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Credit Score Dating A New, Depressing Thing, NYT Claims

Credit score dating is, according to the New York Times, a new social litmus test for already careworn singles looking for love amidst a recession, a fraying overall set of prospects, and a pool of daters with decreasing trust in marriage and family as a goal — and a front page story today describes the “trend” in depressing detail for anyone seeking a partner and having trouble paying back student loans.

Of course, credit score dating is just the most recent “thing” the Times has decided is worthy of a declaration that you should worry about, and the paper is notoriously prone to hyping up these sad “trends” in features such as the one now lighting up the dating blogosphere.

(Jack Shafer said in the past: “I think we write trend stories because we think they’re news … We write bogus trend stories because we’re wrong, we’re lazy, and we’re mentally tardy.”)

Those who are hoping to meet a match and have had a spotty credit-related past should also know the sample size spoken of in the piece was a mere 50 singles — and as we all well know, a lot of people are single precisely because they have an unreasonable set of standards rather than a lack of desire to pair off.

So, credit score dating is apparently sweeping the nation. The Lifestyle piece declares a low credit score as more stigmatizing than a STD in some circles, speaking to singles that have hit it off only to find themselves treated like a jump off when their FICO scores are revealed to be less than ideal. One woman from Chicago, 31-year-old Jessica LaShawn, describes encountering one of these credit score dating folks in the wild after what seemed like decent initial chemistry.

The flight attendant says the fellow asked the credit score question, and the budding relationship quickly unraveled:

“It was as if the music stopped … It was really awkward because he kept telling me that I was the perfect girl for him, but that a low credit score was his deal-breaker.”

credit score dating