One Pound Fish Returns Home

One Pound Fish Singer Returns Home To Pakistan

The singer known as One Pound Fish Man has returned home to Pakistan after spending several years in the UK. Hundreds reportedly show up at the airport to give the internet star a warm welcome.

According to The National, Muhammad Shahid Nazir became an unexpected pop star when his song “One Pound Fish” started to rise up the British music charts. The song was originally intended as a promotional piece for the fish market where Nazir worked. However, the tune soon caught fire online.

Over 250 people were at the airport to greet Nazi as he stepped off the plane in Pakistan. The “One Pound Fish” singer was recently deported from the United Kingdom after his visa expired.

In addition to the warm reception the singer received when he landed in his native country, Nazir’s return was also covered by local television stations. News programs reportedly interrupted their regular broadcasts to broadcast the One Pound Fish Man’s triumphant return.

Big Pond News reports that Nazir plans to tour in support of the song in the coming weeks.

“I will go to France in two weeks to release this song and then will go back to London,” the singer explained. “I will adopt music as a profession now, but I can never forget my fish stall.”

After a quick trip through France and a short jaunt to London, the One Pound Fish Man hopes to bring the song and his tour to the United States.

According to the Washington Post, the popularity of Nazir’s YouTube hit ultimately got him a record deal. The song enjoyed a two week stint on the UK Top 40, where it peaked at a very respectable 29.

You can check out the video for the tune below.

Are you a fan of “One Pound Fish?” Would you catch the singer on tour if he came to your neck of the woods?