Missing Couple

American Couple Missing In Afghanistan, Parents Reach Out For Help

The parents of an American couple, missing in Afghanistan for over two months, are reaching out in an effort to confirm that the couple is safe and in good health.

James Coleman, father of 27-year-old Caitlan, released the above picture in the hope that someone may be able to identify his daughter and her husband Josh. Caitlan is pregnant and due to deliver the couple’s first child in January. In addition to the pregnancy, Caitlan is in need of regular medical attention for a serious liver ailment.

The couple’s family became alarmed when they stopped receiving regular correspondence. The last communication they had was an e-mail they received from Josh on October 8. The e-mail stated that Caitlan and Josh were in an internet cafe in what they described as an “unsafe” area in Afghanistan.

The journey that led the couple to Afghanistan began in July of this year. They traveled through Russia, Several Asian countries, and were last known to be in Afghanistan. Caitlan’s father expressed that he and his wife Lyn do not know why their daughter and son-in-law were in Afghanistan or the exact location of the internet cafe where they were when they sent the last e-mail. The last transaction occurring from the couple’s bank account was October 9 in Kabul.

As reported by Fox News, Caitlan’s father James was unclear about the couple’s intentions for the remainder of their trip:

“He just said they were heading into the mountains — wherever that was, I don’t know. I assume they were going to strike out on foot like they were doing. They’re both kind of naive, always have been in my view. I don’t really know why they went there.”

Afghanistan authorities claim that they have not been able to gather any information concerning the whereabouts of the missing couple. Although some rumors have suggested a kidnapping, the parents of the Caitlan and Josh claim they have not received any ransom demands.

The U.S. State Department and Canadian Foreign Affairs Ministry both have assured the families that they are doing all they can to find the missing couple.

Caitlan’s father James posted a message on YouTube on December 13th, trying to reach out to the public for information about the missing couple: