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Lady Gaga’s Ticket Prices Drop Dramatically Due To Poor Sales

Lady Gaga

Straight from CNN, it’s been said that Lady Gaga isn’t exactly ringing in the New Year with the best numbers. Gaga, who’s said to have one of the most anticipated tours of 2013, hasn’t been selling tickets as predictors first expected. What was expected to be a sold out tour for Born This Way Ball is now being dropped in price dramatically due to poor ticket sales.

Earlier this morning, ticket pricesdropped at popular ticket site StubHub for as significant as $23 dollars, which is a huge drop from the initial $60 dollars on Ticketmaster. At this point in the game, Gaga, who is promoting her second studio album Born This Way, should be outselling shows. As of right now, Lady Gaga’s first show, which starts on January 14 in Tacoma, still has tickets available for purchase, a rarity for an artist who has sold millions of records world wide.

Perhaps it’s the fact that Gaga has been out of the media for the better part of 2012. When she hit the scene, media filters and the world couldn’t escape her crazy performance artist outfits, and her vocal campaigns for gay rights. For the better part of 2012, the singer hasn’t been at the forefront of the media. Instead, we have the likes of Nicki Minaj making headlines for her outrageous behavior.

If Lady Gaga’s tickets don’t sell, probably one of two things may happen. She might be forced to promote her concert by giving tickets away closer to the date, which isn’t that rare, or she may have to cancel dates. Either way, the looks of any empty seats is pretty embarrassing.

In spite of all this, Ticketmaster is still standing by the face that the Born This Way Ball tour is among the top five grossing tours of 2012. Perhaps we can blame this one on the economy and ticket prices that were originally set at $100 a piece of a decent seat?

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24 Responses to “Lady Gaga’s Ticket Prices Drop Dramatically Due To Poor Sales”

  1. Miguel Perez

    It gets worse. She is giving away thousands of seats to Youth Homeless Shelters in the name of "charity" but exploiting them in order to get rid of her tickets.

  2. Anonymous

    The tickets for the concert are not "$23" they are at least $60 CNN and all other articles reporting on this need to do their research! Go on stub hub and try buying a $23 Lady Gaga ticket there aren't any cuz the $23 is for parking not for the concert!

  3. Lara L. Bailey

    the tickets are a combo of both. I saw some on there for 25 bucks and right next to it one for like 150. It just depends on where the seats are, but yes stubhub has a combo of both.

  4. Sam Osler

    Madonna, meanwhile had the #1 grossing tour of the year with MDNA. BILLBOARD and Pollstar confirmed all 88 dates as sell outs, with a gross of $296 million! MDNA is also the 10th highest grossing tour of all time, and the second highest grossing tour for a female, behind Madonna's previous Sticky & Sweet tour (which is the 4th highest grossing tour of all time)! Poor Gaga.

  5. Rebeca Lopez

    Is not about money or bad economy, just see Taylor swift ticket sales!! She is selling out dates that she needs to add more dates!! So we can call lady gaga a flop with her "bored this way tour"

  6. Joe Ovalle

    2012 was the year of MDNA ♥.

    #1 album in over 57 countries, #1 Top-Grossing Tour: Nearly $300 Million selling out stadiums across the globe, Super Bowl halftime performance the most watched ever with 160 Million watching just for Madonna. Golden Globe for Best Original Song "Masterpiece" , $75 million in tour merchandise, "Material Girl" clothing line and her new perfume, Truth or Dare $60 million is expected in sales according to Women's Wear Daily. The Queen of Pop is poised to pocket in 2012 as much as $500 million dollars in one year alone!

  7. Anonymous

    I think the cheapest tickets on stubhub go for $70, the $23 and even $19 are just for parking. But either way her show is not selling out like the MDNA tour and I don't think Lady Gaga cares… Its just about the music and her charity work. She is now working with UNICEF and is providing free counseling at her concerts for troubled little monsters. So what if she is not selling out arenas, when did Madonna or any other artist offer free counseling for their fans? plus Lady Gaga's BF is much hotter than Madonna's 😉

  8. Steve Anson

    Childish reply. Are you 12 years old, kewiman805? Clearly Gaggs fans needs counseling seeing all the psychotic attacks at Madonna stories.

  9. Andy Tse

    Gags sucks. Out of curiosity I took a peek at her show on YouTube. Booooorrrrinnnng!

  10. Joe Ovalle

    Hahaha what did you expect? No wonder the audience in Russia were walking out Zzzzzzz

  11. Shannon Falls

    Tacoma is NOT her first tour date. I hate how America lists her first AMERICAN location. She's touring through both Canada and America, and she hits Vancouver, Canada first. Get your facts straight.

  12. Chan Kwan Yeung


  13. Jason Garrett

    I don't think it's the economy, as Madonna made a killing and obliterated the competition in 2012. The "economy" didn't faze her one bit. Next.

  14. Jason Garrett

    Yet what does that say, when more people still went to see Madonna instead?

  15. Willie Wanker

    Chan Kwan Yeung They're giving tickets on the Happy Meals for the Flop This Way Ball. People still not interested

  16. Raphael Cantu

    I am a Madonna fan at heart and she did rule the world in 2012!!!
    I'm also a fan of Gaga's and in my opinion she should've completed her MonsterBall Tour in 2011 then push her Born this way cd til 2013 followed by a tour! Too much to soon!!!

  17. Ade Bulla

    She has bored us stiff! All hype no substance. Only 43% of her tour seats were sold (at huge discounts) they tried to cover it up with a hip operation, pathetically desperate publicity, censorship, lies… Her album made a loss by selling at 99 cents on week one. The tour was boring, her music is 1980s, she can't dance, she is an average singer with a rather crass boice, the show was amateurish. No matter how many fake twitter profiles, youtube hits etc she creates (all found out), no matter what more and more ridiculous clothes she wears: she has no substance and has bored us stiff!

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