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Justin Bieber: Paparazzi Photographer Killed While Chasing Bieber’s Ferrari [Video]

Justin Bieber

A Paparazzi photographer was killed by oncoming traffic Tuesday evening as he to get some pictures of Justin Bieber’s Ferrari, according to an exclusive report by TMZ. Los Angeles Police are reporting that Bieber was not behind the wheel of the car during the incident.

Los Angeles Police are telling the media that Bieber’s white Ferrari was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol for a routine traffic stop. Bieber’s Ferrari was being driven by a friend and another of the pop star’s buddies was in the passenger seat, Bieber was not in the car at the time of the incident. The car was pulled over on Sepulveda Boulevard near the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

The photographer had been following the Ferrari in hopes Bieber would emerge from the car and he would get some exclusive snaps.

The photographer parked his car behind the police officer when Bieber’s Ferrari was pulled over. The paparazzi member got out to take pictures of the Ferrari and hopefully of Bieber. As he exited the vehicle the photographer was advised by the California Highway Patrol to step back because the situation was not safe. It was at that point that an oncoming car hit the photographer.

Los Angeles police Officer James Stoughton said the photographer, who was not identified, died at a hospital shortly after the crash according to the Daily Mail.

Police have made it clear that there were no drugs or alcohol involved with either the photographer or the other driver that hit him.

A full investigation is under way to see if there were any contributing factors to the accident.

Justin Bieber had recently been on television preforming on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve the night before.

Check out Bieber performing at Times Square New Year’s Eve.

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76 Responses to “Justin Bieber: Paparazzi Photographer Killed While Chasing Bieber’s Ferrari [Video]”

  1. Crystal Rucker

    that's dumb to say he should go to jail…he let someone borrow his car, and the guy wouldn't take no for an answer. Frankly, he doesn't have anything to do with it.

  2. Faye Williamson Stokes

    I don't like Justin Bieber but why in the world should he be charged because some photographer was bound and determined to get pictures?

  3. Alva Hetzer

    He should not go to jail because he was not in the car. Just because someone is famous or a rich does not mean they have to be punished for something they did not do. People need to get a life.

  4. Amanda Hendricks

    I think he should be treated like he is just an average Joe. If he wasn't famous there would'nt be a question about if he should go to jail or not.

  5. Amy K. Hicks

    Oooooh, I see. Someone was killed while trying to invade another's privacy. And the one who was the attempted victim should pay, bc he owns the car that was sitting on the side of the road that had the invader of privacy distracted to the point of death. THIS is another fine example of how ass backwards our country has become!

  6. Faye Williamson Stokes

    The photographer was also advised to step back because it wasn't safe.

  7. Jacqueline L Steinert

    I'm the furthest thing from a fan but how the hell could he be held responsible……. Anything for ratings! Smh…

  8. Elaine Johnson Barr

    I'm not a Bieber fan ~ but you can't blame him for the death of the paparazzi photographer who was chasing him. In my world No means No and Bieber is not responsible for other people's actions or stupidity.

  9. Mac Higgins

    Don't like Bieber. Honestly, hate Bieber. But that's just ridiculous. Was not driving, was not even in the car. Some FOOL stops on the road to take pictures of, technically, a crime scene. gets told it's not safe by an officer and then gets hit by a car. ANYONE that thinks Beiber should be charged is a bloody fool. If something had happened to Bieber instead we would all be screaming for the paparazzis head, remember Princess Di? Other driver should be charged, minimum involuntary manslaughter. Maybe, this happens enough, the paparazzi will start backing off, let these people live their lives.

  10. Kathryn Rife

    what does this have to do with Justin at all…he wasn't even there….this country is getting pretty darn dumb to even ask this question!

  11. Lisa Penzimer

    What does it matter if he was in the car or not? What if he was driving the car? Would it make a difference? I don't think so…

  12. Mary Prosser

    Why should Justin or anyone from his car go to jail? It was pulled over and wasn't the car that hit the guy.

  13. Kirsten Knutson Stoll

    And Amanda? What's the answer? I'll tell you. The cop was performing a routine traffic stop. The photographer had NO BUSINESS pulling in behind the cop, and in fact, should been cited if he hadn't gotten hit.

  14. James Johnson

    Wiiliam, Justin Bieber drives a Ferrari F430. It has four-seats and four-wheel drive. So what's hard to believe about someone riding in the backseat?

  15. Travis Russell

    Normally, I would be recommending enthusiastically that Bieber go to jail, or wherever it is that would take him far far away from here. However in this case, I hate the paparazzi more than I hate Beiber and they should not be allowed to invade peoples personal space and take photos without permission..So, in this case, the idiot got what he deserved.

  16. Sherry Fisher Tanzman

    Sure! It would have been so much better if Justin Bieber had been killed while being chased by photographers — like Princess Diana! What the hell is wrong with you — Bieber is the victim here.

  17. Cathy Raney Gillespie

    if u are stupid to stand by incoming traffic its your own darn fault the justins.

  18. Catryna White

    Heh heh.. I guess the officer was right; it wasn't safe for the photographer.

  19. Catryna White

    How stupid is that. But, then stupid is as stupid does. We are all responsible for our own actions. To put the blame of someone else's actions on another is the epitome of stupidity. Totally irrational.

  20. Rose Blankenship

    Bieber is not responsible even if he was in the car. Where do you idiots come up with this crap that he should go to jail. What did he do exactly to cause the death of this moron who just had to take no for an answer to a police officer?

  21. Glenna Bible

    If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. These photographers are fanatical about getting a picture to get money for it. I am sorry this man died, but he was dealing in risky behavior without concern for his own or anyone else's well-being. Justin was not involved, thank goodness. I pray that this will be a wake-up call for photographers as well as the people they try to get pictures of.

  22. Jeff Brewer

    The question "should J Bieber go to jail for this" doesn't have anything to do with the article. It was only asked to get viewers to this page…. Nothing about this article is even suggesting that there is a possibility that charges could be filed against Justin for this…

  23. Tonya Ingram

    Beiber wasnt even there,so that is just stupid and his car weas involved in the accident itself, that is just a headline to get views

  24. Rose Fitzgerald

    stupid is as stupid does. I bet the picture wasn't worth it now the rest of you scum take notes.

  25. Kathy Kirsch

    The only reason anyone including myself opened this page up was to see whether he deserves jail time. And knowing that this is the only reason most would open it is why they asked such a stupid question. It was a form of getting one to view the site. AND IT WORKED………

  26. Debbie Hannas

    I agree with you, I watched him on new years eve. and it was terrible. plus his clothes was terrible looking as well. and for someone to own a Ferrari at that age is just un heard of.He is not man enough to drive something that powerful even if he was not drving at the time, so yes he should pay for the death because he should not have someone else driving a fast car like that with or without him. that knew what they were sitting behing the wheel of.

  27. Kathryn Latour

    The stupid paparazzi is trying to stock this guy, gets hit by a car cus he is an idiot, and people this SOMEONE not even iin the freakin car is to blame only because he is famous? I don't think so. What about the car that ACTUALLY Hit the guy?

  28. Missy Smallwood

    YEP!! I agree John LOL Ive heard and seen enough of Bieber til Im sick of him. I dont like his music, but then Im a Black/Death Metal person. and No I dont care if I spelled anything right or his name as Im not gonna look it up LOL

  29. Dianna Sullivan Martin

    I was going to make a scathing remark Catryna about your comment, but decided you're just not worth the effort!

  30. Eileen O'Brien Patterson

    Why would you ask such a stupid question? Even if Bieber was driving the car (I'm not a fan, by theway) he's not responsible because some idiot stepped out into traffic. Your attempt at creating news is terribly lame.

  31. Jennifer Rose Hilton

    no of course not Justin didn't do anything wrong he let his friend borrow his car its not anyone fault except the photographer that was silly enough to be in the road.. even if he were in the car not his fault.

  32. Jennifer Rose Hilton

    ? so amanda if the average joe lets someone use there car & some idot decides to be in a dangerous area to take a pic of said person they should go to jail? right that makes sense NOT

  33. James Wendell Chenault

    I don't like him but he had nothing to do with it and should not go to jail for anything. Police should fine the hell out of the company the dead man worked for. Quit buying all these stupid gossip mags and this crap would stop. Why don't we ban the paparazzi?

  34. Gene Mastro

    Should The Inquisitr be shut-down for asking stupid pole questions?

  35. Gary Cook

    Paparazzi are just trying to make a living Wendell. I'd just as soon the American people would get over this fascination with celebraties. If you or me led the lifestyles a lot of them do, we'd be called trash. I have gotten to where I can't stand much of anybody in the entertainment industry.

  36. Amelia Sivadon

    Since when is that called a creation? Other people write it and tell him exactly what to do, it's created, but not by him. I agree with you though… it is a travesty. :-) It's a shame that when people have nothing better to say they attack your spelling… as if that's going to make Justin Bieber any better. 😛

  37. Tonya Hice

    Why the hell should Justin go to jail for an incident he had no part in? The photographer was in the wrong–who in their right mind gets out to take pics at traffic stops?! A tragic end, the victim this time was the paparazzi rather than the celeb–unlike in Princess Di's incident. They've gotta learn to back the hell off!

  38. Carole Mitchell Lewis

    I don't like Justin Beiber but he had nothing to do with what happened. The only thing he did was loan his car to a friend. The car wasn't even moving when the photographer was hit. The police officer told him he was in an unsafe area. His death was his own fault. Trying to get a picture of a celebrity was more important to him than his life. That is crazy behavior.

  39. Katherine Feigel

    Yeah there was another major contributing factor STUPIDITY! The guy got out of his car and stepped into on coming traffic just to get a stupid picture! So not only was the guy a parasite but a dumb at that.

  40. Pam Stephens

    Kathryn I agree, Justin should not be charged with anything…he was the owner of the car and that is it….photographers really go out and if something like this happens, its sad, but it is his situation that he created wanting to get pics….too bad some of the photographers in the Princess Diana accident did not lose their life….

  41. Maybe AB

    I'm not especially a fan of Justin Bieber, but the paparazzi IS doing what it likes doing– snooping in others' lives! So, as far as I'm concerned, they agree to anything that crosses their path in the way of "job description."

  42. Deborah Akerson

    Not a Beiber fan but……why the hell should he go to jail because some photographer was trying to get pictures of him and to boot he wasn't even in the car the photographer was chasing? That's about the dumbest damn thing I've read so far!

  43. Lisa Johnson

    Sounds to me the Officer told the man to step back and so he did what he was told to by the officer and got hit ((??? ))) right??? And if your friend borrowed your car and that happened , should you go to jail??

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