cindy crawford champagne facial

Cindy Crawford’s Champagne Facial Draws Haters, But Original Supermodel Still Has It

Cindy Crawford‘s champagne-soaked Hollywood sign shoot shows that the model — who is pushing 50 — looks every bit as gorgeous as she did in her catwalk heyday, and the pic has drawn the predictable internet love/hate machine into full swing.

Cindy Crawford posted her champagne “facial” on Facebook and Twitter (tweet below) with the following message, and as she approaches the big five-o, the fashion icon still looks smashing — Crawford said:

“Happy New Year!! We’re popping champagne tonight to ring in the new year… although it probably won’t be as fun as doing this shoot with Terry Richardson. Have fun & be safe tonight!”

Looking at Cindy Crawford’s champagne pic, it’s hard to see anything but a career icon engaging in some slightly naughty alcohol imagery — but it didn’t stop vitriolic posters on the Daily Mail‘s site saying cruel things like:

“An irresponsible display! Too many kids are drinking when they are underage and it is becoming an epidemic. She should show a little more concern for our youth!”

Others griped:

“Cindy you are not 21-years old anymore and you are starting to look weird.”

“[God,] how skeevy.”

“Cindy the 90s called and they want their supermodel back. Why so desperate? Go home and knit or something. Peddle some more of your miracle face cream. I’m a hater bc I’m sick of celebs staying around way too long.”

“Her breast implants look awful!”


“Cheap and irresponsible photo shoot. Sad she has descended this low.”

It seems, alas, that Cindy Crawford’s champagne controversy just proves that haters gonna hate — it’s clear that Cindy still has it, and in the absence of a real decline in talent for the model, people will just rag on her for still being pretty.