Jude Law Surfs Around Hawaii

Jude Law Goes Shirtless In Hawaii, Surfs With Son, Strolls Around Town [Photos]

Jude Law celebrated his 40th birthday on Saturday, December 29, and then he spent New Year’s Eve, bodyboarding with his youngest son, Rudy, and a friend in Maui, Hawaii.

The Anna Karenina actor was spotted bodyboarding and then strolling around the beach to visit some of the cities eateries and other retail locations

An onlooker recently spotted Jude at a bakery in Beverly Hills and told PEOPLE:

“Jude was really sweet to his kids and explained to them how the cupcakes [are made].”

The actor purchased some red velvet, vanilla, lemon, and whole milk cupcakes before exiting the store.

In Hawaii, Jude appeared to simply be enjoying some time with family while hanging out in the water.

Jude will soon be starring in the movie The Great Budapest.

Here’s a picture of Jude with his friend and his son as they enjoy the Maui surf:

Jude Law BodySurfing with son in Hawaii

[Images via Pacific Coast News]