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India Mulls Chemical Castration For Rapists

Calls For Chemical Castration And/Or Hanging of Convicted Rapists Are Growing

In an attempt to further deter crimes against women in India, Congress, the country’s ruling party, has decided to propose chemical castration of rapists, along with other strict measures.

The draft note for the proposal has not yet been finalized, but once it is it will be submitted to a Committee led by Justice J.S. Verma.

The International Business Times reports that the Committee was set up by India’s government after the massive public outrage following the Delhi gang rape of a 23-year-old woman, who died from her injuries.

The bill, along with chemical castration for rapists, reportedly also includes laws like imprisonment up to 30 years for rapists. Legal experts have also raised the possibility of reducing the age limit of those legally called “juveniles” from 18 to 15.

The question of changing the juvenile justice act began after the Delhi rape case, where one of the rapists, who reportedly inflicted the most damage on the victim, is a juvenile.

Because of his status as a juvenile, however, he will likely be let off with a mild punishment, because the juvenile law provisions don’t allow for strict punishments, even in a heinous crime situation.

The bill by the Congress party was drafted after the party spent time speaking with the Women and Child Development Ministry, which is headed by stakeholders and Krishna Tirath.

Russia Today adds that the Indian government has also heard calls from the Bharatiya Janata Party to hold an emergency parliamentary session. The session would discuss women’s safety in light of the 23-year-old woman’s death after she was brutally beaten and raped by six men. She and a male friend were beaten with iron bars, while she was raped repeatedly for close to an hour.

The unidentified woman died at a hospital in Singapore from multiple organ failure. Do you think that chemical castration would be an effective punishment for rapists?

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4 Responses to “India Mulls Chemical Castration For Rapists”

  1. Satish Chandra

    (Dec. 29, 2012): RAW has used the gang rape of the 23-year old Delhi girl and countrywide outrage to divert attention from my press releases this month about the "Anglo-American enforcement of their ownership of India", from the killing of over ten million Indians in just the ten years after 1857 by the British to enforce their will to the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan to drone attacks on Pakistan to the trafficking of Indian children to be used as food — RAWsTraffickingOfIndianChildrenDOTblogspotDOTcom — and the total possession and rape of India by the Anglo-Americans and their white friends in economic, military and all spheres with CIA's rule over India via RAW that I have described at WhatYouShouldKnowAboutRAWDOTblogspotDOTcom. Like keeping Indians and Pakistanis fighting each other rather than their white oppressors, this is meant to keep Indians focused on rapes of Indians by Indians and not on their incomparably more violent rape and domination by the white countries and all the Indians participating in this RAW-sponsored event are participating in the enforcement of Anglo-American ownership of India, in the rape of India. JoinIndiaWarOfIndependenceDOTblogspotDOTcom

    In service of its white masters RAW has committed innumerable terrorist acts in India taking part even in the Mumbai attack of 2008, carried out train accidents killing hundreds in each incident, sabotage of India's defence equipment, spreading AIDS in India to provide the white countries a population of guinea pigs for vaccine development, murders including those of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, etc., etc. The minor who has been arrested at first was reported to have assaulted only the victim's male friend but not taken part in the rape but later was assigned the responsibility for, by himself, having mutilated her intestines and other internal organs with an iron rod, because a minor can get away with confinement in a juvenile facility for a couple of years no matter what the crime. These may have been RAW operatives who committed the crime. There were no reports of the serious injuries to the victim's internal organs until about two days after she had been admitted to the hospital. The injuries to her internal organs may have been inflicted on her by a member of the hospital staff at RAW's behest, even under the pretext of doing surgery, or by a RAW operative who gained access to her after she had been admitted to the hospital.

    (Dec. 31, 2012) A surgeon named Shiv Shankar Sastry in Bangalore on the defence board Bharat-RakshakDOTcom using the handle "shiv" who is a RAW operative directed the mutilation of the above victim. An Indian physician who uses the handle "gakakkad" on Bharat-Rakshak and was apparently doing a fellowship in cardiology in the United States until recently works for CIA-RAW and participated in the above crime. Documentation of K. Subrahmanyam coming on line, along with the CIA Director Michael Hayden, on August 9, 2008 and offering to transfer one crore rupees into my bank account within 48 hours if I agreed to work for the CIA — which shows Indian governments, in the present and in the past, to be proxies for the CIA — can be seen via HaydenSubrahmanyamDOTblogspotDOTcom.

    Satish Chandra

  2. Maureen Lyttle

    This is TOTALLY OFF-TOPIC and not applicable here–mind the rules, please!

  3. Maureen Lyttle

    IT STILL STINKS IN INDIA (1): 3-year old child was brutally raped in Kotu Kata area in Bhilwara, Jaipur on February 12. 20-year old Asharam Kumar, a resident of the area, kidnapped the sleeping girl from her Nomadic family, took her to a nearby forest, raped her, beat her up, and savagely chewed her lips and other parts of her face. She was found, crying, in a pool of blood. 14 year-old girl brutally gang-raped in Haridwar district, by Ankit Deshraj, Deepak and Ankit Naresh. 12-year old boy raped a 6-year old girl in Kiran Nagar, Bhopal. The victim's mother found her daughter at a construction site with the boy. In Bihar, a 45-year old woman and mother of 4 was found gang-raped and hanging from a tree in Bhagalpur. In Punjab, on January 11, a 29-year old woman was travelling home on a bus. She was the last passenger on the bus along with the bus conductor and bus driver. They drove past her stop to a remote spot and, along with 5 friends, gang-raped her all night. 11-year old girl, still in hospital, was gang-raped by Suresh Jat, Ramesh Sharma and 4 others last August in Sikar, Rajasthan. She was pulled off the street into a vehicle while walking with her older sister. She required 14 reconstructive surgeries to repair her vagina, rectum, and internal organs. She lays in hospital all day, crying inconsolably. Four little girls, one as young as 5, were brutally raped by a sadistic 40-year old grocery store owner, Rabi Lochan Dey, in West Bengal's Bankura district on January 3. The little ones had gone to his grocery store to buy a cake. On the pretense of getting them cake, he lured them to a side room and savagely raped them. The incident only came to light when one of the little girls passed blood in her urine. 2-year old toddler monstrously raped by 32 year old Keshav Joshi in Halol town, near Vadodara. After barbarically raping her, he threw her away into the bushes. The toddler passed away 3 days later on December 25, 2012. In January, a 7-year old little girl was raped in the school toilet at Deepvihar High School in the city of Vasco the Gama in Goa state. The 20+-year old male dragged the child into the toilet during recess where he raped her. School management tried to cover up the rape by washing the girl and the toilet where the heinous sexual crime was committed. (cont’d)

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