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Sofia Vergara Flaunts Curves In Sexy Swimsuit, Sings Karaoke With Kiss Cover Band During Holidays

sofia vergara

Twitter is a great tool for keeping your fans updated about your daily activities. It’s also a great place to show off your curves. Sofia Vergara took to Twitter this week to tweet some holiday swimsuit photos from Miami.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the actress has use Twitter to show some skin.

During the Emmy’s this year Vergara took a picture of her thong after her dress split at the Emmy Awards.

The Modern Family star was in Hawaii with her fiance, Nick Loeb, and her family to celebrate the holidays and her mother’s birthday.

That may sound like a pretty low key holiday but the actress made sure to spice things up.

Vergara sang Karaoke with a kiss cover band, ate a bunch of chicken, celebrated a birthday and embarrassed herself by trying to sing Frosty the Snowman.

Vergara writes on Twitter:

“First vacation pollo! … After the pollo I sing with Kiss”

And Sofia wasn’t lying. She stepped up to the stage with a Gene Simmons look-a-like and rocked out to Kiss.

sofia vergara kiss

When Vergara wasn’t rocking with Kiss she was hanging on her boat in an interesting and sexy swimsuit …

sofia vergara swimsuit

… or celebrating her mother’s birthday.

sofia vergara mother

What else did Sofia Vergara do during the holidays?… Oh right, her Modern Family co-star posted a video of Vergara trying to sing Frosty the Snowman.

Are you a fan of Sofia Vergara?

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13 Responses to “Sofia Vergara Flaunts Curves In Sexy Swimsuit, Sings Karaoke With Kiss Cover Band During Holidays”

  1. Anonymous

    You know she's got a son that's 20 something……. You know she's a natural blonde in real life but dyes her hair dark to fit the "Latina" mode. Sexiest woman on the planet, and I want her to have MY son.

  2. Steve Hogge

    Is she going to look like the ladies around the birthday cake in 5 years?

  3. Adriana Carla Santiago

    You do realize that there are many Latin/Hispanic women that have blonde hair? That "Latin mode" you speak of is nothing but a stereotype hollywood and ignorant folks have created because they don't know any better about the Latin/Hispanic culture. It's just about as diverse as NYC. Try to stop believing in stereotypes.

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