The Farm

‘The Office’ Spin-Off Pilot ‘The Farm’ To Air This Spring

The Farm, the canceled spin-off to NBC’s hit comedy series The Office, will make it to the small screen for a special engagement this spring.

Although plans to give Dwight Shrute his own series were originally underway, the network ultimately decided to pass on The Farm. According to Cinema Blend, fans of the character and The Office will be able to check out the pilot this spring.

Reports suggest that The Farm starring Rainn Wilson will air at some point before the final episode of NBC’s long-running comedy. Series developer Greg Daniels recently told TVLine that some minor alterations to the show will be made before it airs.

Daniels explained:

“We’re not going to air exactly what it was, because it has certain aspects that were appropriate for a pilot of a new show. We’re going to shoot a little additional material to make it fit
into the season more.”

Producers said they originally struggled with how to wrap up the relationship between Rainn Wilson’s character and on-screen love interest Angela. Since actress Angela Kinsey didn’t plan on making the jump to the other show, Daniels said their relationship could have ended on a sour note for viewers.

Now that Wilson is done with The Office, it would appear the actor is already moving on to other projects. Next in line for Rainn is the upcoming science fiction piece Uncanny from writer, producer, and Dead & Breakfast director Matthew Leutwyler.

According to Internet Movie Database, the film tells the story of the world’s first perfect Artificial Intelligence as it begins to “exhibit startling and unnerving emergent behavior when a reporter begins a relationship with the scientist who created it.”

Are you looking forward to seeing The Farm when it airs this spring? Are you sad that The Office is being canceled by NBC?