Jessica Simpson's second pregnancy

Jennifer Hudson And Jessica Simpson Show Off Their Bodies In Weight Watchers Ad

In a grabbing headline that seems like a punchline after the announcement of Jessica Simpson’s second pregnancy, both Simpson and Hudson are seen in a new ad for Weight Watchers posing while showing off their bodies.

Simpson is Weight Watchers’ first pregnant spokesperson. Jennifer Hudson and Simpson stood alongside each other and discussed the struggle to balance weight with their roles as mothers. Hudson, who started out being known in the industry as a full figured woman, said she was “just born that way.” However, Simpson, who years ago was seen posing in her daisy dukes, said that she was “always on some new life-stopping diet.”

Before announcing her second pregnancy with partner Eric Johnson, Simpson had lost a total of 50 pounds following her efforts on the Weight Watchers program. A representative from Weight Watchers via PEOPLE has spoken on Jessica Simpson’s behalf to clear up rumors that have sprung up with the concern of a speedy second pregnancy, noting that Jessica, “will not be following the [weight loss] program during the pregnancy while her weight and well-being are monitored by her obstetrician.”

Before Jessica Simpson made her second pregnancy official to the world, there was some speculation that a quick second pregnancy, after a high profiled weight changing first one, would ultimately result in her firing. However, it looks like Weight Watchers has decided in good taste to stand by Simpson, waiting until her pregnancy is over, while smartly taking the campaign in a whole new direction with an emphasis on motherhood.

Earlier in the week, Jessica Simpson put the worriers to rest by using Weight Watchers as an official platform to announce her pregnancy in a commercial that was filmed in November, which shows the singer visibly expecting.

What do you think of Weight Watchers new strategy?