his eyes….. As mothers, it is time for us to draw upon our inner strength… to do everything we can to ensure no other child has to suffer a horrific death as did 20 carefree innocent children that day… to honor Veronique Pozner's unbelievable courage… to honor 6 adults, 19 children and the little man forever in Gov. Malloy's eyes.

  3. Edna Valdez

    These type of articles need to be reminders of the horror that these children went through in order to see change not only in the federal level, but in the community and family level as well. This story needs not be forgotten like every other story. In forgetting it and letting it go into the file of past stories would be an injustice to these children, administrators and teachers that laid their life on the line so that we American's can wake up and see how much work we have left. It pains me to see how people and parents write, because of this incident I hug my child more. Why, did innocent CHILDREN have to die for us parents to realize that we need to hug our children everyday. This is what I mean it needs to change in the family units as well. If this had to wake us up as parents to realize what we needed to do then we had no right to be parents. The parents at Sandy Hook should not have to lay their children to rest for eternity to teach the American grown ups a lesson on parenting. That is just appauling and selfish to me. I don't know why this happened but I will say this I would not let the memory of these children go to waste by giving my children a hug. They deserve more. This story should never die, something more must be done.

  4. Anonymous

    I would have done the same as Noah's Mother. It's shocking what that evil pig did and a great pity he didn't shoot himself in the head or multiple times with his evil machine gun instead of taking it out on innocent victims who had a life better than his own who were full of love when he was so full of hate and jealousy. I cried even more after reading this, it's worse than I initially realized, what evil pig could do such a thing! It makes me so angry and I feel so bad for the poor innocent children as well as their families who have been robbed of their beautiful child. For heavens sake Obama ban the guns and make it illegal to own one or possess one, THAT is the only way you will stop this happening again as too many of your citizens seem to have a tunnel visioned narrow mindedness and who aren't educated enough as they seem to believe that owning ore guns makes them safer, it doesn't, it makes the US more unsafe and I don't ever want to live there for that reason, not sure I even want to visit after this, though I'd want to pay my respects to these innocent victims at least. (Suzanne from UK, living in Canada). R.I.P Noah Pozner I feel bad for you most as you had the worst of it, though I feel bad for the others too as none deserved to lose their lives in this way, and I feel bad for their parents and siblings who have to live with this for the rest of their lives, life is so unfair and so unkind sometimes but the US it seems to be the worst for their gun loving country which is an issue that needs to change and NOW, not tomorrow.

  5. Suzanne Ovenden

    It's disgusting and worse than what I thought. It makes me really angry what that evil pig did! That evil pig should have shot himself over 11 times in his own head and body and not taken it out on sweet innocent children who were everything he was not, full of love, smiles and all things nice. Obama you need to change your laws and make guns illegal, it's naive and narrow minded ignorance of some in the US to think people not guns kill, of course guns kill! Some of your citizens don't like to be educated or face up to the common sense intelligent view that eradicating guns in your country and making them illegal to own and possess makes your country safer not more dangerous. Guns in the wrong hands makes your country more dangerous, and not just mentally ill are culprits for this, mentally healthy people are too, a simple head injury in a car crash can change a person from safe to unsafe in how they behave, as can drug abuse, it changes the brain once brain cells are damaged, but you can't educate those in your country who refuse to be educated and choose to remain irresponsible instead, what idiot trains their children to fire a gun? Do something NOW, not tomorrow that is too late, it was too late for these innocents, let's not allow this to happen again. Thank you for listening. Despite what some of your citizens will portray only as an attempt to try and make your country look safer and better than it actually is, the UK does not have the same huge problems as the US when it comes to gun crime homicides or any homicides in comparison to the vast many more committed in the US. Guns are illegal to own in the UK and that makes the UK safer for it not more dangerous. Well you can help make the US far safer by not giving your citizens a choice in the matter and making guns illegal to own or possess.

  6. Ellen Daniel Williamson

    I would have to do the same thing if it were my child, even though I know I'd never be able to unsee it and would be haunted by that image for the rest of my life. I admire the strength Mrs. Pozner shows not just in beautifully eulogizing her son but in insisting upon seeing his body and bravely sharing what she saw with the rest of the world. By sharing those terrible details of her own son's death, she might be helping to save other parents from witnesses a similar fate to their children. Seeing pictures of the kids's smiling faces and piles of teddy bears makes us sad. Seeing, either by picture or graphic description, the damage done to those little bodies ought to take us beyond sad and compel us to ensure this never happens again. I applaud her refusal to allow her son's death to be sanitized and whitewashed. Mamie Till Mobley said "let the world see what they did to my boy" and it changed the world. I hope Veronique Pozner is able to do the same.

  7. Sarah McCarthy Payne

    I hope that know one forgets this tragic loss of life. We owe it to the families of all involved to make a big change in our society!

  8. Jonathan Stein

    No ma'am, Obama does not need to "change our laws and make guns illegal." That would completely violate our constitution, and as you should know in the UK, it does not make crime just go away. Guns are also *not* illegal to own in the UK. You still have sporting rifles & shotguns.
    You're exhibiting something that we don't need – emotional knee jerk reactions. You can't just "take them all away." We do have civil rights here in the United States. Besides, if every privately owned firearm in the US was to vanish overnight, do you know what would happen? The criminal trade would flourish. You people in the UK (or in AU or Japan) do not have a wide open border with a violent country to the south that is practically run by dangerous drug cartels.

  9. Jonathan Stein

    So you're basically saying that Americans are stupid people, and we need our own President to violate the Second Amendment of our Constitution and pass sweeping Federal bans, essentially turning our country into a police state and empowering criminals.

    I'm sorry, but who's the stupid one here? Obama doesn't have the power to sign any such legislation to begin with.

  10. Jonathan Stein

    Changing it by passing useless "feel good" legislation isn't going to help. Overhauling our health care system and kicking the insurance companies out and going to a single payer system and improving mental health care is a good start, though.

  11. Russell Scott

    Murder is in our fallen, corrupt nature. Only Christ's Kingdom within us will remove it. Too bad too many of us are too caught up in human effort and false idols of material gain to seek the only solution to ALL our problems. Maybe this tragedy will cause a few more of use to reconsider their priorities, and start seeking their Creator instead of the creation.

  12. Mary R. Vogt

    This breaks my heart into pieces too tiny to count. It is devastating. And it did NOT have to happen. Why was this woman stockpiling guns, taking her son out of school, sounds like it was a bad combo. Whatever this kid did, a lot of rage was behind it. And all those little sweet kids and their teachers paid the price. And still… we'll continue to be a gun-nut society addicted to violence as we always have been. Let's face it, that's America's legacy.

  13. Jessica Wiede Maiorino

    I had Noah when he was just a toddler, it may have been a few short months before he moved to preschool, but he was an amazing little boy and my love and thoughts ate with you Mrs. Pozner

  14. Anonymous

    I cried, actually sobbed, over the deaths of these little children, but nonetheless I su8pport the Second Amendment despite the efforts of the Obama administration to exploit this tragedy to disarm Americans in the midst of a terminal economic catastrophe that signifies that capitalism's party is over. I cannot condone any moves to leave the working class disarmed and at the mercy of the criminals who are running the show,

  15. Pam Cash

    Like the death of Emmett Till years ago, sometimes people need to be awakened to the need for change by a real life nightmare!

  16. Melanie McKim

    Damn right we ALL owe it to them. People are far too complacent in their chosen ignorance. You hurt with what you have seen; put yourself in their (the victims' and survivors') shoes for a mere moment. I can't even begin to imagine what each and every member of that community has gone through, IS going through….

  17. Shawn Lathrop

    Very touching article. The sad truth is that we can't prevent this from happening again any more than we can prevent another DUI-related death from happening. Despite stricter laws that punish people who commit DUI-related crimes, people continue to drink and drive and put everyone's lives at risk. Prohibition showed us that a ban on alcohol does no good. So what will a ban on guns do besides only make guns more available to those who would commit crimes like the one at Sandy Hook?

  18. Amanda Michelle

    I agree with every fiber of my being as a child of God, a woman, and as a mother of two little boys, ages 6 and 3. I still cannot wrap my head around what transpired on that tragic morning. So many questions…so much anger for those parents and what they were going through…and even more anger towards the media. They hold such a powerful and influential position in this world and they failed those slain by avoiding and neglecting the ugly painful truth of what really happened to those victims behind those walls. If more details were given when these things happen, I honestly believe there would be less of this. No one, anywhere enjoys knowing and facing the facts of brutality and carnage. Dare anyone ask a grieving parent to omit the most painful details of their loss. Im proud of this woman. How courageous and I applaud her for her strength and commitment as a mother. May she find peace and comfort to make it through this very difficult time.

  19. Shawn Lathrop

    Making guns illegal will not reduce gun crimes. Statistics have shown that stricter gun laws do not reduce violent crimes. After all, driving under the influence of any intoxicant is illegal. Have DUI-related deaths stopped?

  20. Kim LaCapria

    Shawn, I disagree in that we have regulated drinking and driving significantly since awareness was drawn to the issue and in turn, far fewer people die in DUI crashes than in decades past. Most regulation I have heard discussed since this incident have focused on high-capacity magazines and assault weapons, not banning guns. This tragedy could not have played out the same way if the shooter was armed with a pistol. A spray of bullets is far more lethal than a weapon requiring reloading.

  21. Chris Greenhough

    Hi Shawn.

    Thanks for replying. Although DUI offenses still occur, both offenses and DUI-related deaths have been reduced drastically in the last thirty years. This is proactive measures such as stricter drinking limits, raised legal drinking ages, more prominent public awareness campaigns and tougher penalties. As an example, the number of teens in high school who drink and drive has decreased since 1991 by more than half (Source:

    Of course, DUI crimes are stil committed, but action taken over the past thirty years has saved thousands of lives. Stricter laws concerning DUI have been introduced, and the results suggest those have been effective.

  22. Sara Haaf

    Why have any laws, killing people is illegal, so why even bother making it a crime. Why bother having any crimes. Lets make everything legal. Idiot.

  23. Peggy Marcelo

    When you lose sometimes you have to see it , and explain it before you can.move on with life. To make people aware of what happened.

  24. Valerie E Ponder

    The picture does not change my stance on gun rights. Everyone should be more concern about crazy people control.

  25. Kim Waite

    The 2nd Amendment does not give permission for an American to stockpile weapons to be used against the state or feds. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is prohibited by the People and each state can arm it's citizens in a well-regulated militia (National Guard/Police) to combat such situations.

  26. Kim Waite

    Advocating for a Police State (armed guards everywhere) is not what our Forefathers ordered either! You can have a gun to protect yourself in YOUR HOME and you can have one for hunting to feed your family, but you cannot commit domestic violence (anarchy) against the government for that is treason.

  27. Kim Waite

    Kim LaCapria Okay, so guns kill just like cars do? Go use a car for deer hunting and see if guns & cars are the same!

  28. Sherry Sue Samantha Schonberner-Slavin

    Shawn, I agree with you 100%. My son was killed due to a drunk driver. That was 9 years ago and it still hurts just as much today as it did then. It doesn't matter how your child was killed, it's still horrible. I don't believe the laws are hard enough on drunk drivers, especially when they've killed someone. This guy was released from prison twice, just to be returned both times for drinking and driving. He was released a third time and it still didn't come to him serving the whole amount of time he was given. (The 3 releases all happened in less than a 2 year span). I, myself, do not want to see a ban on guns. Well, maybe some, your high powered ones. People use guns to hunt food. And with a ban on guns, how is anyone going to protect themselves from the criminals that have them?

  29. Cathy Vandervort

    Banning guns will not stop this senseless act! Don't forget the mentally ill & criminals will always be able to get a weapon of any choice illegally! We need to focus on the mentally ill's problems & offer more help to them & their families! You get to a point that you just don't know, as a parent how to help them….no banning guns, clips, etc…..will not stop this carnage! Protecting the schools is also a great idea! There are many trained people that know how to shoot that would volunteer to do this for free!

  30. Kathy Kucera Farnik

    I can't imagine a little 1st grader being shot 11 times. Where did all those bullets go? His Mom said the bottom half of his face was missing. How horrific to see your baby riddled with bullets. This was such a tragedy.

  31. Nicole Ransom

    How sad how could someone do this to so many insant children

  32. Neni Mehrhoff

    While I feel for all the parents and can relate as I have buried two children, taking guns away will not solve it. Making them illegal will not solve it. Think about it, criminals are so "law abiding"… they are not and this is why we call them criminals. Drugs are illegal and we know how the war on drugs is going. Outlawing guns and certain kinds will not help. Holding people responsible will, making sure violent criminals are punished to the fullest extent of the law, making sure mentally ill people get help and making it mandatory to buy a "good" trigger lock when purchasing a gun will help. I own several guns, they all have trigger locks, if you try to take them off without a key it damages the weapon and will not allow it to shoot.
    UK has had their violent crimes increase. Instead lets look at Switzerland who has less than a 2% violent crime margin, less than 2%… why? Because everyone, every household is issued a gun and taught how to utilize it. So your premise of making guns illegal will cut crime down, look at Chicago, Detroit, and Washington D.C. where it is ILLEGAL to have a gun even with a CCW permit. Their crime rate is off the charts, so ma'am while I feel bad for the parents maybe legislating to removes schools from "gun-free" zones will help. Besides my (ALL AMERICANS) forefathers wrote the CONSTITUTION to ensure my RIGHTS, if you allow them to remove one amendment…. which one will be next? 1, 3, 4, 5?? How about 13?
    You can give up your rights Ma'am but I will be keeping mine, and keeping in mind all those who fought in order to give me those rights.

  33. Ryan Quattro

    I understand the reasoning, but it is questionable whether showing the corpse will change anything. Do recall that Eisenhower had photos taken at Dachau and all its attendant horrors. Did they stop genocide from happening later on? No. Cambodia and Rwanda occurred as did numerous others acts of mass killing.

    Emmett Till’s horrific post-mortem photo, for all of its horror, did not stop the 16th street Baptist Church Bombing, Medgar Evers assassination, and the disappearance of the three civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

    People overrate the power of photographs. People in time forget what happened in those pictures. As much as they are appalled and sickened by what happened they eventually forget because it didn’t happen to them. As a result history repeats itself.

  34. Nancy Felice-Arkinstall

    Sherry Sue Samantha Schonberner-Slavin, please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beloved son. <3

  35. Neni Mehrhoff

    Kim Waite you forget Amendment 2 is in place to keep our Government from becoming tyrannical. So if stockpiling ammo and guns because guns are not weapons until they are used as such. Amendment 2 keeps us armed to protect US the U.S. Citizens from becoming fodder for a tyranny.
    think if they did not add this amendment we might have still been British subjects, ask yourself why did George Washington lead a militia? Ask why they wrote it, ask why they started a revolution… you may find the answer you can live with but taking my guns will not ensure "domestic tranquility". It will be more like "domestic slavery".

  36. Neni Mehrhoff

    Sara Haaf, if guns kill people, spoons make people fat, pencils make people misspell words and Alcohol makes people sleep with ugly people. A gun cannot squeeze its own trigger, it cannot drive itself anywhere, it is an inanimate object until someone with intent gets behind it, the "intent" can be good (food purposes) or bad (think criminals). Taking guns away or making certain ones illegal will not make a difference because mentally defunct people can still get their hands on them thanks to these people we like to call "criminals"…

  37. Liz Manning

    Wow. Very powerful. It still brings tears to my eyes. It is very well stated that I don't need to see a picture to imagine what this mother and these parents have seen. I see pictures of these children and can tell you their names and things about them. To me they are more recognizable than some politicians and celebrities. We need to honor them by doing the right thing.

  38. Jolie Adams

    The responsibility for this tragedy lies with the mentally ill man and possibly his mother. Most of us had nothing to do with causing the carnage at Sandy Hook. While I do support tightening of gun control measures, there is no doubt that we will be unable to prevent all similar tragedies, but perhaps we can lessen the number and frequency of them. There are so many of these dangerous weapons and extended/high-capacity mags already owned by individuals, in even geater numbers since the SH shooting, as citizens who feared new gun control laws went in droves to purchase these weapons while they still could, clearing shp racks and shelves. There are also many individuals who already own or have access to guns that shouldn't.

  39. Dan Cline

    Kim LaCapria Kim, there was no "spray of bullets" as you so eloquently (and incorrectly) describe it. I own a weapon EXACTLY like the one allegedly used at Sandy Hook, have literally fired thousands of rounds through it and have never produced a "Spray of bullets". I challenge you to visit a shooting range and attempt to "spray" bullets with any semi-auto AR-15 based weapon. A "spray of bullets" is only possible with a fully automatic weapon, which have been illegal and very tightly controlled since the '30s. As for your assertion that the carnage would have been more tolerable if he had to reload is patently absurd. Who would have intervened during the literally seconds long pause while he was reloading? An unarmed schollteacher? Perhaps in your liberal minds eye you see a group of six year olds rushing a gunman as he reloads? Ahhhh, but what if, stay with me now, what if just one person in the offices of Sandy Hook Elementary School, had been armed and trained in the use of firearms? Sure, there might still have been deaths and injuries, but my guess is they would have been limited. And if such a person had been present, 20 first grade kids in Newtown,CT would be returning to scool with tales of Christmas wonder. So think about your support of "Gun Free Zones" and the trampling of the rights of others based on a senseless and preventable act of a madman.

  40. Michelle C Lee

    This is why we need armed guards at every school in America. A trained professional, a military man that is out of work, or a cop would and could of stopped this. This is horrific and should of never happened in this country. But, there is a reason it did and we need to face that head on. We need to be able to protect our children as they deserved to be protected. When we take God out of our every day lives, schools, and government the devil will and has surely taken over!

  41. Diane La'Ree Peagler

    Well manufacture of cars are starting to put in appliances that won't allow your car to start if you're drunk.. they at least are doing something…???The bar you got drunk at can be held liable too.. Cause a cars can't kill 26 innocent people in a classroom..??? No one wants to ban GUNS guys… just semi automatics/military type and guns that shoot off 30 plus rounds at a time.

  42. Pearline Cable Paul

    If she felt strongly about it, yes. We tend to cover up the ugliness of death. Sometimes seeing is the only way people will believe. Until we realize how horrible something is, we won't take action.

  43. Cruisin Cat

    Kim, there has been a lot of confusion as to whether pistols were used and the AR15 left in the trunk of the car. Actually, there has been a LOT of misinformation and changed stories in the course of this senseless event.
    Maybe we, as parents, need to see to it that our children are protected by people that have the means to do it, regardless of where they are.

  44. Pad Dar

    And I bet you cried very hard when your child was killed. None of the Sandy Hook actors cried.

  45. Catherine Nochella

    There will never be words to heal this mother's pain. Veronica Pozner will never get the image of her son's brutalized body from her memory until the day she dies. As a mother I can understand a sense of duty to her son to in some way know what he possibly felt the moment he was senselessly slaughtered. Our system has failed these children in many ways. Guns in the wrong hands, mental health and safety within our schools are some of the major problems. There is still no clear understanding why this person went to the school. There seems to be a piece of the puzzle missing. Something sparked this kid to go on this rampage. There was something he wanted from the school. His father knows if he has had any relationship with him.

  46. Dallas Elizabeth Laird-Gauthier

    Oh God. That poor little boy. My heart hurts for his mother. :(

  47. Chris De Jong

    Shawn I agree with you and I see the logic Kim LaCapria and Chris Greenhoughare using. Here is my personal opinion and view of this arguement about banning or restricting either. We have laws in place and as Sherry points out brilliantly, they do little good when criminals return to the streets with a mentality that they are free to repeat what they have done in the past. DUIs have gone down over 30 years through a lot more then just passing laws. It is a combination of law and education. a century ago we didn't have a quarter of the gun control laws we do now and didn't have any mass murders in our schools. Maybe the question isn't what we can do to prevent it but what has changed to allow it? I'm just a simple guy who enjoys hunting and target shooting but I also apreciate the history of our nation especially the old westward movement. Up until the major liberal movement in our great country and the removal of GOD from schools and the public becasue it may offend someone we as a people had values. Values of patriotism, value of freedom, value of life. We disagreed but when push comes to shove we were Americans, the guys other nations called upon to bail them out in 2 World Wars. Our children learned gun safety in school along with the value of human life, not this animals are people too crap.
    We make DWI/DUI awareness part of the teaching for young people in Driver Education Classes. Video games teach our kids to race and crash cars on the streets and promote criminal activity is Grand Theft Auto. Yet the out cry isn't the glorification of criminal activity by the entertainment industry that gives no value to human life or rights. I admit these games and movies are fun to play or watch. But we need education both by parents and our community education programs/ schools to help instill that value of human life and teach our youth both the value and dangers of weapons. I hear about Sandy Hook but what about the 20 children murdered the day before Newtown over in China killed by a man with a knife? is that any less tragic? This is a world wide problem, that we as a world leader need to stand up and say ENOUGH we will not restrict our law abiding citizens any long or follow the example of other nations that don't have freedom to once again be the United States of America. Pinnacle of freedom, nation of laws of the people by the people and for the people. No more whimpy enforcement of the laws without circumstances for breaking them and once again bring back true punishment for those who break the law instead of an easy ride of free room and board workingout to make themselves bigger and better criminals when they're released.
    It is time to educate ourselves and our children to incorporate into our schools once again those things that have been removed so not to offend and be America. If we offend you we are sorry but this is OUR NATION. The Ten Commandments are not just Christian or Jewish they are UNIVERSAL LAWS. So if they offend you I am at a loss because Thou Shalt Not Kill shouldn't offend anyone besides murderers. Though Shalt Not Steal should only offend thieves. Thou shalt not commit adultery only applies to those who have extra marital affairs. If the whole thing about a Sabbath day offends you then work 7 days a week without a day off and don't complain you need a day of rest because it offended you being a commandment.
    Simple logic says following the Golden Rule of Due Unto Others As You Would Have Done To Yourself should be the standard of our education system heading the 10 Commandments at the front of every classroom. Simple, easy, basis of education and law for our great nation. WAIT WASN'T THAT WHAT THE CONSTITUTION TRIED TO ESTABLISH AS WRITTEN?

  48. Brad Alford

    While childless, this tragedy did touch me significantly. Noah's mom has done the unimaginable and bravest thing I can fathom a parent doing! Indeed she has seared the image into my brain and replaced the "teddy bear" vision that I think most carry. I don't possibly have the is within us to make a change and not look the other way

  49. Catherine Nochella

    Edna, yes often time makes things fade and not hurt so much. Our society I believe after 911 has somehow become numb and for many they would like it to be a distant memory. I will never get the images out of my head, the people jumping to their deaths on 911 to avoid what was coming next. We cannot ignore what occurred in Newtown to think we can avoid what may be coming next.

  50. Deb Plach

    We need to see the graphic aftermath to what was done to this people! Wake up America! A death such as this is not a pretty thing. Our hearts have grown cold, its time to wake up and face the cruel world, only then can we change it!

  51. Brad Alford

    My apologies, I couldn't correct this prior to posting, what I was trying to say, I don't have the solution, but I have the commitment to keep it aware in my life and do what is within my humble power to help foster change.

  52. Carly Ambrose

    We, the adults who failed at protecting those children? I disagree. No one is to blame for something you had no idea was going to happen or for something you had no reason to prepare for. I would say a step in the right direction would be to stop cutting the funding for mental health services, help those that need those services to get them, educate people about the importance of getting that help, help to eliminate the stigma associated with asking for help and getting the help that you deserve and a greater support for teachers and those that work with children would help as well. Being a part of a support system and not fighting hate with more hate is what I will strive to do in spite of great tragedies like this.

  53. Carolyn E. Offill

    While we respect your viewpoint, and agree that a pistol would not create as much damage, the issue is distorted to blame the gun and not the person pulling the trigger.

  54. Sylvia Johnson

    I don't know how she was brave enough to do it, but I think her reason was right.Beautful boy as all of the children where.It makes me sick to think of how scared they where and only can pray that God took away that scare and the pain they went through.It would be a blessing to know they was not afraid and felt no pain.We can only pray that the families and friends of these little angels pain will heal.God bless the adults that was there with them that lost their life trying to save them and the loved one they leave behind.

  55. Robyn Witham

    As heartbreaking as it is, I totally agree with Veronique Pozner, and pray that she is able to feel some sense of peace from the hope that others will benefit, not from her child's death, but from her handling of the incomprehensible murders at Sandy Hook.

  56. Shawn Lathrop

    Tell me, how many deaths in the last year were caused by vehicles in DUI-related fatalities, reckless driving, speeding, hit & runs and distracted drivers (texting or using a phone while driving) as compared to the number of people who were killed by legal gun owners? Go ahead, I will wait for you to provide the unbiased statistics…

  57. Lucy Pacacha

    I cannot imagine the grieving these people are going through. I pray every night for all those angels and especially for their families.

  58. Shawn Lathrop

    Sara Haaf juvenile sarcasm and name calling are the hallmarks of a lack of education and ignorance of the subject being discussed. Perhaps you should re-evaluate whether or not you are truly qualified to engage in this discussion since you appear to lack both education and intelligence. God bless and have a great day!

  59. Peggy A. Diliberto

    She did what she felt she needed to do for him. Let us all hope that the memories she holds in her mind's eye is of the young angelic child she birthed, raised and loved!

  60. Bonnie Ward

    I could not bury someone I lived, especially my child, without looking upon them one last time … And I think if the NRA and policy makers were forced to look in the damage that has been wrought, they'd act differently

  61. Kirk Rappe

    Shawn, I'm sorry, but you are wrong. In the case of DUI's I suppose because we don't stop all drunk driving deaths we should just admit we failed and make drunk driving legal again? Stop police from pulling over drivers and doing breathalizer tests and stop using technology like auto ignition breathalizers because we have not ended drunk driving. Heck, we haven't stopped murder even though it has been illegal than before Biblical times.

    The point I'm making is that no, we will not stop all mass killings. BUT, as European and other North American country statistics show, we CAN prevent this horrific carnage and lower, drastically, the number of people killed (and make these incidents much rarer). Is that not worth trying? Is it not worth one innocent life being saved?

    Unfortunately your logic is faulty because guns are not alcohol. Alcohol causes us to get drunk and in many cases enjoy the feeling of being "buzzed." Guns do not, so there is no inherent urge to use a gun like people have when they want to have a drink (I'm not saying all people want to get drunk, but we enjoy alcohol because of its effect on our body).

    Guns, especially military weapons, are unique among the other tools we have – cars, knives, hammers, etc. Their primary purpose is not to provide transportation, cut things, or hit nails, their primary purpose – what they are designed to do most effectively – is kill. Kill animals or humans. Now, again, I am not against hunting rifles or pistols. But, semi- and automatic rifles are not designed for hunting or sport. They are designed to kill – usually other people (as in the case of the AR-15).

    So we do need reasonable restrictions on these unique and destructive guns. Buy back programs to get them off the street and out of homes (where they cause the most damage anyhow). Keep the 2nd Amendment for what it was intended: a well regulated militia (our National Guard) and for hunting rifles. Not so everyone can own an assault rifle that kills with impunity.

  62. Kirk Rappe

    Dan Cline More guns is not the answer. There was a police guard at Columbine and one in the most recent shooting in California – neither were able to prevent these deaths. Only a ban on assault rifles (including at gun shows), buy back programs, and background checks with waiting periods that include mental health assessments will significantly lower the U.S.'s astonishing rate of gun violence.

  63. Shawn Lathrop

    Kirk, the problem is not the guns but who uses them. Consider where these mass shootings always take place: schools, post offices, malls, business offices all "gun free zones". If guns were truly the problem, then why have there been no mass shootings at gun shows or NRA conventions?

  64. Stephanie Pelka-Cole

    Prior to Sandy Hook my husband could go to a gun show and purchase a semi automatic weapon, rather cheaply and easily, since then,
    the costs of these weapons have sky rocketed. To say, with the ready availability of these weaposn out there, and the criminal lack of resources available to the mentally ill and the past school shootings that have happened that we had no idea that this would happen is ridiculous. It was a matter of time it would happen and if we don't act and put measures in place soon, something far brutal and shocking will happen again. It is only a matter of time.

  65. Jay Howland

    Ok police reports initially stated shooter was found with 4 handguns and no "assault"weapon the only "assault" weapon that was recovered was the one they found in the trunk of the shooters car ..which in turned belong to another person that was known to ILLEGALLY MODIFY "military like" weapons ….granted if you know anything about gun smithing converting a semi auto ar15/m4 type rifle to a full automatic is one not neccesarily hard but not completely impossible

  66. MaryAnne Ferrell Lackie

    Over 24,000 people die every year from ILLEGAL drugs. Criminals are called criminals for a reason. Please explain and "educate" us as to how outlawing guns will keep them away from the criminals? I mean, it worked so well for drugs right? Why not guns? You are the one who needs to be educated.

  67. Shawn Lathrop

    Diane-car manufacturers do not install those devices you talk about. Those are installed by defendants who are convicted of multiple DUI's at their own expense. The problem is those same defendants can simply have someone else blow into the device for them.

  68. John Lewis

    Kirk, very misleading. The armed guard at Columbine was in the parking lot eating lunch in his car and the armed guard at Taft in California the other day was "snowed in" and not present at the school.

  69. Carly Ambrose

    So those people knew it was going to happen and therefore should be blamed for not protecting those children. No. That's all I was saying. They felt safe in their school as they should. Small communities probably don't have the resources to hire guards to stand outside or to patrol the school. Police forces are being cut as well so it's a vicious cycle. Mental health facilities are being closed down due to lack of funding and people are still advocating for gun control. Placing the blame on guns being readily available does nothing as well. That is only part of the problem.

  70. Donna Molski-Morales

    The day I gave Birth to my son I knew what it was to be Mortal.. to be able to be hurt wounded beyond repair. To have death look upon me at every turn, every chance taken questioned, a risk worth it or not. In our youth we are invincible our parents shouting at every turn.
    "Look both ways."
    " Don't What? "
    "It doesn't matter, just don't, Please!"
    "Why? "
    Softly, " Because you are my immortality. You are that piece of me that will live on. You are the strength of my soul, you are the most important thing I will ever do. More important than any cure, any creation no matter how fantastic. On the most personal level you are my most important piece, you are my Immortal Beloved."

    Some may ask why this woman chose to look in whole upon her sons broken bullet ridden body why break the pristine shell of the last moments she saw him. I will tell you. Because a mother is made of sterner stuff than just love and mush. No one can break you more than destroying your Immortality.
    The rock hard center of a woman that makes her go through pregnancy and child birth over and over also says, from my body you came, this is MY child.
    Never a moment has passed that you have not known that Mommy was there for you. from the moment your eyes shut at night to the moment they open again to wake you knew Mommy was there.
    My LOVE was there. I will kiss you a final time, see you a final time, tell you all the things you need to hear before bed, do my last job as Your Mommy. Because No one can take that from me. I and ONLY I am you mother and you will know it even in death.

  71. Pam Cash

    There are so many "we can not stop…", but no one follows up with suggestions of how we can positively change things. This is a defeatist attitude and so unlike what we like to consider "the American spirit".

  72. Mark Alan Richardson

    Kim LaCapria The so called assault weapon was found in the trunk of the car by the police..2 Pistols were used to commit the crime..

  73. Becky Cochran Kohlmeyer

    of course guns kill…BUT ONLY at the hands of a person. it DOES NOT get up and shoot all by itself.

  74. Pam Cash

    The Amendment was added after the war. We were already the USA and with or without it we were no longer British subjects

  75. Candi Ryan

    You are a horrible sad excuse for a person, Pad Dar. I sincerely hope that it is your fate to end up at the wrong end of one of the barrels of your precious guns.

  76. Pam Cash

    G. Washington led an American colony militia as an officer of the British army during the French and Indian War. After the Declaration of Indepence he accepted the job as commander of the army of the USA.

  77. Shawn Lathrop

    John Lewis, Kirk doesn't want petty little details like the truth or facts to get in the way of spreading misinformation to push forward an anti-gun agenda.

  78. Shawn Lathrop

    Candi Ryan, is this an example of the "open-mindedness", "tolerance" and "peaceful nature" you liberals like to claim that you practice?

  79. Phyllis Wright Williford

    It is very horrible what happen to Noah and the other victims. People do need to see how brutal it was so that may god forbid this happen again that the killer doesn't do himself in then they will have no problem convicting the person who did this horrible crime. Sometimes you have to see things that are horrible so that you know about it.

  80. Shawn Lathrop

    @Kim LaCapria-in regards to your comment "This tragedy could not have played out the same way if the shooter was armed with a pistol. A spray of bullets is far more lethal than a weapon requiring reloading." You should really try to read up on mass shootings. The teens who committed the Columbine shooting were armed with pistols and shotguns. They did not "spray" fire around but selectively shot those teens whom they felt deserved to die including those who identified themselves as Christians or at least believing in God. Furthermore, The Virginia Tech shooter only used pistols and again did not "spray" bullets around, but selectively shot those he wanted to shoot. The shooter here in Hawaii to killed seven people at the infamous Xerox building in Honolulu used a pistol and did not "spray" bullets around. The Luby's massacre in Killeen Texas was carried out by a man with two pistols who killed 23 people and did not "spray" bullets around. The Binghamton shootings were carried out by a man with two pistols.

  81. Monica Ianni

    Sister was murdered in 2006 and at first they werent going to let us see her. But my parents and I needed to see her and have some closure. It was so hard.

  82. James Johnson

    Shawn Lathrop You can't possibly use that logic in defense of gun control could you? So let's say 10 million people drive drunk and only 8,000 cause deaths, should we then using gun control laws as a precursor decide that it is okay to drive under the influence since not everyone who does it kills someone?

  83. Kim LaCapria

    Dan Cline We do know that at least six children in Vicki Soto's class were shot in an attempt to flee and killed. Are you really saying reloading wouldn't slow a killer?

  84. Nara Balbi

    Chris Greenhough, I think that when people want to do evil, they will always find a way to do so. Before the incident in Sandy Hook, something similar happened in China, and the guy used a knife to murder children in a school. About driving drunk, I agree that it diminished drastically, but most alcoholics are not people with a plan to kill. They fear the law, but end up under the influence. Banning guns will take away our right of defending ourselves.

  85. Angi Clarke

    How can the rest of us say we care so much without seeing–or at least hearing–the stark truth the parents had to face, who saw and identified their precious little ones that day? Or any day, and of any age? Who are we to not havet o face that? And then have the temerity to debate "on principle" whether or not there should be further safety regulations placed on the weaponry that produced it? We, who did not have to see that or endure that happening to one of our own, for no reason? Theory versus fact! Anyone who dares to put his own interests first should save commentary until given the chance to see the aftermath in person, after the families have left and before the sanitation of the scene. He should see photos of what was actually there, what his precious "rights" have wrought on innocent persons. It isn't a target or an imaginary and equal foe that was at Newtown. One is too many. Didn't we know that? Will we ever know it? When?

  86. Kim LaCapria

    Nara Balbi It is extremely relevant to the contrast, however, that none of the children attacked in China the same day children were attacked in America died. All survived. A knife is simply a far less efficient weapon for mass murder. Period.

  87. Ronda Janell Wintheiser

    So of course no one will object, then, if I suggest that the 3,700 children who are aborted every day across this nation also deserve to have their deaths honored in the same way, hm?

    So that "we the adults that failed in protecting those children… should not be spared from knowing what happened, and making an informed decision as to how to prevent it the best we can from ever happening again"?

  88. David M. Ianni Jr.

    read the article…it so true in every aspect..the world reacts in shock, bu the true raw shock of how the little boy died and how Emely died.. there are no words to prepare you for what you see and realize the cruelty of man !

  89. Shawn Lathrop

    So Kim LaCapria, let me get this straight…you truly believe that an all out ban of firearms will prevent criminals from obtaining firearms and using them to commit crimes?

  90. Shawn Lathrop

    James Johnson, do you truly believe that stricter gun laws or an outright ban of guns will stop criminals from obtaining and using guns to commit crimes?

  91. Shawn Lathrop

    You talk about urban legends related to Columbine and then tell your own by claiming there were "armed guards" at the school. Here is the truth: A Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy, Neil Gardner, was assigned to the high school as a full-time uniformed and armed school resource officer. Gardner usually ate lunch with students in the cafeteria, but on April 20 he was eating lunch in his patrol car at the northwest corner of the campus, watching students in the Smokers' Pit in Clement Park.

  92. Kim LaCapria

    I don't understand, is a guard supposed to magically appear at the site of a shooting? Gardner did volley shots with Harris and Klebold, but being spree killers, they had holed up in a spot where they could pick students off at whim and the guard was unable to affect much defense.

    That is not an urban legend. Unless we want more than one armed human at schools who has no need to ever eat?

  93. Vivianne Veronica Meliton

    In this country, we have the right to bear arms but that right should ONLY GO TO A SELECT FEW. Those " Few " who are " MENTALLY FIT " to carry those guns. What if a person can pretend or make it look like they are " mentally fit " to own a weapon? Then STRICT RIGID BACKGROUND CHECKS AND MENTAL EVALUATIONS should be done to prevent " Mentally Unstable " people from acquiring these weapons in the first place. Some laws must be re-examined and/or changed to prevent the HORRIBLE LOSS OF LIFE in Newtown, Connecticut. This MUST NOT happen again.

  94. Johnna Payne-Hurt

    What an amazing, strong, and beautiful mother you had precious Noah. May you rest in peace as your mother is determined to ensure your death wasn't in vain. <3

  95. Michael Ford

    Maybe the democrats will try to show they actually care about solving these tragedies and actually go deeper into looking at mental health and the culture of violence in this country instead of having tunnel vision and going straight to the failed policies of the past of gun control. Don't count on it though. Always better to take the easy route to make it look like you care without solving the real problem.

  96. Anonymous

    There were 496 murders committed with hammers and clubs in 2011, as compared with 323 deaths connected to a rifle
    330,000 Abortions in 2011

  97. Anonymous

    There were 496 murders committed with hammers and clubs in 2011, as compared with 323 deaths connected to a rifle.
    330,000 Abortions in 2011.

  98. Anonymous

    There were 496 murders committed with hammers and clubs in 2011, as compared with 323 deaths connected to a rifle
    330,000 Abortions in 2011

  99. Donovan Hage

    Kim LaCapria The two seconds it takes to load another magazine into a firearm will stop this from happening? I am not saying that steps should be taken to stop this from happening again, i am saying that banning a magazine will not help. There is no easy answer to this problem.

  100. Larry Young

    Having a picture of Obama half way through the article adds politics and degrades the sincerity…

  101. Anonymous

    goodhands7979 There were 8,983 deaths by firearms in 2011. Of violent deaths in 2011, 68% were by firearms; 13% by knives or cutting instruments; 4% by blunt objects. Don't know where you got your data.

  102. Franknstine Six

    Chris Greenhough DUI-related deaths have been no't reduced drastically in the last thirty years. in fact they have increased every 23 minutes their is a crash involving a drunk driver. and at least 23 people are killed every day because of a drunk driver the reason for this they never punish a drunk driver until they kill someone a 16 year old girl and two of her friends from my son's high school was killed by a drunk driver that had 15 convictions for DUI and the only punishment was loss of his driving privileges for one year. and for killing three people 6 years he will be forty when he gets out so he can do it all over again. Research your self I was hit by a drunk driver he had 7 convictions never served more than a week in jail.

  103. Franknstine Six

    pick up a book read about the The German Weapons Act. Also it's called Amendment II
    Right to bear arms

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Deal with it.

  104. Rj Lubrant

    comparing cars to guns is stupid. no small wonder why congress can't do shit. by the way, the reason they grabbed the guy in arizona is because he had to change mags out. bet they thank god everyday for that window of opportunity. wasn't it a woman as well? if we can't compromise then what's the point? surely the founders would be pissed off at our current state.

  105. Rj Lubrant

    which christ do we follow then? the catholic one? the mormon one? protestant, david koresh's? maybe christ seekers should study egyptian mythology and see that the christ story line was used there. and in many others. remember that america was founded on religious freedom and not to be governed or led by any one religion.

  106. Mary Rebecca Parke

    Wow, Candi, that was soooo, ummm, gosh at a loss for words, Mean?.. If Pad Dar doesn't agree with you, then his fate should be death, by gun? Where's the peace? Where's the Love? Pad Dar feels if we disarm America, some group will decide to take over America? Is he mistaken? You don't know, I don't know. What I do know is this: Attempting to disarm American's still start a battle that NO ONE will win. Guns, used correctly, are not harmful. Guns used for evil, will kill many. Controlling the selling of guns has been a joke, and controlling criminals with guns isn't possible, the 1930's proved that. Gagnsters were stopped by, The FBI, with BIGGER GUNS… Wouldn't we be better served by finding a way to make people NOT WANT to do evil ? Am I naive? No. The Gun battle has just begun.

  107. Rj Lubrant

    do not confuse criminals with law abiding citizens and gun legislations and common sense with those who have no sense and are criminals. 40% of legally purchased guns are done without background checks. this nees to stop. period. also, what needs to stop is lumping in the criminals with having sensible laws and regulations. we KNOW they won't obey, but we can make it harder for them to legally buy guns from places that don't background check at all.

  108. Rj Lubrant

    shawn, statistics don't mean shit. by your logic, armed societies are safer societies to which i give you texas. high murder rates while having a wild west mentallity. pack your bags, go home. you have no clue about that which you speak.

  109. Rj Lubrant

    curious, but none of you pro gunners seem to understand that our government isn't going to ban guns. stopwith the fox news false propaganda bullshit. we are going to have to go back to at least the brady ban and make it so you can't legally buy a gun without a background check. maybe instead of buying into that paranoid shit, buy some anti anxiety meds. you are not that important for the government to care enough about. and by the way, this whole protect against a tyrannical government thingy you talk about, uhmmmm, they have drones n tanks n missles to deal with you let alone soldiers trained to kill. you train how, shooting paper targets, mabye tin cans or melons and you think you stand a chance. I guarantee you that you will lose. so, pretty please, with sugar on top, STFU about a hostile gov takeover that commands you needing a 30 shot clip or military grade rifle.

  110. Morgan Sheridan

    I've been saying for weeks, since this happened at Sandy Hook, that we should see the bodies of those killed by gun violence… that those deaths be made a matter of public record.

  111. Diane Stojentin

    Trigger lock my ass. Seriously. Neni, it's a shame that I've been provoked to respond to what you have had to say – I don't want to really say much – but the places you are naming are completely different in terms of demographics. Take a political science class before starting to use statistics. Your rights aren't going to be taken from you if amendments are curtailed, they'll just be controlled. Your several many guns will be noted in a book somewhere, and here, in a public forum where you talk about how great it is to own something that kills, don't worry – the "criminals" are listening and would be more than happy to tie you to a chair and take those guns away from you to use them to their ends, not yours. You are not innocent, you are putting out the fire with gasoline.

  112. Diane Stojentin

    Neni Mehrhoff – also – the trouble is this; controlling violent criminals depends quite a lot on the fact that they have been ABLE to commit violent crimes in the first place. I say melt the guns down and make playground equipment and steel girders for buildings to house those less fortunate than yourself or myself. What is the POINT of having all of this carnage? I'll personally let someone take my most precious Chef's knife (I am a professional Chef) and melt it down if a person like you, owning several guns, will lay a few aside for a positive outcome. What kind of society do we live in where we can't imagine a more positive future? Melt the weapons down and turn them into chairs for schools, into fine pens for graduates of colleges… Change. Please. Just consider it.

  113. Diane Stojentin

    BEAUTIFULLY said, Angi. Thank you for writing. I've had to suffer through so many ignorant discourses through the duration of reading this comment, and what you've written mirrors my thoughts. I was so angry that all this has done is opened up debates. Resting on our laurels isn't helping matters much. I'm going to do something about this.

  114. Diane Stojentin

    These comments, not *this comment! Sorry! I can't edit these comments I put up. So many people above have written truly ignorant, hurtful things, it makes me sick. Your comment was a diamond in the rough. Thank you for it.

  115. Diane Stojentin

    Your cynicism is sickening – not only because it is true that people who are unenlightened are allowed to continue to perpetuate horrors on others – but because you are blasé and almost glib about it.

  116. Diane Stojentin

    No. None of it had anything to do with it until it happened, and then we had a call to action. If you choose to start your sentences with While and then continue on a negative tack, you give credence to people who wish to remain complacent. That is how this happened. Those children should not have had to become martyrs for the ignorance of a nation.

  117. Diane Stojentin

    Why? Why do you have to say that? President Obama is one of the most solemn, sincere people on earth. You have a right to say what you want to, but I beg you – just secede. You'll do the whole nation a favor.

  118. Diane Stojentin

    Ronda, how can you take something like this and make it be about Pro-Life crusades? Same goes to the other moron who brought that up about 70 or so comments back. This is not about that. Unless you've been raped or date-raped and been faced with having to raise a child when you are without your means, you have no right to bring this up, and to try and introduce this topic in this forum is really bad form, it's distasteful, and you're an awful person for doing what you're trying to do.

  119. Diane Stojentin

    Adam Lanza was a very sick person who was not treated for his mental illness. All I know of him is what a neighbor said of his relationship with his mother, which was not healthy. That was on some news report. Mental illness in this country is treated in a very catch-and-grab way – if a person presents with outward signals in the community, they can be documented as being odd, but if they are protected by their family, not much can be done or indicated for progress. Probably whatever was going on in Lanza's mind was something that a person outside of the family circle would have found alarming or at least unsettling enough to prompt hospitalisation or treatment, but it is too late now. I had a conversation recently with a dear friend of mine who went on a date with a guy who admitted he'd been diagnosed with schizophrenia. She asked him – in order to determine whether she wanted to go on further dates with him – a few questions. One was, are you on any medications? You've had a psychotic break before? Are you aware that you could have another one, and that with each one you have you can damage your brain further? Do you have any people in your family that NOONE EVER TALKS ABOUT? That, right there, scared me. Because we don't talk about the people in our families with mental illnesses, we just hide them away like dirt swept under a rug. Until that stops, just one part of this major illness in American Society will continue – Denial.

  120. Leslie Fernandes

    It was heartbreaking to read this article about Noah, it will be difficult to sleep tonight without seeing his beautiful little face and knowing what happened to him and his 20 classmates. His Mother did a difficult but necessary thing, to put a face behind these horrible acts and the aftermath of what a gun can do is reality, a harsh, harsh reality. I can't imagine having one of my children or grandchildren taken away, let alone by such a violent act. My heart, love and deepest sympathy goes out to all that suffered from this tragedy.

  121. Alexandra Dingleaberry

    After readng this it only reasures me more that My family needs guns. It does not make me in anyway want more gun control nor a complet gun ban. I will always hold on to my gun for protection till we has a society change. We can get rid of all guns but people will only start using something else to kill. Guns are a much better way when it comes to self defense. They allow you to stay away from your attacker other then having to get close to them and making it easier for them to harm you. The key is society but we just want to blame object that can't do any harm without someone doing it. We need to start looking at are selfs. Start looking at are families and communities. Do we realy do best we can? Do we really care about each other? Are we really the best paretents we can be? Are we really invoved in ar childrens lifes? These are? we should be asking…

  122. Crystal Ward Walrath

    Noah could have been any mother's son. My heart breaks for his family. If we, as mothers, united we could have such a great effect on our children's safety. As a group we could be more powerful than any group of politicians, lobbyists, or special interest group. We owe it to our children and the families of these devastating horrors.

  123. Elisabeth Mattes Fox

    Many will say an many have said that this was an isolated occurance that is not likely to happen again soon. They have said that parents will overreact to this and needlessly demand action. But little Noah's mom has reminded us tht we cannot simply move on. Something must be done. And it cannot be done with one change alone.

  124. John Papson

    This is beyond politics. It is the "real" reality of what happened on Dec. 14. What is more true than a mother's lament?

  125. Robin Ruinsky

    I want the NRA and Members of Congress locked in a room lined wall to wall with pictures of the bodies of the children of Sandy Hook. Lock them in. Don't let them know when they'll ever get out. Make them live with the reality of what bullets do.

  126. Robin Ruinsky

    The guns used in Sandy Hook were obtained legally and that is the problem. We have to be licensed to drive a car. We have to have insurance, pass tests. But guns? Just hop on down to the local guns show with a wad of cash and walk out with a gun. Go to Walmart and fill your cart with ammo. Don't tell me we should just keep doing what we're doing. If the shooter's mother hadn't obtained her guns and clearly left them accessible, her son couldn't have gotten a gun. He tried. The laws in CT. stopped him. But they didn't take into account the woman's mentally ill son and clearly she lived in a state of denial. The potential owner of a gun should have to be licensed, have not only a background check but be required to have psychiatric exams every year, attend safety classes every year and have an insurance policy the way we do for cars. Make is as many hoops to jump through as possible to own a gun. All assault weapons and high capacity clips should be banned. Cop killer bullets, banned. Don't just shrug and say nothing can be changed.

  127. Kenny Aldrich

    Sherry, no you're mistaken there was no spray of bullets this weapon was a semi automatic a pistil IS a semi automatic you are describing a full auto machine gun type of weapon..that wasn't the case at sandy hook. each round fired needed to have the trigger pulled each time it wasn't a press and lots of bullets came flying out..that is the common misconception pistols ARE semi automatic that ar 15 was indeed a semi automatic..just thought I'd clarify that there is a difference. and what was used in sandy hook the shooter had to draw down aim and pull the trigger everytime..nothing auto about it.

  128. Terry Littell

    We have had a police presence in our schools for 15 years. Never had a shooting or attempted shooting. and it helps with bullying, drug dealing and use, fighting, and class room disruptions. Seems like a NO brainer !!

  129. Anonymous

    With the desensitizing that is popular in our culture, I ALMOST avoided this article. Just like Noah's mom, I felt I owed it to all those children and their families not to forget that tragic event. My prayers are still with all of them, as well as my own children that are growing up in this world.

  130. Steve Stokely

    "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is prohibited by the People and each state can arm it's citizens in a well-regulated militia (National Guard/Police) to combat such situations."
    The 2nd Amendment, ratified in 1787, refers to the National Guard, which was created by an act of Congress in 1917.

  131. Bryan Cass

    I think what we should all focus on is "what is the problem here, and how can this problem be solved or at least minimized"? Is the problem too many guns? Is it gun clips that are too big? Is it use of stolen weapons? Is it mental health? Is it too easy access to protected areas? Is it lack of defensive or weapons training on the part of adults in authority? Is it gratuitous violence on TV, movies, video games? Is it just plain a problem of evil in a corrupt world? Be careful that you don't allow your emotional state dictate a partial or even ineffective 'solution' to a problem that may only be a symptom.

  132. Jeff Brown

    How can one be for children and still support killing at Planned Parenthood?

  133. Ione White Evans

    My heart still bleeds for these children…I am for the right to bear arms…I do NOT believe it is our right to own weapons created for war! He shot that baby 11 times!! Where on Gods green earth is THAT covered in the second amendment?!

  134. Jeff Brown

    What I find most interesting is that he used ONLY handguns. The "assault" weapon was in the trunk of the car.

  135. Shannon Tucker

    When will anyone realize that news articles are terrible sources for "fact"… Find and post something from a legitimate source and we can have a reasonable discussion about it. That goes for both of you :)

  136. Melisa Hills

    Regarding the same day event in China – no, no one there was killed that day. BUT -there were six similar attacks in just seven months in 2010 that killed nearly 20 people and wounded more than 50. Do you know they started locking up cooking knives in cabinets in response to the knife attacks? Should we do the same? What about baseball bats? Is that next.

  137. Melisa Hills

    Robin Ruinsky – the weapons were legally acquired by the murderers mother. He STOLE them from her, broke a host of laws moving them from her house to the school. He was a criminal before a single shot was fired.

  138. Jeff Brown

    Kim LaCapria If I'm wrong than I'm wrong. And BTW, thanks for linking to that site. Never heard of it before.

  139. Megan DePari

    I completely agree with you Ellen. We can't sugar coat this, these children died horrifically! I can only speak for myself, but I never want to forget those kids who I never knew. Reading this article, my heart sank (again) and I feel so sad for the world over their loss to us. I am however, grateful to Mrs. Pozner for having the strength to share it. I love my boys so much…been telling them that more over the last month.

  140. Anonymous

    What absolutely DISGUSTS me is that people are so damned paranoid that they immediately jump to the defense. NO ONE, repeat, NO ONE is even TALKING about "taking all the guns!" What they were talking about is making regulations and laws to make sure that those who do have them are responsible…that people can't just sell their guns to any Tom, Dick, or Harry on the street without doing a background check…and that military-styled guns be placed back where they belong…IN THE MILITARY. If people honestly can read this article, see those tiny faces, hear about the horror and the tragedy that these BABIES went through, and still worry more about their guns, then all of these children died in vain, because no one has learned anything! Not only these children, but all of those that die in the future at the hand of a gunman. Wait until it is YOUR child. Your grandchild. Your niece or nephew. Maybe then you will feel differently. Then it will be YOU who feel the helplessness that these parents feel; parents who have lost their children, only to be mocked by those who place guns above the lives of their loved ones. The state of this world sickens me.

  141. Olga Bacher

    It does not get up and shoot all by itself, but it's purpose is to kill and nothing else. Guns are made to kill. Any other weapon, like for example a knife, has another purpose first.

  142. Ryan Quattro

    What am I supposed to do? Tear my hair out and shriek to the Almighty in outrage over the horrors man perpetuates on their fellow man? It isn’t glib to point out the truth. Yeah, I’m cynical. How can I not be when I have read about (numerically-speaking) much worse atrocities than Newtown? The Nazis killed 1.5 MILLION Noahs. Think about that. 1.5 million little boys and girls who were killed because they happened to be Jewish. And what did the world do? Nothing. Just like they did nothing when the Khmer Rouge stained the soil of Cambodia crimson with the blood of 1.76 million souls or when the Hutu slaughtered 800,000 Tutsi in 100 days. What truly is sickening is that these are just a small selection of the atrocities committed in the past 70 years. That is what ought to “sicken” you.

  143. Kathleen Ryan-Berger

    My tears fall for Little Noah and my heart aches for your loss…A senseless loss, no words could ever change…

  144. Jennifer Cecchetto Jensen

    I just don't know how this woman goes on.. I would only hope to be half as strong as her and other parents who have lost children…I am a mother of four and honestly don't know if I could go on in the face of losing one of them.

  145. Jo Sullivan Cooper

    When my son was killed by a drunk driver, I wanted to see him. The funeral director refused to let me saying that I didn't want to remember him that way. I wish I had insisted, but I was in no condition to. But, I did read the autopsy report.

  146. Melisa Hills

    Diane Stojentin – Seriously? That added what to the conversation?

  147. Marra Francis Clifton

    One must truly question the likelihood that a "mentally deranged" young man with no formal training in marksmanship was able to fire 11 rounds on a moving target with such accuracy as to demolish a 6-7 cm bone on a 6 year old. I'm sorry, but this begs for medical examiner photographic evidence

  148. Marra Francis Clifton

    And, with a handgun because the automatic rifle was found in the trunk of his mother's car after he was found dead in the school – I am really starting to wonder about the accuracy of reporting with regards to anything lately.

  149. Raymond Tumarkin

    the article on veronique posner revealing the body of her son noah who was killed by multiple gunshots at sandy hook elementary school was followed on facebook by a gun lobby ad in opposition to president barack obama's efforts to control the gun lobby.
    this is another unconscionable display of the gun lobby's disregard for life, or respect for persons killed by guns.

  150. Sandra Bukoski

    @goodhands7979, yes but murder with gun totals 8583. 6220 were by handguns. Guns used in murders by far outnumber other weapons used in murders.

  151. Linda Henman

    This little boy was/is one fo the most beautiful children I have ever seen. Him and his lovely mother and what they went thru breaks our hearts.

  152. Lisa Thurston

    It is good for us to know what happened, and to REALLY understand what those poor children, and their parents, witnessed. We need it to understand what the survivors will live with for the rest of their lives.

  153. Anonymous

    NO child should die in this manner nor any other at the hand of another and each one of them including these 20 deserve what has happened to them and their families. Ultimately do 'we' as members of a community begin to ask the more important issue when any child or infant has been murdered because there are far too many who disappear and/or later were found murdered at the hand of a so called 'adult', each one of these precious children deserve nothing less than 'outrage' for their untimely, tragic and unnecessary deaths. What has been happening within our communities was initiated almost 25-30 years ago and it appears we've lost a generation or two when it came to not identifying nor demanding accountability relating to the amount of increased violence our children and adults are subjected to whether rap music, video games, movies, even the lack of appropriate respect and manners depicted in some of the benign children's programs, we've let this go and its "NOT" the Constitutionality of the US the right to bear arms, this is a society issue that we as a nation have ignored, perhaps too trusting that this was someone else's to bear but its not, we need to require more accountability from those we've blindly trusted in areas of our daily lives who.
    don't share the same values or they have an opposing 'agenda' that they want to exclude them from that accountability.
    My heart breaks and aches for these families and communities dealing with such tragic and avoidable loss. God bless them and help us to rally for what is the 'right' solution based from a balanced 'perspective' so this won't happen again.

  154. Claire Lee

    Russell Scott, how rude to the mother of a murdered Jewish child to say we should follow your god, and all our problems will be solved. I have no words other than…do you know your history???

  155. Doug N Renee Meyers

    When our government stops the flow of dugs and illegal aliens from crossing our borders, and they can prove that they can protect my family better than I can, than I will trust they can stop the assault rifles from landing in the hands of felons and psycho killers. They need to have better background checks, better care for those people who are mentally and emothionally handicapped. These people are the problem. You wont see too many accountants, Doctors or Nurses or office manager or any other responsible man or woman drive home after a really bad day at work and decide to go on a killing spree. If our government is so worried about the gun issue, if they put money into, instead of taking away monies, to help those with mental illness, you might be able to stop these tragic and horrific crimes from happening.

  156. Kristin Alexander

    Extremely well-said, Ellen. This is what haunts me (still) the most about Newtown – imagining the reality of it and knowing it's not at all what the teddy bear memorials and "angels in heaven" narrative suggests. I have a 3YO and I can't stop my mind from imagining HER in one of those classrooms. It's horrible. But it also speaks volumes about the nature and magnitude of this unspeakable tragedy. I hope that, if nothing else, Newtown marks a definitive change in a society that has become so utterly desensitized to violence.

  157. Lisa Ernie Hardeman

    Kim LaCapria I disagree, we these weapons will still be available to military and police and will still be stolen. Maybe were you live alcohol related deaths have minimized but not in all states. Point being criminals and crazy people will still find a way to get their hands on these guns and still do stupid things the only thing they are trying to do is keep us from being able to defend ourselves. What you fail to realize is that people die from knives ( we had a officer killed at the hands of a crazed person with a box cutter blade) we cant band everything. Bats, knives, guns, fists they all kill people. We need to do more people control if they crazy or taking meds for something like mental problems then they need to be put somewhere and watched. There are so many people on mental disablility that walk around us everyday but you dont know who they are. They are sucking our country dry. We had a officer killed with a gun the other month by a gun from a man with a mental disability the state was paying for and they let him slip through the cracks cause they let him live a normal life.No No if you are on meds for mental and the state is paying you you should be under close supervision so you cant do stupid stuff. I feel for these angels at Sandy Hook but taking our guns will only allow this country to be devistated by criminals and then we will never get our country back.

  158. Lisa Ernie Hardeman

    Sherry Sue Samantha Schonberner-Slavin you are right the only LEGAL guns that kill people are people protecting themselves. It is illegal, stolen or whatever that is killing innocent people. And these people are going to find a way to get those guns so we should have the right to protect ourselves. I was hit by a drunk driver at age 16 and missed dying by 1/8 of an inch, I broke my neck on both sides. I deal with that everyday, it is very painful. But I deal with it. I am sorry to hear about your son. If it will be alright by you I will add you to my prayer list.

  159. Lisa Ernie Hardeman

    Rj Lubrant I would suggest we follow the direction that the Lord Jesus Christ left for us. No matter what religion you are you follow the Bible and you cant go wrong. The problem is to many people prefer the lustful sinful ways of the world to follow.

  160. Lisa Ernie Hardeman

    The sad oart of all these lives lost is, if you watch this womans interview she doesnt shed a tear she has no emotion now myself as a parent and a grandparent I cant imagine that I would be able to talk to anyone without crying my eyes out. Im sorry I know she lost a child but go watch her interview.

  161. Kim LaCapria

    Lisa Ernie Hardeman, get our country back from whom? The reality is no one has taken our country, and this sort of paranoia is killing actual living Americans.

    NO ONE is calling for an absolute gun ban. The main reforms requested after this shooting involve high-capacity clips and not ALL GUNS.

    There is no reasonable way to implement "people control." Non-violent mentally ill people have the same rights as us, and no one can predict when a person will "crack."

    Do you have any idea what it would cost to monitor every person who is simply mentally ill? It's not feasible.

  162. Tracey Mitas-Sullivan

    Amazing article. I would have liked to of read the full story, I do feel that as a parent (you can sort of tell that by my pic, and yes those are two of my children) and as voting citizens we do need to understand the full measure of what has happened. Thanks Brandon for sharing this article. I know that I will certainly spread this around.

  163. Lisa Ernie Hardeman

    Yeah they are trying to make guns illegal and drugs legal that makes a lot of sense to me lol. smh

  164. Marilyn Barnes

    I cannot imagine having to witness what this mother witnessed. I value her strength. The truth is not a pretty picture. Although gun control will not be able to stop all deaths to gun violence, it will at the very least send the message that guns do more harm than good. The right to bear arms is overstated, and too many people in my community and in this country have died to gun violence. At some point, we have accept that the sweet outweighs the bitter. I am in favor of gun control. Not only should they do background checks on potential buyers, but they should also conduct temperament checks and ask the potential gun owner who lives in their household that may have access to the gun and give those people a temperament and background check as well.

  165. Lisa Ernie Hardeman

    This is crazy vehicles kill people, knives, kill people, bats and other type weapons kill people, fists kill people. Lets try this when you commit a crime of any nature against another person weather with your fists, a bat, a hammer, a tire tool, a gun, a car, a knife lets just put these people to death and be done with it. They obvisouly have not respect for human life. That should stop the violence even do it with domestic violence or child abuse. Lets take all the sorry people that do not want to work and go and get on drugs for mental problems and put them on their own lil island with no way off and lets take all the people arrested for drug charges and put them on their on lil island somewhere. We can drop them food via air and send doctors in every now and then to check on then, hell lets just send the doctors over with the mental patience cause most of them have nothing wrong with them anyway, the Doctors just want the money. I have a niece right now Bipolar her doctor gives her whatever she wants and even helped her get disability for it. However I know there is nothing wrong with her except she is lazy. He even ask her one time when she lived with me have you killed your Aunt yet you know you will get away with it. At least that is what she told me. I told her she better not ever make that mistake. But this is a big part of our problem. Lets lock them all up in a nut house for real so they cant hurt anyone but themselves. Our world just amazes me. I use to work for Albert P Brewer Developmental Center and I saw some real crazy people I worked with them everyday, these people today are just taking advantage of our sources available and the doctors are milking the insurance companies and getting rich. What I see is the drug are making people crazy. When they cant get them anymore they get stupid trying to find a way to get them. I mena this is just a dominoe affect. I wish I could do something but WHAT? Fight for my rights to protect myself and my family. it sickens me.

  166. Kim LaCapria

    Del Sharp Really just stop for a second and think about what you are saying, in this woman's time of grief. It's terrible. Please stop.

  167. Art Lives

    A few days ago Obama authorized military support helping the French troops with their violent imperialist’s action in Mali. The next day innocent African women and children were killed by American bombs and bullets via “collateral damage”. Where’s the outrage? There are only a few places on the planet where rare earth metals are mined for later usage in devices such as the iPhone, Mali is on of places. Every time you use your cell phone, picture the image of a blown-up little kid.

  168. Aileen Wuornos

    You can not draw this kind of parallel DUI & gun control. Let me draw this one for you, 9/11 brought sweeping changes in how we travel by air, why? because 3,000+ people died at the hands of terrorists, approx 360,000 people in the USA have died as a DIRECT result of some kind of gun violence since 9/11 and the only thing that comes from the head of the NRA is; "The only thing that will stop a bad guy w/a gun is a good guy w/a gun"??? there is ABSOLUTELY NO LOGICAL reason to have a weapon that can rip off 30 rounds in seconds & it's these types of weapons that ought to be banned. DUI laws DO NOT "cure" "stop" the problem of alcohol abuse, nor does the ban of guns "stop" a mentally ill person from slaughtering people, but you CAN NOT bury your head in the sand and pretend nothing happened and do nothing. We NEED SWEEPING changes in our gun laws. I'm not smart enough to know what changes are needed BUT we CAN NOT continue as if NOTHING happened.

  169. Steve Miller

    Kim LaCapria : I find it more than interesting that no "assault weapon" was used. (of course, any firearm is an "assault weapon"). The shooter left the AR-15 in the car; he used pistols to shoot the children. So why are we focused on semi-automatic rifles? The idea that the death of children is being used with misinformation does not sit well with me. (BTW, and assault weapon is fully automatic, as used by the military, to call an AR-15 an assault weapon is a misnomer). I am all for keeping firearms out of the hands of deranged people. I am all for strict handgun control; they are easily concealed and represent a much greater danger to the public accordingly. There is a very good reason the Founders included the 2nd amendment: groups of civilian men are to be armed to protect the security of our (less and less) free state. No, not the army, that is dealt with in other sections of the Constitution. Threats to our security can come from an invading nation, or from a despotic government. It is vital that we not go overboard in our quest for safety.

  170. Rodney Hodge

    thekeims, Your facts are correct, but out of context. He specifically said "rifle" not guns. His point is that more murders (not total gun deaths) were performed with hammers than with rifles. Which is in fact true.

    The problem is the emotional knee jerk response and lack of logic in targeting of one weapon over another, or more specifically rifles over handguns. That and the magazine restriction is just clueless, showing a complete lack of understanding of the data. I understand and agree with the need for action, but doesn't anybody in office or on the "control" side of the issue do any real research or understand simple math?

    Based on survey data from the U.S. Department of Justice, roughly 5,340,000 violent crimes were committed in the United States during 2008. These include simple/aggravated assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, rapes, and murders. Of these, about 436,000 or 8% were committed by offenders visibly armed with a gun, and 9,528 or .17% resulted in murder. 6,800 murders committed by handgun, 380 by rifle, 442 by shotgun, and 1,906 being other or not stated.

    So… If we apply the same ratio to the "not stated" figure as we have with the known murder data, we end up with 8500 murders or 89% committed by handgun, 553 or 6% committed by shotgun, and 475 or 5% committed by rifle. And that includes ALL rifles, including the scary looking ones!

    Can someone please explain to me how banning a percentage of the weapon type (not all of them were "military style" rifles) used for 5% of the killing is going to make a meaningful impact on this issue? What will make the biggest impact, banning the gun used for 5% of the murders; or the gun used in 89% of all the firearm murders.

    7 or 10 shot restricted magazines? What is the point here for a gunman that has planned ahead as most of these nuts usually do? Lets say we had a light dresser that only brought 4 magazines, one for each pant pocket. That is still enough ammo to kill the same number of people at Sandy Hook. Do you imagine someone is going to rush the gunman while he is swapping magazines? Really? How long do you think it takes to swap a magazine? Try snapping the fingers of one hand and then the other. It takes about that long. Don't take my word for it, take the word of someone that has been there. Suzanna Gratia Hupp, survivor of the 1991 Luby's massacre in Killeen, Tx. No rifles involved as in most mast shootings, 2 pistols, 23 dead including her parents, 20 wounded.

    Again, I agree that we have to do something, and think that waiting periods, background checks, and flags or limitations on bulk ammo and/or large volume firearm purchases can help… But the actual gun restrictions targeting semi-automatic rifles and magazines that made it into NY law, and is being set up for the rest of the country would be laughable if they were not being fueled by these senseless incidents. We have to be smarter than this.

  171. Carolyn Collins Petersen

    Lisa, Russell: How much more ignorant can you be? To say that YOUR christ and YOUR bible provide the only answers is arrogant. It's presumptuous. Shame on you. You don't represent your faith. You represent only your need to preach so that it makes YOU feel good. You aren't thinking of those parents or those children. You're just thinking of yourself and whatever needs you want to fulfill. How selfish and thoughtless.

  172. David Bernal

    Kim LaCapria The "assault" rifle was in the trunk of the car. The psycho used handguns. The play on the rifles by the media and government is a bunch of bull.

  173. David Bernal

    Kim LaCapria The shooter left the AR-15 in the car; he used pistols to shoot the children. So why are we focused on semi-automatic rifles? You are being mislead.

  174. David Bernal

    Diane La'Ree Peagler The shooter left the AR-15 in the car; he used pistols to shoot the children. So why are we focused on semi-automatic rifles? You are being mislead.

  175. Barry Evans

    Such a tragic, terrible waste of life. Understandable that people would want to try and soften up and sugar coat the details, but doing so also lessens the impact of the tragedy when trying to take action to ensure such things never happen again. Shying away from the senselessness of it will ultimately mean putting a restraint on the ability to make real change to the things that caused it.

  176. Derrick Wiemer

    Kim, report are that the shooter was armed with pistol's–the assault rifle was found in the trunk of the car and never made it to the school.. Something doesn't seem right about many of the reports around this tragedy..

  177. Kim LaCapria

    People are confused. He shot himself with a pistol, but killed his victims with an assault rifle. An additional assault rifle was found in the trunk.

    It is actually possible to possess two assault rifles at one time.

  178. Cam Lucas Wester

    Anita, I have thought so often since Sandy Hook that if mothers all over the country rose up and demanded serious change in the gun laws, we would be unstoppable. What mother cannot imagine the horror of what Veronique Pozner has gone through and will go through every day for the rest of her life? What mother could refuse to do whatever she could to convince her Congressional representatives and other lawmakers to rein in American's obsession with guns? I hope those of us who are mothers can put other political differences aside and concentrate on the most important thing in all our lives, the health, safety, and happiness of our children.

  179. Mary Collins

    This is a tragedy. There is no disputing that. However, no one is "owed" anything. Your valid points are outweighed by this ridiculous assertation.

  180. Erin Young

    Lisa Ernie Hardeman, how dare you judge this woman?! She is probably too full of grief even for tears. Maybe she ran out of tears. I am a mother, and my heart breaks for her. She deserves our love and prayers — NOT judgement from those of us fortunate enough to have never known such grief as hers!

  181. Sophia Wolf

    Then we need to outlaw the ammunition if they won't give up the guns. These people in their adolescent or psychotic obsession with their assault toys will be unable to stop themselves using their rounds in 'target practice' and shooting rodents. They are clearly addicted to be so vehement. Eventually they will run out of ammunition. Guns actually don't kill people, bullets do. And when the bullets are OUTLAWED, the guns will be nothing more than toys. Fitting.

  182. Tim Alger

    This is wrong. Look into it. New studies in PTSD show this does nothing to help anyone. If anything it only embeds the scars deeper. I'm not saying forget, but this is not benefitting anyone.

  183. Minerva Figueroa

    Please, please let us all see the aftermath of a this tragedy. Maybe some of the nay sayers will shut up and work for a solution together with all of us.

  184. John Majchrzak

    Wishing death upon someone, how classy. I thought you people were supposed to be against violence?

  185. Teresa Nolivo

    ya I would have to see the body too or it would of been impossible for me to believe it. Even then I wouldn't believe it.. As a mother there is noting that can be done worse then losing a child. I can't think of any thing worse. If one of my children were taken away from me then take me too. I mean that with everything I am. I wouldn't want to live in a world where they are not. I mean that completely. Everyone should own a gun You are a fool if you don't. I want the teachers to be fully loaded my kids attend school.

  186. Michelle Wakefield Shenton

    Lisa, what a horrible comment to judge her like that. She is probably numb from all of the pain. When I lost loved ones it took me months to cry and "unfreeze" myself from the reality of what happened. I never lost a child either. I watched my Grandma lose her two children before herself and the damage it did for years to come. In order to speak, to go through planning funerals, etc., you have to numb yourself. Unless you have been there don't judge. People grieve in different stages and maybe she is angry now. Just because you do not cry does not mean that you do not care.

  187. Robert D Newman

    Yes let's follow the God who protected those children so well…

  188. Michelle Wakefield Shenton

    Neni- all the guns you can get your hands on wouldn't "protect" you from the government (especially if they consider you a terrorist). I think their manpower and guns are bigger. To have guns legally at home these days is more for sport, hunting or self-defense from someone breaking in. I don't think people really own guns to protect themselves from the government because they would lose that fight anyway. The points you make date back to the 1700 and 1800's??? The country was new and those were different times. People change, the country has changed, the world has advanced. Things are not like they were back then. This is a different world all together.
    I'm not saying I agree with the new laws. I'm not against the 2nd amendment. I'm just saying your argument is a bit dated. George Washington has been dead for quite a while. I'm not offering solutions because I don't have the answers either. I do not think providing free mental health would have solved this. The shooter's family was rich and I'm sure could have provided all the care in the world he would need. I do blame the mother. She knew he had mental issues and yet provided the guns for his use. I will leave that alone since she is no longer here to defend herself. The government has their hands tied. They are told they have to do something. They are told to do what they can to save lives. They have multiple educated people working on this. So many are pointing fingers at Obama when he is just the messenger. They act like he scribbled this plan on a napkin. It isn't just him. Many people are working. Does it solve everything? Probably not. They are trying things. If it doesn't work they can change the laws back or try something else. It isn't written in stone. The nice thing about our laws is that they CAN be changed. If it doesn’t work today it can be changed tomorrow. They can be altered as we grow and change as a country. They are not taking all guns away. I do not think they are trying to strip innocent people of their rights but are trying to save lives. Does that meant they are right? Not necessarily. Still, the good intent is there.
    Personally, I do agree with the NRA on some things. The good guy with the gun would stop the bad guy. What if the principal had a gun? She could have stopped the killer early on. Now, I do feel that if school professionals are properly trained and vetted that they should be able to carry a gun. You can’t always wait on the police. If someone is trained and willing then I am ok with it now in light of what happened. It would have saved more lives. I also feel bad guys can and will do what it takes to get their hands on contraband. I do think the new laws should carry stiffer penalties for anyone illegally using, obtaining or selling guns. There should be stricter laws for those who buy them. Maybe a mental health evaluation for certain types. I don’t really know. I just know the people crying about mental health help are missing the picture. It isn’t going to help when the killer probably did have mental health access through his wealthy family. The theater shooter was actively IN therapy. The therapist wasn’t allowed to tell authorities the things he was saying. Maybe allowing them to report these things would help instead of having to keep silent.

  189. Michelle Wakefield Shenton

    I don't use guns to kill but I use them. I couldn't even hunt an animal. It would make me sad. I do enjoy using them (as I do my bow) for targets. I consider it a sport. I also would be happy enough to have one on hand if someone breaks into my house. I would like the right to defend myself (from a robber not the government like some people get all crazy about- although those same people claim they are one int he same).
    Anyway, I do not think we will see guns disappear in our lifetime. Innocent people shouldn't be punished. While, I would miss the occassional target practice, I could live without mine if it meant saving lives. I just don't see that ever happening. Yes, the laws need to change. They need to be more strict. Still, I'm sure the mother obtained everything legally that her son got his hands on. However, she KNEW he had mental issues. Why she would allow him access to those guns is beyond me. They can be used responsibly and legally. I am ok with the proposed laws. I don't think it will solve everything but it is a step in the right direction. People are acting like all their guns will be taken away. That isn't the case so they need to chill out. IF the laws don't work today we can change them again tomorrow. At least they are trying to save lives and address the issues. They may not have all the answers. Nothing is black and white. There will still be some violence but even if we prevent some things it will help.

  190. Michelle Wakefield Shenton

    More funding for mental health would not have helped this guy or the one in Colorado. Adam's family had money and resourced to get him help and they failed all of us. The guy in Colorado was in therapy. The therapist couldn't report on the things he said. Obviously mental health is as issue but they were able to obtain help. The mom legally owned the guns. Things that may have helped…Lanza's parents not allowing him access to guns and making sure he received the mental health he needed and they could afford. Theater shooter, allowing therapists to disclose to authorities their concerns. Making her keep her mouth shut lost all of those lives. Sure he was probably smart enough to know his therapist couldn't talk to authorities and if she could then he probably wouldn't have gone there. However, if he was forced to get evaluated and have references perhaps before buying a gun, maybe he wouldn't have been able to get one (how many people claimed they thought he was "off"?). Maybe allowing certain school officials to have access to a gun would help. If Sandy Hook's principal had one she could have stopped him long before the police arrived. So there are a lot of sides. No one solution. More restrictive laws for all? Criminals do not obey but if they had less access it would help. Better laws (allowing trained and comfortable school officials to carry)? I don't know. Maybe if they had one in the school a student could get their hands on it that way. It would probably have to be locked up but then when you need it in a hurry, precious minutes are wasted. So many sides to such a big issue.

  191. Michelle Wakefield Shenton

    In this case, the mom allowed her mentally ill son access to her guns. The laws would not have helped him. She already had the guns legally. She didn't keep them from him. The mom is the largest one to blame here. Why knowing you son has issues would you give him free reign of your guns? He didn't get them off the streets or from a dealer. The laws may help some but not all. Government mental health funding wouldn't have solved it. I'm sure with all their money he could have the best trained professionals. This unfortunately could have been prevented or at least made more difficult if the mom used more sense. I know she isn't here to defend herself so I will leave it at that. We have guns in our house. I have only used them on targets, not even an animal. I couldn't do it. The only way I could shoot a living thing would be in self defense. They will never ban all weapons. So in the meantime I feel better having protection. They are put away and also locked on top of that. I just bought a gun safe in addition to everything else because my son is 13. The only way he is getting his hands on a gun is when he goes through training and is properly supervised. He will never have access to ours unattended. People just need to be smarter. We know guns will never go away. So, we have to do what we can to set proper laws and safe guards the best we can.

  192. Michelle Wakefield Shenton

    Diane, I agree with your sentiments but Ryan is just stating the awful truth. While unpleasant it is the truth. In another year or two those not directly affected will move on to the new issue. Unless your nose is shoved in it daily people move on with their lives and their business as usual. It is sad. More people should be outraged not only by Sandy Hook but the other things Ryan mentions. He isn't AGAINST you. He is just stating that its in your face today and gone tomorrow. It's sad how it's the truth.

  193. Dale H Curry

    Ms. Posner, thank your for taking this action and telling us. I do not believe I will ever get the picture of your son's mutilated body out of my head. But I do promise to use the image to campaign for change that will matter. My heart and prayers are with you and your family during this process. As you face the coming political maelstrom, please know there are many of your fellow citizens who are behind you and support you in your efforts.

  194. Bonnie Jackson Crawford

    I cannot comprehend how so many people in this country are against even SENSIBLE gun laws that would make them harder to obtain. Mrs. Ponzer is a brave lady, and I would like to think that those who love guns to the extreme would be moved by seeing the little children's bodies after being senselessly murdered. How would they feel if it had been one of THEIR children or grandchildren?? It is amazing that the country is not immediately coming together and insisting on gun control laws that actually greatly reduce the number of guns and murders in this country. How could ANYONE support the continued carnage and unimaginable grief over sanity?

  195. Mary R. Vogt

    Actually, when people are too sad to even be able to deal, they sound quite normal. I delivered a tearless eulogy at my dad's funeral becuase I was trying to be strong. That's actually how most people behave.

  196. Renee Marie

    If a madmad ran into a theater with heroine filled needles, as his weapon of choice, we might have to rethink our failing "war on drugs". Stoning 20 school children and 6 teachers to death would not make a "ban stones" practical or "easy". But we sure can minimize weapons of choice that we humans manufacture and profit from the distribution of! Let's talk about our broad diseases of the heart. We MUST think about motives and behaviors that we are becoming so immune to. Our culture of violence, a broad problem closely related to a general reduction in: teaching and honoring civility, empathy, compromise, compassion, positive coping skills through adversity… and a myriad of other common sense values which are not exclusive to the "RIGHT", the "LEFT", the "Republican, Democrat, Progressive, Independent", a particular faith or non-faith, etc, is in need of a global, non-violent conversation and some agreeable sacrifices.

  197. Mary R. Vogt

    thekeims I could tell you exactly where he got them… but I'm too polite. 😉

  198. Renee Marie

    we need to have a national conversation about WHY we want the guns (threat of self harm, threat of govt, etc…), why we need to drink so much that our judgement is impaired and we may kill others with our cars or our phones, or eating while driving, why we feel so threatened about having the conversation in the 1st place… consideration of others… let's get to the root of the problem and we might agree that we don't need those dangers anymore because we're HAPPPY, Thriving, connected, Awake, Aware and ALIVE… let's ask WHY, respectfully but urgently!

  199. Renee Marie

    I'm agnostic so let'sTRY to remember that within the evolution of humin (spelled phonetically) hearts and brains, some have come to an understanding of our existence in equally meaningful, non-faith based ways. I believe in your right to believe in and serve a God but please try to resist the urge to save me by demanding that I follow. I am a "born again and again and again humin being" always born on the side of personal accountability, compassion, and forgiveness… not on a book of stories…for even the radical Muslims have their devine book. Religion and the story of how "free-will" messes God's plan all up continues to justify hate, separation, killing, judgment, perversions of humin dignity, etc.

  200. Laura Lovelett Balem

    I guess we will have to break away from the tyranny of Great Britain again, or perhaps Russia, or Germany or Japan. I agree 100% with Kim. Most people wouldn't know "tyranny from the right side of a barn!!!!!

  201. Renee Marie

    goodhands7979: peace be with you… unintentional pregnancy is sad enough, bringing the human embryo into an overpopulated world where anti abortionists do NOT step-up to pay the price for prenatal care, parent education, OR raising all God's unaborted or unwanted children, is devastating… a different kind of murder, in a way. trust me, I know. No one rescued the 5 my parents made… one completed a suicide, 1985; one is in prison, one just evaporated, 2 of us struggle with every anxiety to get it "right"… how do YOU make a difference beyond your praise for factoids?

  202. Pam Bergren

    I live in CT. I hear the stories of what the classroom, and these little tiny 3' bodies looked like. There are 1st responders who still are unable to go back to work, after having to clean this up. One woman wanting to hold her child one last time, was told the body was in pieces. Everyone in this State is stil in some kind of shock, that these were 50 lb little bodies. I felt that every Congress person should have been flown into Newtown that day, and made to go through that school, so when the vote came up, there would not be one hesitant vote, for fear of a bad NRA rating.

  203. Robin Bradley

    No one is forcing you to abide to his religion which he didn't even define. Russell is only stating his thoughts. Give him a break.

  204. Steven Bender

    @Kim LaCapria: The news reports have been misleading. The murder of the children was by handguns, no spraying guns were used. An NBC news report video says the shooter was caught in the building with 4 handguns. The so-called AR15 assault style weapon was recovered from the trunk of the vehicle. I haven't heard any autopsy reports as to what caliber bullets have been recovered, how many different ballistics signatures, etc.. We are being rushed into knee jerk reactions. Who benefits ? People need to keep their radar tuned and be suspicious of the major media stories. In most cases you can find a great amount of distortion and misinformation.

  205. Maryann Hartman

    Lisa Ernie Hardeman she has done all her crying in private. There comes a time when tears mean nothing to people other than the ones directly effected by the tragedy. Just because she didn't cry means nothing. Crying will not solve anything because if it did, there would be NO more tragedies of any kind.

  206. Anne Broderick Regent

    Lisa Ernie Hardeman: How dare you presume to judge this poor woman by how you think she should act! HOW DARE YOU ASSUME THAT YOUR IDEA OF HOW SOMEONE SHOULD ACT IN A CERTAIN SITUATION IS THE ONLY RIGHT AND CORRECT ONE? Are you some standard setter for the human race or just immensely arrogant and judgemental? I am amazed that you had the nerve to post a comment such as you did on an open board for all of your friends to see! (they do get notifications of your posts just in case you didn't know). Try showing some respect and compassion for a woman who is enduring the horrendous loss of a child. My only wish for you is that you never have to experience what those parents of Sandy Hook have.

  207. Maryann Hartman

    Yes, but we ARE NOT solving the problem. The constitution says you have the right to bear arms but, NOWHERE does it say you are entitled to have assaults weapons, which by the way, weren't even in existence in 1776. I think we should adopt the same kind of laws we use to obtain the right to a driver license. And actually guns nor people kill people, the BULLETS/AMMo does.

  208. Colette Mackin

    Since the tragedy in Newtown, 1 little boy has pulled at my heart, Noah Pozner. As cute as he is its the fact that he has a twin sister. When you have twins everything is 2…they were born together, play together and at times they are simply just referred as the twins. I can't image what any of those parents are going thru…but Noahs mom wanted everyone to know what it was like seeing her son after he was shot 11 times. Heartbreaking….

  209. Paul Garrett

    Hand guns and assault rifles and the ammunition for them are designed to do one thing: kill human beings as brutally and quickly as possible by inflicting as much damage as possible. As a hunter I know that my deer rifle and its ammunition is designed to kill a deer as quickly as possible with as little damage as possible but the damage inflicted, by definition, is still catastrophic. I know what the damage looks like. It is beyond my comprehension that people passionately feel compelled to ignore the obscene desecration of these children’s bodies by these weapons and scream about their “right to bear arms” as if the literal shredding of children’s bodies is simply the price these children are required to pay for their “right.” As far as I am concerned the NRA and its adherents’ are cowards hiding behind children’s bodies. They are cowards too afraid of the flood of weapons they have helped create to face that flood and the accompanying catastrophes like Sandy Hook without a gun in their hand. They use these children’s slaughter as justification for their cowardice and to deny their part in creating the mess we’re in by insisting that they have a right to own weapons of mass murder. For my part I will not join them in their cowardice. I will not live in fear. I will not live in fear that says we must turn our schools, parks, theaters, shops, churches and homes into armed camps to protect us from “bad guys” with guns. I will not join cowards with their guns saying guns are the answer when in fact guns, and cowards with guns, are the problem. I will not be a coward asking children to pay the price for my being to cowardly to fight to live in a society free enough to be free of weapons of mass murder.

  210. Harold Gilliam

    I really like what his mom has done and also the reference to what Emmett Till's mom had accomplished. Hollywood has always romanticized the damage that bullets cause. You know the humane deaths of nice and neat bullet entry and exit holes… never the true carnage because of the fear of lost revenue due to the rating changes from 'R' to 'X'. HOWEVER, whenever you watch a martial arts film, or the classic Cowboy vs. Indian Westerns, most of the carnage is quite graphic…illustrating the awful devastation that sharp instruments can cause. Suppose this could be a great opportunity for a study to see if "Violence in American Films reflect Cultural, Racial and/or Social biases". The hypothesis would really need some work in order to quantify the results here. Then perhaps people will learn that guns and the various types of ammunition tailored to kill in the most irreparable ways was intentional and purposefully designed that way. :-(

  211. Leslie Milan Johnson

    I don't know if I could have done it. Her bravery is overwhelming, and her desire to bring reality to the discussion shows incredible strength.

  212. Paul Francis Sullivan

    He's vomiting bile disrespectfully. Tell him to preach hate somewhere else. Let's honor the memories of the children, wish the best for the parents and leave mythology out of it

  213. Greg La Manna

    I agree: we should publish as much information as the public is willing to bear when these shootings occur.

    And this next comment will get me crucified by the truth-haters out there: we should do the same for abortion victims, and for the same reasons. Let's put a face and name on the murderous brutality against children in their most fragile and defenseless stage of life: unborn.

    Let's be CONSISTENT.

  214. Kevin Blaze Pardi

    Hi Renee, this is Blaze from CA. looks like you're back at the east coast. A friend of mine said the whole Sandy Hook thing was a conspiracy to put pressure to banned guns. Goggle: Sandy Hook conspiracy, they used the example that Tim McVey didn't use a single gun, fertilizer and racing fuel. Hope to hear from you. Peace.

  215. Kathleen M Schultz

    I'm sick of gun lovers getting all nit picky if someone uses a term they find incorrect. The point is that six year old children were shot multiple times with a weapon capable of doing that. Self-righteously chiding those of us (a majority of Americans, I might add) who do not worship guns serves as much purpose as me correcting your grammar.

  216. Kathleen M Schultz

    Neni (pronounced "Ninny" one presumes) you have it backward. The purpose of the 'well-regulated militia' of the Second Amendment was to defend the government, not stand against it. The US did not have a standing army and depended upon those militia for defense against insurrection. Rewriting history to fit your paranoia does not change history.

  217. Sunny Chapman

    Do you seriously think a bunch of people with guns could take on the US military? LOL! One word: drones. And that's just one of the advanced weapons the military has that would enable them to put down any insurrection in a NY minute, aside from that, they are highly trained and in incredible physical condition. Your argument is complete nonsense.

  218. Scott Bolthouse

    I disagree Russell. You don't have to be one with "Christ's Kingdom" to do good in this world. Being a good person has nothing to do with religion. I am a humanist, and I believe it is up to us as people, as a civilized society to change things. I am not religious, I do not believe in Christ, but I am still a good person (I Hope).

  219. Sunny Chapman

    And Reagan was surrounded by armed Secret Service agents when he was shot.

  220. Karen Peters

    goodhands7979 Although your numbers may be accurate they distort the acutal statistics. First you only gave the number of deaths by rifles, not total deaths by guns. Total deaths by guns are much higher than the 323 by rifle, so your statistics are distorted. Second, how many separate cases were these numbers from? Out of these 323 rifle deaths how many of them were commited at one time (mass shooting) compared to how many of the 496 deaths by blunt object were commited at one time? I can not recall any cases where 20 or more people were blungeoned to death in a single incident by a man using a club or a hammer , have you? So once again your statistics are distorted. This is just another case where people use a small part of actual facts in an attempt to distort the true statistics to fool other into believing what they want them to believe. Thank God, most of us are not that gullible.

  221. Kurtza Speer

    Instinctively every living creature knows right from wrong there's no religion about it. Religion was invented to keep the poor from murdering the rich. Any common ground for any religion has been based upon the ideal as to treat others as you would have them treat you. The golden rule, perhaps is as stagnant as common sense. My soul yearns for this mother and her horrific nightmares which she will suffer forever. One thing is most certain, a mother never forgets…ever.

  222. Nancy Barron

    goodhands7979 And? Your point is? I know…if you've got a hammer, a gun, a car, etc. yada etc….then you have no need for a gun to protect yourself. Gotcha! :-)

  223. Linda Brown

    Losing a child has to be one of the worst things anyone can endure. A little child that God created with a soul, a spirit, personality and character. My heart goes out to every parents of Sandy Hook who has lost one of Gods most precious gifts. But where are all the tears for the other children? Even more, my heart breaks for all those unique little lives that have been snuffed out by abortion! Where are all the hearts that should be breaking for them? Where is all the outrage that should be heard about the tools used or for the professionals that murdered them? What is wrong with a society which, understandably, would rise up against a tragedy such as Sandy Hook, yet not a word is spoken for all the children killed in silence and thrown in dumpsters day after day, week after week, month after month? What, sincerely, do we owe them? Don't they deserve recognition as well?

  224. Linda Brown

    Sandra Bukoski If you take a close look at your figures, you'll find that a very large part of your 'handgun deaths, were done by guns of police officers and gangs. NO gun laws will effect these 2 groups. They both will always have guns no matter how many laws or bans.

  225. Linda Brown

    thekeims If you take a close look at your figures, you'll find that a very large part of your 'firearms deaths, were done by guns of police officers and gangs. NO gun laws will effect these 2 groups. They both will always have guns no matter how many laws or bans. They always fail to give this data. Look it up. You'll find that firearm deaths by private owners is miniscule.

  226. Jennifer Anderson

    @ Kim LaCapria You could explain this to them until you're blue in the face. They're not listening.

  227. Jennifer Anderson

    Lisa Ernie Hardeman So what, are you the grief police? Because what she didn't do is what YOU would've done? Please…

  228. Jennifer Anderson

    Article is about a 6 year old boy riddled with 11 bullets (shot in the GD FACE!) and they're still going on with their paranoid, government's going to git ch'ya, black helicopter, 'the kids were killed with a hand gun', can't stop it so let's do jack, the mother didn't cry enough so she's an actor, didn't believe in god enough, inbred BULLS@! T! I swear this is why we get NOTHING done in this country! You know what, geniuses? IF the government came after you to take away your preeeecious, I can assure you it would not play out like some wild west movie! You wouldn't stand a chance! Get off your high horses you inbred cowboys!

  229. Jennifer Anderson

    So your god let this happen because we didn't all worship him enough? What a GREAT god!

  230. Jennifer Anderson

    Right Shawn! Why don't we legalize drunk driving then. Some people don't follow the laws ANYWAY! Right?! You know what you can do with your gun.

  231. Anonymous

    The Second Amendment protects the First Amendment, and bullets do a great job in inflicting horrific damage to those who would oppress you, i.e., a government and state gone berserk.

    Just ONE person packing a pistol at Sandy Hook Elementary School could have either prevented or grossly minimized the carnage. GUNS SAVE LIVES! Ask the Jews who survived the concentration camps.

    If Obama grabs the guns, he will go down in history as the 21st Century president who started a civil war.

    Remember Sandy Hook.
    December 14, 2012.

  232. Anonymous

    Unless you're a capitalist, neither the government nor the state is your friend, and you must remain armed against the potential for a government and state gone berserk.

    Bullets blow away kids' jaws? No duj!

  233. Anonymous

    Unless you're a capitalist, neither the government nor the state is your friend, and you must remain armed against the potential for a government and state gone berserk.

    Bullets blow away kids' jaws? NO DUH!

  234. Zach Carpenter

    We get nothing done in this country because people like you can't read the freaking Constitution and understand that there are limits on the government for a damn good reason.

  235. Jenn Andersen

    You're a fucking idiot if you think ANYWHERE in this bill that the "govmint gonna dake yer guns"! YOU are the fucking problem you fucking toothless teabilly cousin-diddler. Take off your fucking tinfoil hat. You can fondle all the guns you want. You piece of shit!

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