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Great Dane Cuddles Baby Boy In Heartwarming Video [Watch]

Great Dane Cuddles Baby Boy cade video 2012

A video of a Great Dane cuddling a baby boy has gone viral, melting the hearts of thousands of parents and animal lovers around the globe.

In the one-minute and 45-second clip, the giant canine, named Scooby, can be seen affectionately nuzzling and licking baby Cade in an apparent show of tenderness.

Since being uploaded by YouTube user tmell08 on October 9, the video has nearly 400,000 views and close to 400 comments.

While the majority of viewers have commented on the video’s uber-cuteness, some posters have cautioned that it is unwise to leave any large dog next to an infant, as attacks do happen.

YouTube user Jennaferk9999 notes:

“Well trained pets can and do attack. I see it happen all the time. With an infant that young, it is irresponsible to have a dog that close.”

Another poster, AidenR90, writes:

“Type “dog and “baby” into the youtube search bar. Lots of videos there for you to get angry at. Look at all them neglectful people.”

Though the opinions are mixed on whether or not it is wise to leave an animal so close to an infant, one thing is certain: no matter how crappy your day might be right now, viewing the video will leave a smile on your face.

Watch as Scooby the Great Dane cuddles with baby Cade in the video below:

Readers: Do you think it is irresponsible to let a large dog (even if it is well-trained) cuddle with an infant? Chime in with your thoughts in the comment section below.

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30 Responses to “Great Dane Cuddles Baby Boy In Heartwarming Video [Watch]”

  1. Sandy Gudaitis

    that is adorable. Obviously supervised since it is filmed. Dog looks like a gentle giant =).

  2. Lavada Crane

    obviously those who think of this as neglect are ill-informed about danes. As an owner of a dane I would have no trouble leaving an infant in a room with him. Danes are called gentle giants for a reason, they are protecters not aggressors. A chihuahua or cocker spanial are more likely to harm an infant than a dane.

  3. Tina Ferguson-Davis

    It would be crazy to leave an infant with virtually any animal unsupervised, but this baby is clearly not unsupervised. Obviously none of the videos you see on YouTube with animals and babies are unsupervised, cuz, duh, they are being recorded.

  4. Gail Maloney

    There are two adults watching everything Scooby does, plus he was go gentle I don't see him ever hurting that baby.

  5. Christine Melendez

    That's gross… Nothin like a giant dog lickin a babysitter mouth after lickin his ass and balls. Ugh.

  6. La'Keilah N. Dunbar

    No its not…however if u know your pets temperament then u can make informed decisions about the baby pet relationship. It would be irresponsible to leave your baby alone or that close
    to a pet that you know is hyper, violent, or possessive.

  7. Joan Gibb

    Baby is less than a year old, can just barely raise his head and keep it up. Must be sure dog does not smother him.

  8. Debbie Adkins Ferrentino

    that is the way to bond them for life.had Rotts.Boxers.Shephards.did the same with them all.and u try to get near my kid.nope ain't gonna happen.

  9. Cindy Munos

    I think it's adorable! There are far worse off things that children are exposed to that are worth questioning! It is a careful decision but I find it harmless!

  10. Felicia Williams

    Our pit is that way. The Dr said to bring home one of her swaddling blankets to let the dog get used to the smell before we bring her home andit worked because they're inseparable

  11. Kris Maness

    None of my danes would have ever hurt my kids at any stage of their life. The commenters obviously have no experience with this breed. Dumbasses.

  12. Bethl Joy

    Absolutely adorable and as far as safe yes the mother was right there the dog was living on the baby there were no signs of aggression and obviously they know this you can tell when your dog has had enough and this dog loves the baby

  13. Keryn Work

    As long as you're there to supervise its fine…my pitbull pup slept with and still sleeps with my grandson. My great Dane and my 8yr old daughter were inseparable.

  14. Kimberly Malone

    Obviously the pup is with the baby supervised… this wasn't taped via nanny cam with the parents at work. They r gentle giants. Stupid poll question

  15. Joy Browne

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. As a dog owner or yorkies, you can never know what an animal will do. Babies often smell of milk or some food, and that dog can bite that childs head off before the parent could hop off the sofa. Just Irresponsible……

  16. Chari Gruss Benzinger

    Dogs have thier own natural antibiotics in thier mouths, that is why they can lick thier wounds clean and heal themselves. And he can lick his butt and balls without spreading infection. Of course I wouldn't make a practice of it but one or two times can't hurt. IF YOU ARE GROSSED OUT SO EASILY I HOPE YOU DON'T OWN ONE OF OUR FURRY FRIENDS!

  17. Diane Molle

    Very matter what excuswe they make these are people who love their dogs more than their kids…..

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