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Sony Patent Looks To Block Used Games On Future Consoles

Playstation 4

The publication of a recent patent application suggests that Sony is looking to block people from playing used games on upcoming consoles.

Rumors that game companies are looking for a way to crack down on second-hand games is nothing new. However, this tech patent application suggests Sony is taking steps to prevent people from playing used titles. According to Kotaku, the technology could be applied to the upcoming Playstation 4.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, which filed the application six months ago, would attempt to restrict game usage through the employment of an RF tags. Once the game has been linked to a particular console, it cannot be used on another system. In short, purchasing used video games could become a thing of the past.

The Sony tech patent application explains:

“Recent years have seen widespread use of terminal apparatuses [game consoles], each provided with a drive for reading data from a recording medium, which processes electronic content stored in the recording media.

“A technology of digital rights management (DRM) is introduced to prevent the electronic content from being used unlimitedly. Typically, DRM is a technology for the prevention of the unlimited copy of electronic content. To this end, the inventor recognized that there are cases where it is difficult to suitably restrict the use of electronic content, stored in the recording medium like DVD and commercially traded.”

According to The Escapist, Sony hasn’t publicly stated whether or not such technology will be incorporated into the Playstation 4. The website explains that it’s likely the company decided to patent the tech in case another entity tries to develop the same thing.

Sony Computer Entertainment America head Jack Tretton previously stated the company was opposed to blocking used games from its consoles. Similar rumors were going around when the Playstation 3 first debuted in 2006.

What do you think about the Sony patent that could prevent people from playing used games?

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6 Responses to “Sony Patent Looks To Block Used Games On Future Consoles”

  1. Kilted Bacchus

    This is the worst idea ever. Other than putting hundreds of thousands of people out of business, it would force you to buygames at inflated prices, and make obtaining older or discontinued games impossible.

  2. Charlene Andersen

    When I get a game, I get it because I want to play it, not for a week or a month or even a year, but for years to come. I still go back and play games I bought FIFTEEN YEARS ago, on completely different machines than the ones for which I originally bought it.

    This is nothing more than corporate greed.

  3. Jenny Garnsey

    it did say that they were most likely getting the patent so that other companies couldn't create the software capability themselves and it would be to prevent them from blocking the use of used games. Its sort of a "Its mine and you can't use it to piss people off" deal.

  4. Philip DiRusso

    if people decide to boycot sony tey would lose a hell of a lot more money sony beware you could loose many customers who likw to play games on their computers and when one buys a new computer to play the samee game that is sure a crock of bull shit.

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