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Queens AK-47 Gunman Shoots, Kills Teen Outside Party

queens ak-47 house party murder

In Queens, an AK-47 toting gunman shot and killed a teen boy outside a house party shortly after midnight on December 29.

The Queens AK-47 shooting is currently under investigation after the Rockaways gunfire left the 17-year-old dead, and casings from that type of weapon were found at the scene.

Gothamist identifies the Queens AK-47 victim as Xavier Granville of Far Rockaway, and notes the teen lived just two miles from the scene of his murder. The New York City-centric blog reports that Granville was “ambushed” outside the gathering by two masked gunmen, and that the teen was rumored to be involved with a gang — although there is no confirmation that the death was gang-related.

MyFoxNY indicates that the intended victim in the Queens AK-47 murder isn’t discernable as of yet, alleging that the fete was “breaking up and the boy was apparently drunk and milling about the property … people walked up to the partygoers and fired at the crowd. Police were not sure if the boy was the intended target of the gunman.”

Police have not confirmed the murder victim had been drinking prior to the killing, nor why consumption of alcohol would be a relevant factor in Granville’s death.

The New York Daily News spoke with Granville’s mother, who says her son had hoped to become a marine biologist.

queens ak-47 killing

Shakira Granville told the paper:

“My son didn’t deserve to go out like this … The pain I feel. I’m just in shock.”

Police in Queens found AK-47 assault rifle shell casings as well as evidence a .45 pistol was used during the gunfire. No arrests have yet been made in the teen’s murder.

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71 Responses to “Queens AK-47 Gunman Shoots, Kills Teen Outside Party”

  1. Harvey Lain

    This is in Mayor Bloomburg's ultra-safe gun free utopia, this can't be for real, could not have possibly happened. There are no illegal guns in NYC.

  2. Anonymous

    Hooray for the NRA for protecting this gunman's right to own, operate and use an AK-47. He probably just wanted to go deer hunting with his God-given right to use this firearm!

  3. Anonymous

    The shooting was most likely gang related. They acquire firearms ILLEGALLY. The NRA does not protect the rights of gang members.

    Quit being a dumbass.

  4. Joshua McCanner

    alot of good the "ultra-strict" New York gun-control does………. give it a rest! there will always be gun crime no matter what measures are taken. taking away "rights" won't help……..

  5. Paul Pinzino

    Was probably gang related, and even if it wasnt it would have been just as easy to kill this kid using a handgun, shotgun hunting rifle, crossbow, sword, knife or hell even bare hands since there were multiples wearing mask. If a man with an AK wanted to he could have done alot more then killing 1 gangbanger.

  6. Harvey Lain

    The NRA doesn't protect scum like this and you damned well know it. Quit being an idiot.

  7. Anonymous

    He didn't have the right to posess a gun most likely if hes a gang member/under 18. That weapon I believe is not legal to have in nyc I believe anyway. Maybe if there was someone there with a legally owned weapon he would have returned fire and taken care of him. But with your liberal idealism, he will be back on the street in 10-15 years to kill someone again. The government should take the right of some degenerate parents from having babies, preventing these monsters.

  8. Sam Spencer

    So now it is requisite ID the weapon type and give someone's article more "gravitas"? The gun might have a multiple round magazine, but so does a Colt.45 semi-automatic. Only the "AK" identifier make it seem more menacing.

  9. Ken Pennington

    How's Them Tough Gun Laws Doing For You Folks Up There in NYC~!

  10. John DeLallo

    Dear Editor:
    Once again you know Jack Schitt about arms and ammo. The photo's you post above, especially the one of a semi-auto firearm with a Picatinny Rail (developed at the United States Army's Picattiny Arsenal) ain't of Russian manufacture. You rely on spent casing to Sherlock Holmes your way into an AK-47, a full auto submachine gun. Most likely the police found 7.62 X 39 shell casings. That would be the chambering for an AK-47, but I'm betting lunch that the gangbangers used an AK look alike, or more likely a Chinese SKS semi-auto. What you ninnies know about guns and ammo and accessories is dip-point s**t ZERO. I'm also betting lunch that if I held up a series of flashcards of semi auto rifles, you monkeys would I.D. nearly all of them as an AK-47. Get with the program. There are damned few AK's in gangbangers hands. The price, since the Gun Control Act of 1986, makes full auto firearms prohibitevly expensive. Aside from the Los Angeles bank robbery a few years ago, name one other criminal use of fully automatic firearms. Quit watching Lethal Weapon, get you head out of your derierre, and learn something about firearms before you present us with another sensationalized article that was likely written by Bloomberg's goons.

  11. Ken Pennington

    NRA, didnt give some Dirt Bag Blackman a Gun,….Hew stole it..Just like the Blacks Steal Everything…To Kill Someone…The NRA Promotes The LAW..Not somer sorry Black gangbanger

  12. Derek Smith

    So you found "AK47" shells, lets assume it cant be an AR15 variant such as Colt, Olympic Arms, Del-Ton Inc and ModelOne Sales. Or a Ruger Mini-30 or the M77 Mark II. What about Remington Arms Model 799 Mini Mauser bolt action rifle. There's also a CZ-USA micro length Mauser style bolt action. Savage Arms has the Model: 10 FCM Scout. Both the Sig 516 Russian and the Sig 556r are chambered in 7.62x39mm. See if we report its an AK 47, that's good for news ratings and fuel for the gun debate for idiots, but in reality it could be any of these guns.

  13. John Reeves

    Did dldetweiler even read this article? How does this moron sleep at night? AK-47's ARE illegal in NY…yet the unarmed are victims again.

  14. Rick McMahill

    Anyone notice how many times they say "AK47" when they only found a casing and do not really know what kind of gun it was? They only say "45" one time at the very end. It does not tell the story they want. Sad thing is that there is sheeple right now buying this story and buying everything the media sells them.

  15. SomeDude Ina Blueshirt

    I'm willing to bet you almost never have to pay for your lunches. + 1

  16. Logan Smith

    More than one gun is chambered for a 7.62×39 cartridge. and they are not all assault rifles. get your head from between your cheeks, numb nuts.

  17. Anonymous

    It's a damn shame another fire arm is misused in such a brutal fashion, killing our young. I'm sure the fire arm pictured above was originally purchased legally by some responsible American citizen, in the spirit of our 2nd Amendment, for the understandable purpose of personal security… and a little deer hunting on the weekends (hey – until you've eaten AK-47 venison, you haven't eaten!), but through time it ended up in the wrong hands. I read a comment from a Yahoo reader the other day who said looking at such a picture of an AK-47 like the one above, actually gave him a chubby. Perhaps that gentleman should "see" someone "professional". Good luck, my fellow Americans, and remember, when in doubt, LOCK-LOAD-AND FIRE!

  18. Across YourFace

    I love how the media twists this story. If the police found "AK 47 shell casings" they mean a 7.62 x 39mm round. This round is attributed to many different rifles, including AK 47 types. But of course, they will run with the whole "AK 47" thing regardless, because most of the general public has heard of an AK 47 and they want to continue and demoralize the weapon, not the gang activity and individuals.

  19. Karl Schneider

    I guess the shooter didn't (or couldn't) read the "no guns allowed/gun free city" sign…..a criminal broke the law by possessing a gun in NY…huh, imagine that.

  20. Grover Ferrell

    First, imagine a world where guns would be totally outlawed, then only Outlaws would own, carry and use guns. Guns do not kill people no more than pens misspell words. A gun does not create a killer no more than a knife make a person a butcher or a hammer makes one a carpenter. Evil people will kill when the only tool is their bare hands. The problem lies with the person whom kills and not with the tool that they choose to use. It would be easy to eradicate guns from the law abiding segment of our society but the non-law abiding society do not follow laws and therefore will continue to buy, sell and use guns albeit against the law. Once criminals realize that only they have guns, what will prevent them, [the criminals], from preying on us law abiding citizens and invading our homes because we cannot defend ourselves against their illegal weapons. What protection do we have when leaving a mall setting with purchases and family in tow? More illegal shooting occur in locations where guns a tightly regulated and in most cases totally outlawed like Mexico. In the United States more illegal shooting happen in the Washington DC and Maryland area where guns are totally outlawed than in free to carry states like Arizona where I live because chances are in the DC area the hard working and law abiding citizen does not carry a gun. Most of the major cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have a much higher rate of gun violence than gun liberal cities. Guns do save live more than we realize by preventing gun violence because “the other guy” may shoot back. I am all for every law abiding citizen in the United States having the ability to purchase and carry a gun. I am all for the training, education and licensing of anyone wishing to carry. Will the right to carry by every citizen prevent every senseless shooting? No, but it will put more guns in the hands of people who value their freedom and will only shoot another when life is in jeopardy. Just like drugs, guns will never be totally eradicated from our society so we need to arm ourselves to protect our loved ones from those wishing to do bodily harm with the use of a firearm. Accidents will happen but hopefully we can prevent or stop a crazed killer from taking the lives of defenseless men, women and children. I carry one of my guns most of the time because the life that I save may be my own.

  21. Mike Dowd

    How does a law abiding citizen get to own an AK in NY City? Super Strict Gun Laws there….. What's wrong with this picture? Sounds like a case of bad guy with illegal gun verses good guy with no gun. This is what the gun control nut want? Disarm the inocent to become lambs for the slaughter?

  22. Russell Casanova

    Not everyone know everything about firearms. The writer should get more info first before writing this but it is what it is. I don't know what state some of you are from but gangs do have ak-47. Chinese and Russian types and also you can change the stocks and grips. Like changing out wood for folding or adjustable stocks. Their are also people out there that know how to make firearms fully auto. Nothing is impossible with firearms. All you need money. I think some people read articles just to find some writer that made amistake so they can b! tch about it. Its just an article not the Declaration of Independence. I think that handguns, shotguns and hunting rifles should be legal but machine guns semi auto or not should never have been legal because they are made for true death and destruction. Just my opinion… I hope the shooter gets caught.

  23. Eric Williams

    looks like gun control may not work well until they disarm more non criminal gun owners or pass a law making murder illegal. register gang bangers not guns.

  24. Anonymous

    Thug Life, here's to all my Dead Homies. Who Cares.. Stupid NIGGERS.

  25. Justin Lasut

    If the shooter actually did use an AK-47, that means he used a fully-automatic weapon – something that is nearly impossible to purchase in the legal market (unless you can find a Class 3 dealer with an AK-47, have enough money to pay for one, plus a clean enough record or a few friends in high places to pass the ATF background check, and an extra $200 tax for the purchase). Either that means he got it out of the back of someone's van (something the NRA is against), or he bought it legally (and the ATF can look at their records to see who bought an actual AK-47). And seeing as how it is probably gang-related, I'm guessing they didn't save up enough money to buy a car, just to legally buy one in a gun shop. Bottom line, the NRA has always been about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. Politicians, though, love criminals to have weapons – that way, when they commit crimes with weapons, it gives the politician ammunition to try to get all weapons banned.

  26. Riley Mct

    Yo this Mario my phone wont let me get to profiles but happy late birthday homie I lost your number. Throw me a text sometime 4086008306

  27. Anonymous

    the rail is designed for rocket propelled nuclear weapon slash rubber band gun complete with exploding tip projectiles fired only from the dreaded AK47 oh my oh my what ever shall we do.killers going to kill..guns fire knifes bats sticks cars trucks planes bombs poison biological rope just to name few.

  28. Terry Story

    The Act of 1938 is actually the first regulation of automatic firearms, and that due to the activity of the gangs in the era of prohibition and the fact that they used automatic firearms, (Tommy Guns), in committing acts like the Saint Valentines Day massacre. The Gun Control Act of 1968 expanded upon the 1938 act and enhanced the restrictions and penalties under Federal law. In all else, I absolutely agree with you, the media is full of Jack S, and it is a deliberate act on their part. Keep up the good works!!

  29. Anonymous

    Why don't you let the police do their job instead of "betting" lunch on your hunches.

  30. Tomme Liam Bradaigh

    Good points Derek Smith!!! But I was not aware that any Colt AR15's were chambered in 7.62×39. Anyway, it's interesting though, that the police recovered 7.62×39 shell casings at the scene, and so this writer "after careful analysis of the facts," decides that the weapon used here was an AK47 and throughout this article the phrase AK47 is used repeatedly, starting with it in the headline, complete with a picture of an "assault" type Kalishnakov rifle with the barrel in the photo cut off to make it look shorter than it really is. This is modern yellow journalism at its absolute lowest!

  31. Gavin Mulig

    its not a submachine gun its an assault rifle or carbine if the SU version is used. submachine guns are rapid firing recoil loaded weapons that fire pistol rounds, assault rifles fire intermediate rounds, and battle rifles fire rifle rounds

  32. John DeLallo

    wsrfr—who's impeding, or even commenting on the police work? I'm beating on the editor for doing a particularly poor job on this "news article". Cops have it tough enough, and I'm not going to criticize them. Not one bit.

  33. Tom Vana

    Funny how every gun is now considered to be an assault weapon now. F U liberal media and your anti gun push! Your the ones assaulting our freedoms and rights.

  34. Kathy Guy

    Ya gotta love these a$$h0le news people who feel the need to make their own friggin news. If it isn't already bad enough, lets add crap like "AK47" so it sounds even more gang-like. As pointed out by John, a 7.62 caliber shell casing is a very common caliber and basically the same as many.30 caliber rifle rounds, including.30-06 and.308 and are fired by a multitude of weapons. The jackoffs who report the news should try reporting facts and refrain from feeding off awful events, like the recent school shootings and spreading their personal ideals and political views with scare tactics and bull schitt. Hell, before long these genius reporters or writers will probably be able to tell the public all about a person's race, height, weight. education level and what he or she ate for breakfast just by looking at a shell casing found with-in a few miles of a shooting incident! And if some ignorant public official or law enforcement "expert" is the one throwing around that wording, then they shouldn't have contact with the news media.
    Oh, and by all means, let's be sure to find a picture of the scariest. illegal looking AK variation we can find to put in our story to make it seem more legitimate. "AK47 type of shell casing!" What a frigging joke!

  35. Gary Martin

    It's the National Firearms Act of 1934 and all of you are missing an important point — that after that the prevalence and use of full autos dropped off dramatically. I'm aware that there are kits available to convert semis to full, but you really don't hear too much of full autos being used in crime anymore.

  36. AView DotInfo


    This is where you are wrong when it comes to the Colt designed AR-15. In fact, not only is the AR-15 chambered for 7.62×39, but as well in .22, .44, .45 ACP, .50, 6.5mm, 6.8 mm, 9mm, and more!

    Just how can another law protect you when this is a clear violation of the Sullivan ACT as such as well in the Firemen gunned down along with the school children with their teachers? In each case there was a violation a law or laws on the books, just no enforcement of those laws. The fact remains that a 10 round mag only adds a few seconds when firing 120 rounds in the 30 V. 10 round mag debate!

  37. AView DotInfo


    This is where you are wrong when it comes to the Colt designed AR-15. In fact, not only is the AR-15 chambered for 7.62×39, but as well in .22, .44, .45 ACP, .50, 6.5mm, 6.8 mm, 9mm, and more!

    Just how can another law protect you when this is a clear violation of the Sullivan ACT as such as well in the Firemen gunned down along with the school children with their teachers? In each case there was a violation a law or laws on the books, just no enforcement of those laws. The fact remains that a 10 round mag only adds a few seconds when firing 120 rounds in the 30 V. 10 round mag debate!

  38. Gary Martin

    the kid was drunk off his bum at a drinking party. Do you really want people there to be carrying? I'm sure there was a designated shooter. Right.

  39. Gary Martin

    the kid was drunk off his bum at a drinking party. Do you really want people there to be carrying? I'm sure there was a designated shooter. Right.

  40. Gary Martin

    Because terrorism requires one to be motivated by ideaology — usually politics or religion. These are common criminals.

  41. Alvin York

    assualt weapons like these are illegal in NYC. which means this gun wasnt legaly bought or owned. thus the NRA was right. Banning these weapons will only mean Criminals will have them.

  42. Bryan Hull

    Please point out exactly how that correcting poorly written news stories obstructs police from doing their job. Wait.. it doesn't.

  43. Wayne Bauer

    There's obviouly a mistake, new york don't allow this, it's illegal! Is there a prize for piling up worthless laws, only to the corrupt attorneys.

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